My Favorite Submissions

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I read over all the proposals and picked the ones I liked best. The criteria I used were pretty simple: I looked for projects that had a clearly defined mission, were global in scope, and looked like they might actually work as planned. I stayed away from proposals that wanted to “enable” other non profits because I find most of them to be ineffective. Here is the list in alphabetical order:

Empowering poor consumers with mobile telecommunications

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Companies like Telefonica, the dominant provider here, or Telmex dominate latinamerican markets. The companies make a tremendous profit on their pre-paid airtime services, but at the same time give a critical service to many of latinamerican’s lowest-income consumers.

Our inspiration is the notable story of Grameen Phone, a billion-dollar phone company in Bangladesh built to serve the communication needs of that country’s millions of low-income residents, and its synergy with Grameen Bank, the world’s first microfinance institution founded by Nobel Prize-winner Muhammad Yunus.

A Small Spotlight on Virtual Innovations

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I am behind one of the several projects entered utilizing virtual reality, and I'm feeling compelled to draw some attention to those that are using virtual worlds to engage in creative nonprofit efforts. With the arrival of Second Life a few years ago, virtual reality (VR) has finally gotten a foothold as a technology for not only social networking and gaming, but also training, meetings, marketing, and yes, even nonprofit activities like education, outreach, activism, and fundraising.

Top 7

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The 2006 conference was great and I think the organizers had a great idea to make N2Y2 focus on 20 great projects. Everyone is going to learn a ton.

Here are my top 7 proposals:

My top 7: a transparent evaluation

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I'd be a hypocrite to post my favorite projects with a praiseworthy sentence or two and leave it at that. I owe you an explanation of exactly what process and criteria I used to whittle down the field … because my own project is about transparency, and transparency means more than honesty – it means making it easy for you to see WHY I say what I say. So first I'll give my top 6, and then I'll explain where I’m coming from so you can decide how useful this is to you.


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