Even Easier to Submit Ideas for USAID Challenge

Amy Sample Ward
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usaid development challenge project galleryThe USAID Development 2.0 Challenge has seen some great ideas submitted already.   (The deadline to submit your idea for mobile technology for good is December 5th!)   Some people experienced difficulties when submitting their projects to the Project Gallery and asked us for help making sure their projects were submitted and that others could do so as well.

We've taken your input to problems with the submission process seriously, and are writing today to share that we've fixed the problem to make the submission process smoother for everyone.   Specifically, we've fixed the back-end issue which prevented some of you from saving your project for later.

So, go ahead - submit your idea and save it while you work or publish it for the community to see!   There's a whole community of people donating their brains to projects on NetSquared; get your idea into the mix!

Thanks for your openness with us so we could better help you; and a big thanks for the ongoing patience and interest in helping to make NetSquared a platform for community-based innovation!

To learn more about the USAID Development 2.0 Challenge and how you can submit an idea, visit the USAID Challenge page and Project Gallery.