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#CommBuild Tweetchat Storify: What You Learn When Community Organizers Connect

This storify collects the wisdom of the participants at the "Community Organizers Connect" session at #14NTC. Plus we then harvested the collective smarts of the #commbuild community who participated in our April 1 2014 tweetchat.


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8 Ways to Make the Case For Social Media At Your Nonprofit

There is no doubt about it – social networking has changed the game in terms of how people communicate, share information and learn about new things in their lives. READ MORE


JOB POSTING: Associate Product Manager, Volunteer Platform

Techsoup Global is developing a new volunteer platform and is looking for an Associate Product Manager.
The position is based in San Francisco.
Would you be a good fit?

Associate Product Manager

Volunteer Platform

(Exempt, Full Time)



Big Data Mistakes, Data Strategies, Crowdfunding & Data, Digital Civil Society #DataDigest

This week there is reflection on the small data errors that persist with Big Data, and it is suggested that Big Data is ushering in a "new Darwinian moment". Some insight on data driven strategies for the social sector is given while the state of digital civil society in China and Brazil is highlighted. Best practice for crowdfunding that incorporates data is also explained.

Big Data Assessed

Big data: are we making a big mistake? READ MORE



CiviCon 2014 - April 23-25, 2014



NetSquared Spotlight: Birgit Pauli-Haack

NetSquared Spotlights are a series of interviews focused on the work of our amazing NetSquared Local Organizers around the world. Our local organizers are volunteers dedicated to helping create local opportunities for learning, sharing and using technology to make a difference. Each spotlight we will ask questions that profile our Net2 organizers' approach to community organizing so that others can learn from their experience.  READ MORE


[Net2 Toronto] VIDEO: How a Good CRM Implementation Can Propel Your Nonprofit

Is your nonprofit working with multiple systems to accomplish your tasks? Do you have one system for newsletters, another for events, and a database for donors? Or maybe your existing constituent relationship management (CRM) system just isn't doing the job?
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Data Analytics Revolution; Open Data & Private Sector, Data Entrepreneurs and Data Ethics #DataDigest

This week learn about the data analytics revolution, the way that open data is being used by the private sector to increase revenue and how open data entrepreneurs are stirring where no data exists. There are insights on how data and stories flow in today's information ecosystems and the ethics of data use by civil society is be explored at a conference later this year.


Data Analytics READ MORE