Creative cartoon series: helping others

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I have just discovered this site and this  initiative through the Omydiar Network.

This is a really great initiative. Part of my blog, I have decided to create a series of creative cartoons with some  graphic designers/artists  about helping others and contagious attitudes.

You can find one of them here about . (click on the link)

 It shows that anybody can help...

The goal is to  provide a visual incentive to help  people take action in their daily life to help others and also be happier.

I let anybody print it, forward it or even use it on your own web site (provided it is a non profit cause and you give us credit with a link to our site).

I think that lots of non profit entities do not always have the ressources to communicate and I expect to contribute and convince others to contribute to help as many social and humanitarian initiatives as possible with attractive visual support. I have also offered to contribute a cartoon for the conference but it was too late vis-à-vis the conference's printing schedule. Next time maybe.

Let me know here or on my site what you think of what we are doing.

I will post more later. Keep up the good work