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Freedom from Oil Flickr Contest


Global Exchange, Rainforest Action Network and the Ruckus Society have partnered to produce Jump Start Ford, a campaign to convince the auto industry to improve fuel efficiency and eliminate greenhouse gasses by 2020.

Part of the campaign includes a Freedom from Oil photo contest where users submit and vote for photos that deliver the Freedom from Oil message to the American auto industry. READ MORE


Net Tuesday with Gabbly

Teck Chia gave a short presentation about Gabbly.  I'm live blogging so please forgive errors.

Gabbly's developers wanted to create a way for people to connect in an easy way who have shared interests when they visit a web page. Their criteria was to build something that didn't need to be downloaded, that the user didn't need to register for, and that was interactive.  They came up the idea of having a chat that could be used through the URL, without going to the chat program homepage. Gabbly launched in March. READ MORE


Join our online chat at 7pm with the makers of Gabbly - the easiest chat utility ever!

I just embedded a chat window into the Net Tuesday page, and it took me all of 20 seconds.  Serously, that was so easy I still can't believe it!

The makers of Gabbly, that oh-so-easy chat maker that powered the NetSquared remote conference, will be participating in an on- and off-line chat for tonight's Net Tuesday.  If you can't join us in person at the Hotel Utah, join us online at 7pm PST by just going to the Net Tuesday page (it may take a few seconds for the chat to load).  

In other chat news, there's a new service from an old friend of NetSquared, Meebo (Seth presented at our 2nd Net Tuesday).  It's called MeeboMe, and it's the talk of the town.  Like Gabbly, MeeboMe is easily embedded into your website.  While Meebo is a personal 1-1 chat service and works with a variety of Instant Messengers like AIM, Gabbly creates chat rooms and doesn't require a login.  They're very complementary tools, and both free and easy ways to bring a new dimension to your website. Yay free and easy!  READ MORE


Audio Interview with Jeska Linden of Linden Labs

Our fabulous Net Tuesday podcasting volunteer, David Collin, has posted an interview he did with Jeska Linden of Linden Lab, the creators of Second Life, at last month's San Francisco Net Tuesday on the NEW NetSquared Podcast, so give it a listen. READ MORE


Nonprofit Technology Events, Courtesy of TechSoup


Have I mentioned lately how much I love TechSoup?

The latest reason why I love it is that you can now go to TechSoup to see a list of  upcoming nonprofit technology events.

I'm a little disappointed that there isn't a TechSoup RSS feed exclusively devoted to these nonprofit technology events.  If one becomes available, I will certainly add it to my blog.  And of course it would make a perfectly splendid addition to the NPtech Meta Feed.

Disclaimer:  Although I have been a consultant to TechSoup on its NetSquared project, this effusion was not solicited, approved, or subsidized by TechSoup.  I am merely writing as a humble fan.


This article was originally published in my blog, "Technology for the Nonprofit and Philanthropic Sector," under a Creative Commons  Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs License.   READ MORE


UN-INSTRAW Gender Training Wiki


Check out the INSTRAW (International Research and Training Institute for the Advancement of Women) Gender Training Wiki. It has a Google Map of training sites, a calendar of trainings, and a list of downloadable training materials. READ MORE


NetSquared Podcast Has Moved to Libsyn

We've moved the NetSquared podcast over to Libsyn.  Our new podcast homepage is:

and our new feed is:

Libsyn should make uploading the NetSquared Conference recordings a snap, so look for them to be coming out soon. READ MORE


New Public Radio Studio in Second Life

As a further testament to the online community that TechSoup is building in Second Life (if you already have an acct., go directly to the site:, Suzanne Vega gave a live interview and performance last night in this growing virtual world. Read lots more about it on New World Notes and see some video highlights (that I co-edited in my very first virtual world project- it is rudimentary). I hope to post more projects like this from the TechSoup /NetSquared Community.

Whether a fan or not, it really doesn’t matter. This is notable because it was broadcast on PRI's (Public Radio International) program, Infinite Mind. They're the first national broadcaster to set up shop here, and they plan to host regularly from Second Life (they also provide lots of content to NPR-affiliate stations). It seems significant that not only are they the first, but that they’re primarily publicly-funded and not a major private media corporation. They produce several tech-related programs and, maybe since they are one themselves, also have some tendency to cover NPO issues. And while it wasn't a perfect production, they were willing to go with the flow, take the risk and just put it out there.

Sounds like TechSoup may soon be helping to instruct other NPOs on how to use these powerful virtual media tools (perhaps even in partnership with fellow nonprofit, PRI?). So many possibilities… READ MORE


Need to Read in the Net2 Feed

As some of you know, we have a Net2 News Aggregator on the site that you can browse for Net2-related stories.

Here are links to some recently tagged sites and stories:

Winecamp France.  Oui Oui!  September 22-24, 2006 regular barcampers + nonprofit web activists will meet up in Burgundy to discuss and create ways that nonprofits can use the social web for social change.

In Google Answers, the question is asked:
What is the general percentage of nonprofit organizations with 10 or more employees that invest in new enterprise or CRM software on a yearly basis?  The answerer provided lots of statistics, but few were more recent than 2003.  Anyone have more recent stats to share?

Confessions of a Nonprofit IT Director blog talks about "Nonprofit 2.0" in his organization: READ MORE


Net Tuesday Meetups in August


It's that time of the month again, Net Tuesday time!  Below are details for upcoming NetSquared Meetups in San Francisco, Houston, Los Angeles and Washington, DC.  To RSVP, just join your city's NetSquared Meetup group.

If you'd like to start a NetSquared Meetup group in your city, email Gina Cardazone at gcardazone AT compumentor dom com.

San Francisco
Speaker: Teck Chia of Gabbly
Tuesday, August 8 at 6:00 PM
Location: Hotel Utah, 500 4th St. @ Bryant
Gabbly chat was used for the remote portion of the NetSquared Conference. Teck and Flora from Gabbly chat will participate in an online and offline chat about Gabbly.  

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