N2Y4: Your Big Wrap-Up

Amy Sample Ward
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n2y4 mobile challenge conferenceThe N2Y4 Mobile Challenge and Conference may have come to a close, but the conversations and ideas certainly haven't.   Did you miss the main event May 26-27?   Did you follow along on Twitter or the NetSquared blog?   Well, here's a round up for everyone, pulling together all the bits and pieces to be sure you caught it all!

Check out the winners and find videos, pictures, blogs, and more from the N2Y4 Mobile Challenge Conference below.


The N2Y4 Conference saw awards for the Frenc American Charitable Trust, Yahoo! Green, Microsoft Mobile Challenge and the N2Y4 Challenge.   Learn more about these awards and the winning Projects below:

Videos & Photos

If you weren't able to join the fun in person, you can still catch up with the Featured Projects, speakers, and more on the NetSquared YouTube channel!   You can also catch stills of all the action via photos on Flickr.   Use the links below to dive in.

Twitter, Blogs & Press

N2Y4 was a chance for many people to gather in person to continue conversations, start new ones, and fold more and more changemakers into the mix.   Conversations took place online and offline but you can find many of them in the links below.

What's next?

Like I said, these conversations, Projects, and ideas aren't over because the Conference is.   Instead, we are excited for what comes next!

  1. During the second day of the Conference, we had a reflections session where participants had a chance to step back and discuss larger ideas than the specific Projects and presentations at the event.   We saved those reflections and will be aggregating them and then sharing on the NetSquared blog to keep the reflections and conversations going.
  2. Projects are still hard at work to implement their ideas, whether they were Featured Projects, Winners, or not - there are many innovations to watch for and ideas to share.   You can view the Project Gallery here and we'll continue to help tell their stories on the NetSquared blog.
  3. We want to hear from you!   You can connect with the NetSquared Community in a number of ways:   Join a local Net Tuesday group to collaborate locally; contribute to the NetSquared Community Blog with comments or blog posts; share your ideas, advice or skills with Project teams to help implement their ideas.

The N2Y4 Conference was inspiring for all of us at NetSquared and we are happy to hear about the ideas, relationships and collaboration that sprouted there.   Thanks for all your contributions!