TechSoup Online Event going on NOW on Digital Storytelling: Using Technology to Create and Share Powerful Stories

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This discussion is going on NOW today and tomorrow only at
(note: This online event is over. This is a link to the TechSoup emerging technology discussion forums.)

It's a fascinating topic, so I hope to see you there! Don't be shy, drop by the forum and ask any question you may have about the topic of Digital Storytelling.

See you there!


Digital Storytelling: Using Technology to Create and Share Powerful Stories

What digital storytelling is, and how you can use it tell your nonprofit's story March 28-29, TechSoup's Community forums at

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It seems one of my efforts has attracted some diplomatic interest, as I learned last week when a collaboration to raise signatures for a petition to recognise the famine-genocide period of Ukraine hit their government news site.

Today I learned that their embassy is sending over a cultural attache. Not to me fortunately to my collaborator who's Ukrainian.

Now he might even notice the Net2 button. Well if it was still there he might,  now it's just a line of text, something about collaborating.

Prisoner of Conscience Microformat

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I came away from last year's netsquared conference with the mashup bug; I wanted to see mashups for human rights. But one of the practical lessons i learned was that you need to expose structured data to seed a mashup, and that wasn't going to be easy .

Just recently I've been mulling over the contrast between the neat way sites like Edgeio and Eventful pull together event listings, and the pretty random way that info about cyberdissidents gets scattered across the blogosphere. As I understand it, the event sites use so I'm proposing the development of a .

I'd be interested in any feedback, especially on the geek aspect (will it work?). But, as the original post says, "The whole point of this somewhat geeky exercise is something very non-technical; to make it easier to construct online communities around prisoners of conscience, and to have ways of visualising and connecting that stir peoples' affinity and will to act".


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