LinkedIn's Nonprofit Solutions

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LinkedIn is launching a new set of tools aimed at nonprofits. Earlier this year, the company launched LinkedIn Nonprofit Solutions under the LinkedIn for Good brand.

The new initiative is being headed by, the former Director of Nonprofits and Education at the Salesforce Foundation. It’s part of a wave of at LinkedIn. Debra Askanse of spoke with Bryan about the coming to the social network for a post on .

Debra also wrote an excellent guide how nonprofits can . There’s also a of her presentation. That article includes links to various resources about using this network for nonprofits, including .

LinkedIn’s has a run-down of the options available for effectively utilizing LinkedIn for your nonprofit organization. The steps focus on taking full advantage of the free services available on LinkedIn and the discounted rates for paid services. For details on the nonprofit pricing plan, .


The main points are

  • Free LinkedIn Profiles for staff
    This will strengthen the connections that your organization has on the social network.

  • Free Company Pages for the organization
    A Company Page is your organization’s official presence on LinkedIn. Be aware that your organization might already have an entry simply because someone listed themselves as a former or current employee. Creating a Company Page means that you have control over what people see when they look for your organization on LinkedIn.

  • Free Group Creation
    Groups are a great way to build conversations and connections with your audience - the underlying purpose of all social media outreach. is a center for lively discussion where members can get support, learn and share with one another. Be aware that like any conversation, it takes time and attention from both sides.

  • Use  for hiring
    The Recruiter tool allows organizations to seek out “passive” candidates and contact them directly to judge their interest. The amount of information that LinkedIn has about each member should make it easy to find candidates “with a highly specific set of skills and experiences”.

  • Invest in a  Nonprofits that have a lot of hiring to do on a continuing basis may want to spring for a Career Page. Career Pages, which are within Company Profiles, allow your organization to build a customized “employment brand” where job-seekers can get content tailored to their background. Planned Parenthood of the Pacific Southwest has a of a winning Career Page.

  • Announce and manage 
    Although sites like Craigslist and Idealist might be your go-to option for job announcements, consider the vast pool of candidates that is available on LinkedIn. Their Jobs Network automatically directs the most qualified people on the network to your open positions. Weigh the costs of posting on LinkedIn and having more relevant responses to sifting through the deluge of applicants that come in through more freely accessible postings.

  • Include LinkedIn in Your Broader Social Networking and Advertising Initiatives
    LinkedIn provides another space for your nonprofit to make connections. It can be a fairly passive social network presence - just set up your Company Page and forget it. It can also be the hub of conversation and interaction with your supporters, employees and the audiences you serve through an active Group and the various employment tools.

Do the nonprofit offerings from LinkedIn sound useful for your organization? Share what you already like and want to see change at LinkedIn in the comments below. You can also contact Bryan Breckenridge directly through to make a suggestion for LinkedIn Nonprofit Solutions.