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Amy Sample Ward
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netsquared net2 think tankIt's Net2 Think Tank time again!   As you probably have heard, NetSquared has three, yep, THREE, open Challenges right now (N2Y4, Change the Web, UCB Human Rights Mobile Challenge).   This has got me thinking about the process of submitting Projects as many people do (check out the Global Project Gallery to see all those submitted to NetSquared Challenges so far).   It can be hard to put together a submission for a Web or mobile based application without having insight from people "on the front line" of social issues.

This month we focus in on that idea and ask for your insights, questions, or stories about the kinds of problems that could be addressed with Project submissions in these and other Challenges.


What are the real issues, stories, ideas or questions that could inform new technology innovations focused on social change?  

Do you have a story from "the front line" to share? What issues are you facing at your organization or does your community face every day? What questions do you think innovators should ask about their new applications or technology tools? What kind of resources would you use when building a new approach to social change using technology?

Deadline:   Saturday, March 21st

How to contribute:

  • Blog your answer to the question either on your blog or the NetSquared blog. (For directions on contributing to the NetSquared blog, click here.)
  • Tag your blog with "net2thinktank"
  • Email Amy Sample Ward the link to your post!

Be sure to get your submission in by emailing Amy the link to your post by Saturday, March 21st.  

The roundup of contributions will be posted on the NetSquared blog on Monday, March 23rd.

About Net2 Think Tank

Net2 Think Tank is a great way to participate in an exchange of ideas.   We post the monthly topic on the first Thursday of the month and distribute the topic via our Net2 News enewsletter.   All are welcome to participate by posting on their own blog or website, or using the NetSquared Community Blog.   Tag your post with "net2thinktank" and email a link to us to be included.   The round up of participating entries is posted on the NetSquared site at the end of the month.