What's NetSquared Up To In April?

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It’s Digital Storytelling Month at TechSoup Global and the NetSquared community is jumping in with both feet! Plus, our local organizers have already scheduled twenty-eight events, with more coming in.

Digital Storytelling Challenge

NetSquared organizers have committed to holding at least eight Digital Storytelling-themed events. The first three were in , and . In addition we’ve already got ten organizers signed up for the . Got a story to share? Join us!


How big is the NetSquared community?
In the last year we’ve extended our reach as follows:

  • # of active groups: 48
  • # of events held: 385
  • # of tickets RSVPed: 7155
  • # of countries with active groups: 20

Windows 8 Apps for Social Good contest

We launched the Windows 8 Apps for Social Good contest contest with Microsoft in November, invited the community to vote on their favorite app and had a panel of expert judges select the best in each category. Developers submitted eligible apps. Here are the three winners!

  1. People’s Choice: by
  2. Windows 8: by
  3. Windows Phone 8: by

The winners of the Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8 categories will each receive a cash prize of $15,000 and a Windows Phone. The People’s Choice winner will receive $10,000 and a Windows Phone.

Highlights from the NetSquared community blog

NetSquared Local organizers are bringing together their communities to do amazing things and have inspiring discussions. Here are some highlights that they’ve shared.

April events

Want in on the fun? You can or find your closest event on the .