N2Y4 Conference Agenda: Mobile Technology & Social Change

Amy Sample Ward
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n2y4 mobile challenge conferenceThe N2Y4 Challenge and Conference convenes a world-class group of unlikely allies from the public and private technology sector.   The conversation this year is focused on the potential of leveraging mobile technolgies for the greater good.   15 Featured Projects will compete for $50k in cash-prizes.  

Here's a preview of the topical sessions, speakers and the general focus of N2Y4.   Register for the event HERE, as there are still a limited number of seats available.  

What's it all about?

At this year's conference, we'll add to a vibrant dialogue focused on the potential of mobile technology the device that could very well be what NY Times reporter Anand Giridharada, called " the beacon of American democracy in the 21st centrury."

This year's Featured Projects and speakers represent a cross-section of technology
activists; philanthropists, hackers, academics and government agencies who are
working on some of the most exciting startups and pro-social mobile projects in the
world. You'll have an opportunity to hear what's brewing in their laboratories, learn
from some of the mistakes they've made, and gain more tools, resources, friends,
and partners.

N2Y4 Conference Tracks

Three (3) session tracks this year were designed to provide attendees with a number of entry-points into the topics we're addressing.  

1. N2Y4 Featured 15

Learn more about the people, technology, business plans and social-impact of (15) Featured Projects who will be pitch and compete for ~$50k in cash-prizes during the N2Y4 Featured 15 sessions.   The Featured 15 sessions provide attendees with real-world case studies to inform the development of your mobile strategy.  

2. NetSquared Garage

The NetSquared Garage provides participants with an opportunity to learn hands-on skills, tactics and lessons from leaders in the space.   If you're challenged by traditional lecture-formats, and want to roll-up your sleeves about all-things-mobile. Share your expertise, or get involved in a hands-on session happening in the NetSquared Garage.  

3. Mobile Topical Sessions

N2Y4's Mobile sessions will be facilitated by a roster of speakers who hail from some of the most interesting mobile projects in the world.   The Mobile topical sessions at N2Y4 focus on the possibilities of what an increasingly ubiquitous mobile network means to the future of business and 21st century activism.   Sessions cover a mix of theory and practice and will probe into both 'how' and 'why' mobile-technologies are solving real-world problems.  

N2Y4 Conference Agenda

Here's an overview of some of the agenda highlights.   The full details for speakers, times, room locations and more will be provided at the event.

Tuesday, May 26

State of Mobile in 2009
Brooke Partridge, CEO and founder of Vital Wave Consulting

Open Mobile
Raj Singh, Vice President of Business Development, Skyfire

Open Source and Multimodal Applications with Voice
Jason Goecke, Lead Business Developer, Adhearsion

Scaling up Volunteer Communities: Wikimedia's Story and Strategy
Erik  Moeller, Deputy Director of Wikimedia Foundation and  Frank Schulenburg, Head of Public Outreach of Wikimedia Foundation

Mobile Giving Campaign Use-Study
Suzy Twohig, Director of Donor Relations at Share Our Strength

Geo-Mapping & Mobile
Andrew Turner, Co-Founder of Mapufacture

Using Mobile Marketing as a Vehicle for Social Change
Madeline Moss, mBlox

Open Innovation at USAID: Mobile Tech and Challenges As "Next Generation" International Development
Will Schmitt, USAID Global Development Commons  

Closing Message
Steve Williams, Director of WW Community Environment and Technology Programs at Business Objects

Experience Design for a VIral Mobile Community
Greg Nudelman, Founder of Greg Nudelman

Wednesday, May 27

Investing in Mobile
Susan Mernit, Founder of Susan Mernit

Open Mobile & Security
Robert Kirkpatrick, Chief Technology Officer, Instedd

Social Engagement for Social Actions: Case Study in Methodology
Rob Cottingham, President of Social Signal and Alex Samuels, CEO of Social Signal

Mobile, Social, Geo-Location
Chris Messina, of OpenID Foundation

Global: Emerging Market Input Mechanism for Blogging Platform via SMS
Miquel Hudin Balsa, of Maneno

Kara Andrade, Online Community Organizer of Spot.us

Twitter for Social Causes
Susan Mernit, Founder of Susan Mernit

Special Thanks

A huge thanks to Cisco Systems for hosting the NetSquared Conference for the 4th year in a row!

Thanks to the companies and organizations listed below, the NetSquared community has the opportunity to spend two days together to share ideas, mix it up, and collaborate to create something bigger than any of our single contributions alone. Please join us in expressing our appreciation for their financial and services support, as well as their generous contribution of time, knowledge, people power.

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