Have a Haiku about Technology: ZeroDivide Contest

Amy Sample Ward
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zero divide haiku contestZeroDivide is happy to announce the "ZD Technology Haiku Contest." As a fun way to promote the use of social media and other technology tools in our communities, Zero Divide invites you to submit a technology themed Haiku on behalf of a non-profit organization for a chance to win them a grant up to $2,000.

Learn more and submit your own Haiku

How to Participate

Haiku's may be submitted on three different platforms:

  1. ZeroDivide Facebook Page: Reply to this post with your Haiku, the nonprofit organization's name, your city and state.
  2. Twitter: Submit in reply to @ZeroDivideorg with #haiku
  3. ZD Blog - Comment on the ZD Technology Haiku Contest blog post

Please remember to include the organization name and your city and state.

Submissions accepted from Monday, April 13 - Thursday, April 23

A panel of technology superstar judges will select the top ten Haikus. These will be posted to our website, www.zerodivide.org, for everyone to vote from Monday, April 27 - Thursday, April 30. Winners will be announced on Friday, May 1.


  • 1st place - Haiku will be featured on our website and newsletter. The designated organization receives a grant for $2,000
  • 2nd and 3rd place - The designated organizations each receive a grant for $1,000

Submission Guidelines

  1. Must be in the form of a Haiku, which consists of three lines: 5/7/5 syllables
  2. The Haiku must be technology themed. E.g. Mobile apps, wireless, social media, e-democracy tools, etc.
  3. The Haiku must be submitted on behalf of a non-profit organization in the United States in alignment with our foundation's mission.
    * The organization must serve low income and other underserved communities in the United States and leverage technology in an innovative way. (If you don't know of an organization, feel free to review ZD's list of investments and submit on behalf of the organization you like. Check out ZD's investment page.)
  4. You may submit up to 5 Haikus Examples of how to submit your Haiku
    On Facebook or Blog: Student Activists see an injustice about text "organize now" [Insert Name] on behalf of [Insert organization name] [Insert your City, State]
    On Twitter: @ZeroDivideorg Energy in air/technology connects us/can you hear me now #haiku [insert organization name] [your city, state if you have space]

About Zero Divide

"ZeroDivideâ„¢ invests in community enterprises that leverage technology to benefit people in low-income and other underserved communities. As a foundation, we do more than just write a check; through our community, philanthropic and corporate partnerships, we help nonprofit organizations find new revenue sources to become more self-sustaining."

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