WeAreMedia: Build the Social Media Toolbox

Amy Sample Ward
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WeAreMedia logoStarting October 6th, the WeAreMedia project participants are going to "unabashedly focus on the tools and collectively build the nonprofit social media tool box."   The strategic framework in other modules is in, so now the real fun begins!   Plus, there will be special prizes awarded for participation!

What's the WeAreMedia project?

It is a community of people from nonprofits who are interested in learning and teaching about how social media strategies and tools can enable nonprofit organizations to create, compile, and distribute their stories and change the world. Curated by NTEN, the community will work in a networked way to help identify the best existing resources, people, and case studies that will give nonprofit organizations the knowledge and resources they need to be the media. The community will help identify and point to the best how-to guides and useful resources that cover all aspects of creating, aggregating, and distributing social media. The resulting curriculum which will live on this wiki and will also cover important organizational adoption issues, strategy, ROI analysis, as well as the tools.

 Social media and nonprofit experts have been contributing to the wiki for the last few months, working to build a social media starter kit for nonprofits looking to adopt new tools.   You can join the conversations, contribute ideas or examples, or learn from what the community is building on the WeAreMedia wiki.

What's on for October?

Social Media tools have been separated into categories, and then into bite-sized chunks to contribute to. Brian Solis' conversation prism has come in handy for categorizing and separating the tools, once again.   You can contribute your ideas, examples, and pointers by participating in the wiki, here.   The schedule for October's focus on social media tools starts on October 6th and goes through the 30th.   Check it out, find the topics you like most, and share your knowledge!

I heard something about Prizes?

Yes, there will be prizes for participation.   You'll have to get in and participate, though!

Next Steps: