How to Recruit an Event Co-Producer for Your NetSquared Group

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Coming up with an event idea every month is a big job, but you don’t have to do it alone!

is the ideal solution, but the ongoing commitment might scare some people off. Your members may be reluctant to commit to being a permanent member of your organizing team, but everyone has something that they're passionate about. Invite your members to co-produce a single event!

When you offer to support people with the venue and event logistics and don't ask for a longterm commitment they are much more likely to say "yes". And as a bonus co-producing an event is a good way to identify and test new potential co-organizers.

Check out the . And a huge thanks to Net2 Toronto’s Joyce Hsu for sharing her recruitment email and inspiring the update to the organizer’s handbook.




SUBJECT: Got a great idea for GROUP NAME? Be a co-organizer for a session!


I'm in the midst of planning our upcoming line-up for GORUP NAME and I welcome you to help me plan too! If you have an idea to for an event or presenter, I can help you make it happen:


1. You have an idea (or better, multiple ideas) for an event. Maybe it’s a topic you’d like to learn about, or an area you’d like to speak about. You let me know and we’ll discuss whether it’s a good fit, and how it could work.

2. You plan the event and find speakers/panelists/material for the event, with lots of support from me along the way.

3. I put the event up on Meetup, promote the event and coordinate the logistics. People show up, learn something and have a good time!


Interested? You can read about the process in .

Send me an email at YOUR EMAIL HERE­­ and let’s talk!