NetSquared Local: Week of June 17 2013

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We are deep into June already, but NetSquared Local isn’t taking a vacation! In fact, we’re excited to announce that our new chapter in the the popular holiday destination of Victoria, Canada is holding their ! It you can’t make it to Victoria (you’re missing out!) you can always follow them online on or .

NetSquared Local believes that the best way to build a strong, self sufficient community of #nptech practitioners is for us to go outside and get face-to-face. We challenge you to join a NetSquared Local group or ! With 50 groups in 20 countries there’s probably a group nearby.

Event Reports

What have NetSquared Local groups been up to recently? Check out the to keep on top of the gossip from our neighbourhood.

  • Vancouver’s Stevie Vu asks if you’ve . Using NetSquared Camp as an example he introduces readers to the participant-driven unconference model.
  • NetSquared Community Manager Elijah van der Giessen shares notes, slides and video from the recent introduction to .
  • Maria Zaghi organized a as part of the . They discussed how online innovation can impact everyone from the agricultural sector to small startups. Participants included (representatives of 8000 civil society organizations and communities in Guatemala), (representatives of 100 companies and 300 e-projects in Guatemala for different sectors) and (an organization powered by young Guatemalan leaders in the open government/data space, especially in the legislative branch).

This Week’s NetSquared Events

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Monday, June 17

Tuesday, June 18

Saturday, June 22

Don’t have a local NetSquared Local group? We’d love to help you .

That’s all for now. Join us next week to learn what nonprofit techies are doing in your community.


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