Net Tuesday in Vancouver, BC - Podcasting for Social Change

Amy Sample Ward
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Britt Bravo is on a much-deserved vacation, so I'm stepping in for her to keep news and information about the social change web coming your way!

Members of the Vancouver Net Tuesday group gathered recently to discuss podcasting for social change. There were quite a few people (check out the pictures!) there for the conversation, but if you weren't one of them, don't worry, you can get a recap right here!

The event featured a panel moderated by Dave Olson, with Rob Cottingham, John Bollwit, and Roland Tanglao. Rebecca Bollwit has a terrific run down of the event from her live blog coverage. You can also see the video from Roland's Qik streaming coverage!

Here are some of the highlights from the Podcasting for Social Change discussion:

Questions to consider before starting a podcast: Do I really care enough about this subject? What will your level of commitment be? Are you going to be able to hear yourself and like what you're saying? Are you going to be able to learn with each episode. Are you going to have passion?

Good lessons to keep in mind: "There's a difference between making something for fun and making a big production out of something when it doesn't need to be. It's not a bad idea to start on a hobby podcast before you get started on something other people are dependent on." (Dave)

"Find out the parts of you that are interested (but don't give away your secrets or emotions) but make it personal and be aware. Especially when it come to doing a podcast for an organization - have that element of disclosure where you decide if you're an insider or outsider." (Dave)

"The biggest tip he can give when it comes to equipment is to invest in some big earphones - your ears will thank you." (Dave)

Be sure to check out Rebecca's live blog coverage for links to some of the panel's favorite podcasts, podcast software, sites for podcast-safe music and more!

Rob Cottingham also posted a recap of the event on his blog, and you can check out the links Roland tagged in Magnolia.

Has your organization considered podcasting? What organizational or leisure podcasts do you enjoy?