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With Ukraine's President Yuschenko appealing today for radical improvement in child protection policies. 



His priorities for 2007 include:

  • passing and enforcing a law on the fulfillment of the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child;
  • promoting and encouraging adoption;
  • introducing financial aid mechanisms to support children;
  • eradicating homelessness among children;
  • reforming the system of orphanages and children’s homes.


Join the NetSquared LinkedIn Group

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We've set up a NetSquared group on LinkedIn that you can join by clicking .

Once you've sent in your request, be patient. I check the membership request queue a couple times a day to approve new requests.

By being a member of the NetSquared LinkedIn group you can:

  • See a list of all your fellow group members
  • Search within your group for new contacts
  • Use special contact settings to communicate directly with fellow members.

Our hope is that it will be a good networking tool for members of the NetSquared community.  Enjoy!


Meanwhile, Back at the Ranch...

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Netsquared has returned to Austin for the SXSW Interactive Festival-- and this year we're hosting a panel. It's called "NPO 2.0: Widgets for Good Challenge," and it features Silona Bonewald (), Zack Rosen (, )and Rosalyn Lemieux (). If you happen to be here, too, join us at our panel on Monday, March 12 from 5-6 pm.

Would anyone like to gather for an informal Net2 meet up directly after the session...?

If I'm not posting here or on the sxsw site, you can find me on twitter at 

Net Tuesday Chicago is Looking for Speakers

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Do you work for a tech company in Chicago that wants to get the word out about a social web product that could help nonprofits? Is your Chicago-based nonprofit using the social web and are you excited to share your challenges and success stories with other nonprofits?

If the answer to either of these questions is yes, please contact Elizabeth Shingleton, the organizer of , and let her know that you would like to speak at, or sponsor, a Net Tuesday in Chicago.

If you are a member of Meetup, you can contact Elizabeth through the contact form on the , or email and we'll forward your message on to her.

NpTechTag Summary: Insect Antennae, A Blast from the Past, and More

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Flickr photo from

NpDigg: The Insect Antennae?

, cooked up by the , is up and running.  It is based on some open source code called that creates a "digg" like interface.  The (plus other sources) has been imported, so you can comment and vote on tagged items.  

If you are interested in community plumbing, here's rough , although it might have changed since a few days ago.  It will be interesting to see how this evolves given the technology platform came before the , but as online community pundits note, web2.0 applications have .  

There are two sets of social roles here. The tagging community that lies beneath the npdigg structure has taggers, consumers, aggregators, and meta aggregators.  The npdigg community roles include consumers, voters, and submitters. 

Someone on the 501 Tech Club NY list () suggested a .  There is now to vote on names suggested by people.  One suggestion is, Swahili plural for insect antennae. 

So, let's take a quick look at the most highly rated items this week - which are about money, content, software, jobs, and some geek humor.

which is high on the agenda of this year's   More than $100,000 is on the table for innovate projects. Follow the links from .

isn't as negative as it sounds.  The point made is: Some content is going to be very well suited to video -- but other content will be better when it's delivered in other, more appropriate formats.  The question is "When is video a good choice and when it is not.  And, if you want to see some excellent nonprofit examples of video, be sure to check out the entries in the . (And you have until March 11th at midnight to enter.)

. Some reactions .

A quick review of the of Isovera Survey of Open Source Content Management Satisfaction in Nonprofit Organizations.  Commentary on the data .  What do you think?

Web Worker Daily describes of the Web2.0 Generation.  Although most nonprofits are probably still using more traditional job titles, the Agitator how the job Webmaster has changed.

A Blast from the Past

Gavin has posted some really early photos of the founding meetings for Aspiration, NTEN, and the NSNT on .  He notes they were all taken with a Sony Picturebook mini-laptop with built-in camera. Hence, they're pretty lousy photos. (But at least they were preserved)  An early video from the Riders Conference in Kansas City in 2000 was discovered on .  Maybe we need an ?

by John Coate was first written in 1992 and will give you a good context of online community practice.  

Phil Agre's circa 1996, is still relevant to anyone who is teaching someone how to master a new piece of software or Internet service.

Events and Conferences: Live Blog Notes, Upcoming, and How-Tos

is taking place this weekend. The wiki is and they welcome remote participation.  As part of the activities, people are invited to kick the tires of the new version of .

If you are reading this roundup, and you haven't registered for NTC in Washington, DC, go and while you're at it, register for too. 

Check out 's plans for NTC.

