NetSquared Events in May and June

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NetSquared’s core objective is to get nonprofit techies and activists together in the same room. There’s a special magic that happens when we get face-to-face. Relationships are formed, projects are started and we feel less alone in what can sometimes be a challenging job. Some recent events have included the panel discussion in Victoria, Canada and hands-on . Check out our full list of upcoming events below to get a taste of what NetSquared has to offer.

This May and June NetSquared is holding regional gatherings of our co-organizers at events across the globe, because they need to get together for conversation and emotional renewal with their peers too!

There are NetSquared groups in over 50 cities worldwide. and start participating in the conversation. And if you don’t have a local group we’ll help you .

Upcoming Events

Thursday, May 15

Friday, May 16

Monday, May 19

Tuesday, May 20

Wednesday, May 21

Thursday, May 22

Monday, May 26

Tuesday, May 27

Wednesday, May 28

Thursday, May 29

Friday, May 30

Saturday, May 31

June 2014

Sunday, June 1

Monday, June 2

Tuesday, June 3

Wednesday, June 4

Thursday, June 5

Friday, June 6

Monday, June 9

Tuesday, June 10

Wednesday, June 11

Thursday, June 12

Monday, June 16

Tuesday, June 17

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