What's the biggest #nptech lesson you learned this year?

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It's December, which means the end of the year is terrifyingly close. It's also a good time to reflect back in thanks (and exhaustion) on what we've learned in the rapidly changing field of nonprofit technology and online community building.

Roshani and the recently posted this question on Quora: 
"Looking back at 2012, what were some technology aha moments, lessons learned, successes and challenges you faced personally or in your organization?"
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Looking back at 2012, what were some technology aha moments, lessons learned, successes and challenges you faced personally or in your organization?
As you reflect on 2012, NetSquared DC invites you to share gifts of knowledge based on your experience technology takeaways from this past year.  How did technology help to achieve your organization's strategy?  How did technology help to create social change?  On a personal level, what were aha moments you experienced related to technology in 2012? If you are based in the DC area, we invite you to the Dec. 18 happy hour where you can come and share your gifts of knowledge in person. To learn more,


My big take-away for the year is that the biggest online tech for good successes come when we tie the work to on-the-ground, face-to-face experiences. I've seen that in the huge impact that comes from the 450+ face-to-face events held each year by the NetSquared local organizers and I see it in the powerful connections formed at conferences like Web of Change and I see it in the 2012 US election that reminds us all that boots on the ground, not television advertising, is how you get things done.

Our online work is vitally important in scaling social movements, but those movements need to have a community-building element if they're to have lasting impact.