Big Data Finds Solutions; Nonprofit APIs, World Economic Forum Report, Open Aid Map, Big Data Week #DataDigest

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This week learn about ways Big Data is being used by nonprofits to help cities and read the World Economic Forum's take on Big Data.  Also check out new nonprofit data APIs, the Open Aid Map and Big Data Week.


Big Data Applied, the non-profit side of, a data firm that helps corporates with social media analytics has undertaken several social oriented projects. This includes analyzing globally and partnering with the city of New York to help combat and prostitution. They are working with Clinton Foundation, to use big data and real-time data to help with prescription drug abuse risk detection. In addition, through partnering with they are analysing data coming out of the Syrian crisis and have created a to document the crisis.


& World Economic Forum’s

In this World Economic forum post Bahjat El-Darwiche and Walid Tohme explain why organizations must enable a decision-making culture which lets senior executives make decisions based on clear data insights, rather than instinct. He also asks that they recruit in-demand data scientists and encourage governments to provide an enabling regulatory system and ICT infrastructure for a data-friendly environment. He outlines 3 stages, which can help an organisation realise this.  This post is written as the The World Economic Forum’s was released. Part 1 of the report focuses on the Current Networked Readiness Landscape and Rewards and Risks of Big Data.


Nonprofit Data

GuideStar has announced , which provide new ways to access information about US nonprofits. These APIs provide speed, scalability, reliability, easier integration with a flexible pricing model. Users can choose from a variety of search and verification packages. The six new fully RESTful APIs offer Verification of Charity Legitimacy, Researching of  Nonprofit Data and the Enhancement of Nonprofit Data.


Open Data Sources

The World Bank has launched the an interactive, open source platform which  publishes and visualises the sub-national locations of donor-financed projects. It allows anyone to see who is funding what and where within developing countries. It builds on earlier initiatives such as , which geo-coded and mapped the locations of projects financed by the World Bank within countries and visualized this information alongside sub-national development indicators like poverty.


Data Events

The 3rd edition of Big Data Week is being held from 5-11 May 2014 in over 30 cities. It brings together a global community of data scientists, data technologies, data visualisers and data businesses spanning six major commercial, financial, social and technological sectors to examine the social, political, technological and economic impacts of Data.