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NetSquared Helps You Find Love

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TechSoup on Dating Advice

In honour of Valentine's Week TechSoup's Jim Lynch and I were interviewed by DatingAdvice.com's Hayley Mathis. We talked about how NetSquared can help you find your tribe (and maybe your soul mate).

"Eli told us the groups are usually about 60% women and 40% men, with an interesting gender split by profession. Speaking broadly, NetSquared’s Community Manager explained their target membership is half nonprofit workers (who are majority female) and technical professionals (who are majority male). “Sometimes it’s like a middle school dance, trying to get these two groups to cross the room and interact,” Eli joked. 'It’s a good social mixer, which is what I think keeps people coming back.'"

The interview was really fun and focused on the amazing community created by our global network of meetup organizers. Read on for hot gossip on why nonprofit techies need to get together.

NetSquared Is Taking Over Europe!

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NetSquared was graciously invited to participate in the TechSoup Europe Partner Summit last October and in the four months since there's been an explosion of new groups in Europe.

I'm especially grateful to the TSGN Partners that are either hosting their local NetSquared group or offering the local volunteers marketing support.


Docker and NetSquared Meetups - Opportunities for Collaboration

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We’re writing with an introduction to connect the Docker and NetSquared #Tech4Good meetups. We’re both global networks dedicated to building tech capacity for our members, so wouldn’t it be cool if we could bring our communities for a big event?

Why Meeting is Totally Worth Your Time
Coming up with an event idea every month is hard! Let’s collaborate on a joint event.
We need all the allies we can get! 

Survey Results: The State of the NetSquared Community in 2016

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Who are NetSquared's members? Why do they attend? What are their technology struggles? NetSquared's annual survey of all meetup members answers these questions and more. Plus, the results help our local organizers and partners build stronger groups with better events.

As of December 1, 2016 we have received 469 responses to the survey, drawing from the 38,000 meetup.com members making up more than 75 groups. The full survey results will be published in the organizer's handbook.

Executive Summary

  • Most NetSquared participants come from small "startup" nonprofits with no budget and no staff. They come to us looking for practical tips and a supportive community.
  • The top three technology challenges for respondents are building websites, managing data, and fundraising.
  • Participants find NetSquared valuable because it helps them make connections that help them do their job better, make better IT decisions, and increase their productivity.
  • Event attendees are surprisingly unfamiliar with TechSoup's services.

Events are timely and insightful


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