TechSoup Webinar: Creating a Successful Computer Refurbishing Program

Claire Sale
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Join TechSoup for a webinar about how to start a program at your nonprofit to refurbish computers. Learn how to get good refurbishable equipment donations and how to economically set up an operation that is suitable to your budget and the space you have.

TechSoup’s Kami Griffiths will interview Pat Furr from Computers for Classrooms and Bruce Buckelew from Oakland Technology Exchange West (OTX West). Pat and Bruce both started their own refurbishment programs and have run them successfully and at minimal cost over several years. This event will cover material from start-up manuals that they have both written.

This event will specifically cover:

  • How to set up a small refurbishment space, what materials are needed, and how to staff it

  • How to triage or quickly separate useful donations from e-waste, and also how to locate a reputable end-of-life recycler to take e-waste at minimal cost

  • How to test IT equipment, wipe hard drives, and install the right operating systems and other software

  • Some essential computer repair troubleshooting techniques to get you started

  • How to connect up with your community to ensure ongoing sustainability of your refurbishment program

This webinar will cover basic to intermediate-level topics and is most appropriate for decision-makers, IT staff, and “accidental techies” who may be entrusted to make strategic technology decisions at your organization. This is an intro-level webinar and won’t go in-depth on topics about how to refurbish computers at a larger scale or develop an existing refurbishment program.


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