Technology in the Arts is accepting for its October 2007 conference.  Deadline March 23, 2007.

reports from the conclave today, and came back with a bit of darkly indistinct video of the feature presentation by .

Heather from Aspiration her process for securing a venue for Penguin Day.

Nonprofit Software (and hardware)

Ryan at PicNet hacks Email to RSS for !  TechSoup has too!  Loud cheers and happy dances from people who overwhelmed with email.

The tells us how to consolidate google accounts and here are the .

in NYC last week brought together business and nonprofits to embrace the integrated philanthropy model in honor of National Corporate Philanthropy Day.  Also 2.0 Strategy, Wealth Management Edition.  Commentary .

Gobuki Blog the steps from migrating nonprofits from stand-alone email tool to Salesforce.  He also for donor management. (If you want to learn more about mindmapping and diagramming tools, the Web Worker Daily has a review )

, a computer recycling database that matches requests with donations.

Online Organizing, Online Communities, and Social Networking

New Organizing Institute conducted a jam-packed from Beaconfire Consulting notes that it was conducted in the Louise Bethune conference room and fills us in on why this is

ForumOne Communications blog answers the question "?"

Nancy White's from TALO and some from Nothern Voices about the new rules for online communities.  Yikes, there are .

Andy Roberts has a good for encouraging participation on wikis, yet another new kind of online community.  Lee Romero has a nice guide to using wikis to support his group's work.

Some reflections about the newest web2.0 bleeding edge tool, .

Online/Offline and Open/Closed Content

A talks about how the Internet has boosted employee productivity and points to Pew Research that shows that the boundary that existed in people’s lives between the workplace and the home has broken down. This was a topic for an entire book called "."

Donor Power Blogs describes the , although some have been spotted on YouTube.

David Wilcox an example of growing divided in the UK nonprofit sector between "traditional" online communities (listservs) and those who are adopting Web2.0 platforms.

with having a law degree is a simple guide to how to use material from the internet without getting in trouble.

Flickr/Photo Sharing, Video, and Games for Change

An interesting between photos on flickr and Getty images.  Also see the and .  There's a nice how Oxfam Uses Flickr To Advocate for Ethiopian Coffee Farmers via the NTEN Nonprofit Flickr which is meeting at the NTC  in Washington, DC. (see )

In celebration of International Women's Day, Joe's Blog some games that are designed to teach us about this issue, along with ways to support NGO's doing work in this area.

Check out this disaster simulation game from the UNISDR called !  If you're interested in seeing more examples, Teresa Crawford, has been adding them into , using the ICT4peace tag.

Social Media Blog us to column by Walter S. Mossberg called "."

Marketing and Fundraising

Charitable gift catalogs ignites blog buzz the Donor Power Blog, providing context and a roundup of blogosphere reaction.  If nothing else, go watch the by Robert Thompson it's a powerful example of using a story telling technique on video for personal fundraising.

Kayta Andresen started a blogopshere debate on cause-related marketing with her post ","  and continued her from Marketing Sherpa's Email Conference.  Tactical Philanthropy weighs in on the .  The Give and Take blog has coverage .

Nancy Schwartz has about getting your audience to spread the word about your cause.

Techies often lapse into jargon (me included) and we're always challenging ourselves to speak english.   Other sectors, like philanthropy, have vocabularly as well.

Some New (to me) Nonprofit Blogs

is a blackbaud user site.

NetSquared Innovation Fund Award Applications due April 6th

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Hey Net2 blog readers,

Are you, or someone you know, working on a tech for social impact project that:

• Uses the power of community and social networks to create change
• Uses existing, or newly developed technology tools for social impact
• Has a plausible financial model
• Has a clear way to measure success
• Exhibits extraordinary leadership, passion and resourcefulness
• Exhibits a passion for social change

Oxfam Uses Flickr To Advocate for Ethiopian Coffee Famers

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Through just one cup of coffee, we are inextricably connected to the livelihoods of millions of people around the world who are struggling to survive.--from the Director's Statement,

Oxfam America has joined the movement to give Ethiopian coffee growers a greater percentage of coffee profits:

Oxfam is calling on coffee industry leaders to sign agreements that recognize Ethiopia’s right to control the use of its coffee ’brand names.’ With these agreements in place, Ethiopians could occupy a stronger negotiating position with foreign buyers, capture a larger share of the value associated with their names, and better protect their brands – regardless of whether the trademarks were granted.


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