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Environmental disaster needs your attention now.

I would like to write to you about the recent oil spill tragedy in Guimaras, Philippines. Guimaras is a tiny island in Southern Philippines known for its rich marine biodiversity, white beaches, mangrove and seaweed plantations.

But on August 11, an oil tanker carrying oil from Petron company sank in Guimaras waters spilling 2.19 million liters of oil and affecting as much as:  

  • 26,000 individuals displaced
  • 1,500 hectares of ecosystem
  • 209 hectares of mangrove
  • 20 hectares of sea grass
  • 100 hectares of coral reef within Taklong Marina Reserve
  • 58 villages (and threatens 37 more)

Outside the marine reserve READ MORE


Video Interview With Gregg Swanson of Humaninet

Gregg Swanson, from Humaninet, is shown in this video discussing Sim Day, which I just talked about in my last post. READ MORE


Humaninet / Techreach Sim Day Recap

Demos, demos and more demos, originally uploaded by HumaniNet.

Two days ago I spoke at Humaninet / TechReach Sim Day at the Intuit campus in Mountain View. It was an interesting collection of people, most of them being white men in business casual clothes involved in supplying NGOs, governments and the like tech tools to aid disaster relief work. READ MORE


Connecting with Our Troops

Was honored (after much debate, persuasion, and final clarity about the general laid-backed-ness of the meeting) to be asked by Ed Schipul to lead the July – Houston, TX – NetSquared get together. Have not been to other NetSquared meetings, so can only speak about the attitude of the Houston group, which is more about social issues and passion than technology. I chose to talk about using technology (the internet really) to tangibly support our troops while they are deployed (I’m not talking yellow flags on your car here!) – A topic containing many social issues, all of which I can get pretty passionate about. I’m a Quaker (Nothing to do with the guy in the funny hat) and embrace the Peace Testimony. I also have a brother who is an MP and served a year in Iraq. I find myself in an interesting position with a unique point of view about the “War on Terror.”  READ MORE


Found in the NpTech Tag Stream this week!

This week my RSS reader grabbed 122 items via the NpTech Meta Feed!   Here's a summary of a few highlights to read, if you don't time to read everything!

In last week's N-TEN Webinar on Tagging by Marshall Kirkpatrick shared how he created the NpTech Meta Feed.  (NPTech is a tag used by people to designate a resource they find online as being of interest to the community of nonprofit technologists.  If this is the first time you're hearing about it, click here for the context.) READ MORE


Vote for Netsquared! 2007 SXSW Interactive Panel Proposal Picker

The SXSW Interactive Festival is billed as "an incubator of new, cutting-edge technology and is ground zero for the world's most creative web developers, designers, bloggers, wireless innovators and new media entrepreneurs."    

In planning the program for the various panels, SXSW has invited the extensive SXSW community to select which of the 167 submitted panel ideas they feel is most relevant to the event.  

So, take a trip over to the 2007 SXSW Interactive Panel Proposal Picker and vote for ten of your favorites.  And, we hope you will vote for some of our favorites: READ MORE


Benetech Founder Jim Fruchterman Receives 2006 MacArthur Fellowship

Jim Fruchterman, CEO of The Benetech Initiative, has been awarded a 2006 MacArthur Fellowship from the John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation.   Jim  Fruchterman, an electrical engineer turned social entrepreneur who adapts cutting-edge technology into affordable tools for the visually impaired and other underserved communities, will receive $500,000 in  "no strings attached" funding over the next five years.    READ MORE


Benetech founder Jim Fruchterman honored as MacArthur Fellow for using technology for social change

Jim Fruchterman was named a MacArthur genius yesterday.  You can find links to his blog and to a couple of bloggers who know him at my blog, studio 501c. READ MORE


I have some exciting news

My name is Beth Kanter and some of you may know me from my blog, Beth's Blog. I'm going to be guest blogging on Netsquared for the next two weeks, filling in for Britt Bravo.

I'm so excited that I made vlog post about it!

While I have lots of feeds, ideas, and sources, I'm really interested in hearing from you too! If you're working in the nonprofit space and using emerging technology tools like blogging, tagging, wikis, RSS, vlogging, podcasting, and other social media, please drop a comment in this post or send me an email. READ MORE


Short video on Helpalot (charity site)

For those who haven't heard about the charity social network site under development called Helpalot, I've put a video online (on youtube).

I graduated on this project (and other work) for my Masters in Interaction Design. Feel free to post it on you blog :). READ MORE