Net2 Think Tank: Online Fundraising Lessons Learned

Amy Sample Ward
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The Facebook application Causes recently announced it hit the $20 Million mark in donations.  The America's Giving Challenge from Case Foundation spurred $2.1 Million in donations for charities this past winter.  But, despite these numbers, for most organizations and causes raising money via social media is still a hard thing to do.  There are different rules and new opportunities with online fundraising and every platform or application comes with a different community and varying functionality.  So, what have you learned from trying your hand at online fundraising?  This month's Net2 Think Tank asks you to share a lesson learned from online fundraising.

Share your lesson learned in online fundraising now!


What is the most valuable lesson you've learned about online fundraising? What experiences have you had that others can learn from?  If there was just one tip you would share with others trying to raise money with social media, what would it be?

What lessons have you learned about successful online fundraising?

Deadline:  Saturday, February 20th

How to contribute:

  • Post your response on your own blog or website, or use the NetSquared Community Blog (for more information about how to post on the NetSquared site, visit the About Blog page.)
  • Tag your blog with net2thinktank
  • Email Amy Sample Ward the link to your post!

Be sure to get your submission in by emailing Amy the link to your post by Saturday, February 2oth. 

The roundup of contributions will be posted on the NetSquared blog on Monday, February 22nd.

About Net2 Think Tank:

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