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YouTube Interview with Steve Cliff: Part 1 - Tips for Community Tagging Projects


I did a post about the Steve Cliff and the VotersVoices Project and it reminded be that for over a year I've been attempting to do multimedia conversation and I have only been able to talk to myself!

So, I posted a video as a response to Steve's introductory video, asking him for some tips for a successful community tagging project.  Here is his response. READ MORE


How Fast is the Social Web Moving and Where is It Going?

Just two months after launching Meebo, Seth Sternberg spoke at our second San Francisco Net Tuesday in December of 2005.  According to Seth's recent post on the Meeblog, on October 2, 2006, the 500,000th person registered for a Meebo account and 42,000 unique Meebome widgets have been embedded on web pages. READ MORE


Flickr and Nonprofits: Youth Service America

Ian Gottesman, Director of Information Technology,  from Youth Service America was the first person to introduce himself on the NTEN Affinity Group - Flickr for Nonprofits.

YSA has an annual event called National & Global Youth Service Day where young people around the world do service projects.  Last year, YSA asked participants to post their photos on Flickr, using Race for the Cure as a model. READ MORE


Want to talk about Flickr and Nonprofits?

from my flickr stream set

Right after the Netsquared Conference last May, I kept thinking about a concept that Allison Hewlitt shared during one of the project sprints, a "write shop" where a group of folks get together and write curriculum or documentation.   Sometime during the redeye home, it morphed into a different concept - playshop. READ MORE


Nominate your Nonprofit's Vlog for the Vloggies--We Did

Last week's San Francisco Net Tuesday was about vlogging and digital storytelling for your nonprofit.  Irina Slutsky, of Geek Entertainment TV, who will be co-hosting the Vloggies with Daniel McVicar of the McVlog, suggested that I nominate the NetSquared vlog, so I did, in the corporate/organization vlog category. READ MORE


Mobile Phones in Voting and Elections: A new Strategy Guide from MobileActive

During the past few months I've been researching the role of mobile phones as an emerging tool for participation in civil society.  The result is a series of Strategy Guides published by MobileActive that are designed to equip organizations around the world with the know-how to deploy effective mobile campaigns for a variety of types of activism and advocacy. The first Guide in this series (published today) focuses on using mobile phones in electoral and voter registration campaigns. Other Guides will focus on advocacy, fundraising, and mobile organizing.  This first Guide looks at uses of mobile phones in electoral monitoring (case studies in Thailand, the Philippines, and Montenegro), voter registration (U.S.-based Rock the Vote, MobileVoter, and Voto Latino), and candidate and political party support (case studies in Spain and U.S.).  The Guides are a joint project of MobileActive, Green Media Toolshed, and NTEN, and are made possible with support from the Surdna Foundation, a leader in supporting civic engagement and the use of technology in nonprofit organizations.  My personal thanks to everyone who spent time helping me with research and fact finding. You can grab MobileActive Strategy Guide #1 at READ MORE


Save Guimaras Part II

also published at 

from SOS Madias written by Geobelyn Lopez

 It has been two months after the biggest oil spill knocked off the feet of the people of Guimaras and nearby provinces. The problem remains as MT Solar 1 is still 3,000 feet below the sea and continues to spew bunker fuel.It is quite early for Petron Corporation, Sunshine Maritime Development Corporation, and even for the Arroyo government to suffer dementia and make it appear that things are getting better each day in Guimaras.

Two months is too short for them to simply forget the extent of damage brought by the oil spill. Amidst attempt to cover up the issue, the fact remains that the affected people suffer the brunt of the tragedy. READ MORE


Free Speech & Mashups: 2 New NetSquared Conference Recordings Online

We've got two new recordings from the NetSquared Conference up on the NetSquared podcast:

A Web More Woven: The Alchemy and Practicalities of Mashups with panelists:Tantek Çelik, Taylor McKnight, Chris Messina and Ian Kennedy (as the immoderator), and Turning Communication Technologies into Tools for Free Speech and Free Culture with panelists: Mike Linksvayer, Jason Schultz and Tara Hunt (as the Immoderator). 

Give 'em a listen this weekend. READ MORE


Make Our Friday the 13th Lucky, Vote for NetSquared on SXSW

The SXSW Interactive Panel Picker deadline is today!

Please consider voting for the panels that NetSquared has proposed:

So that you don't have to scroll through all 192 proposals, in the Community category we proprosed:

The Web to the Rescue: Net-centric Approaches to Disaster Recovery From tsunamis, earthquakes and hurricanes, to terror attacks and armed conflicts, global disasters dominate our news feeds and devastate lives. How have internet technologists quickly organized collective responses? Why is the social web uniquely positioned to take on this challenge? Public-private collaborations are also playing an increasing role in mobilizing people and resources. Let’s discuss the success stories, the obstacles, lessons learned, and where the web-based road to disaster recovery is heading. READ MORE


Put Your Nonprofit on YouTube, Win the Nobel Peace Prize

OK, not really, but it couldn't hurt, right?  If you haven't heard already, the Grameen Bank and its founder, Muhammad Yunus were awarded the Nobel Peace Prize today.  Check out Breaking Through Poverty with Microfinance by the Grameen Foundation USA on YouTube. READ MORE