Earthjustice posts clip from Islands at Risk: Biopharms in Hawai'i

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The nonprofit public interest law firm, , recently from their film Islands at Risk: Biopharms in Hawai'i on YouTube.  According to Pacific Region/International Press Secretary, Brian Smith, "The coolest thing so far was getting the word out to activists at in London and then they got the word out to people all over the world."   Smith said that one of the benefits of posting the video on YouTube was that it allowed activists working on these issues to, "see the faces of the organic farmers and the farms that they are working for with their own eyes."

2007 NetSquared Conference: N2Y2

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Guess what?  We're having another conference!

350 members of the NetSquared Community will come together May 29-30 on the Cisco Campus in San Jose, CA to help incubate new technologies for social benefit. We'll be bringing corporate and public philanthropists together with web developers, nonprofits, NGOs and the nonprofit-serving tech (NTAP) community to help the best nonprofit technology ideas and visions become reality.

We'll have more details for you next week.

If you have ideas about how Net2 Year2 can help spur social change, drop Billy Bicket,TechSoup's Director of Strategic Development, Knowledge Services, a line at , or give him a call at (415) 633-9369.

You can also start a conversation about your ideas for N2Y2, highlight a project you are working on, or shine a light on a nonprofit that is using the social web for social change on this Community Blog.  If it is your first time posting, feel free to email me with any questions at

Finally, we have posted summaries, audio recordings, and videos from last year's NetSquared Conference . If you are particularly interested in the audio recordings, subscribe to the where you can download additional interviews with web innovators and recordings from San Francisco's Net Tuesdays too.

Why Non-Profit Brains Should Excel at the Social Web.

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Researched published this month was described as finding the part of the brain which deals with altruism.  In this I explain why i think this is confused reporting, but also how the research may help explain that charities and non-profit groups are wonderfully well equipped to make the most of the social web.

This is my first post on netsquared and, if people don't object, I'll mostly use this space to point to relevant jottings elsewhere.   

Please Send This Free E-Advocacy Guide by PolicyLink to Campaign Organizers

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I don't know about you, but I have a number of friends who are campaign organizers, and many of them are old school.  They spend a lot of their time tabling, handing out fliers, canvassing and hosting house parties, which are all effective uses of their time, but they often don't have an online component to their campaign.

Do you know anyone like that?  If you do, please send them this to download, Click Here for Change: Your Guide to the E-Advocacy Revolution by .

Organizer Needed for NetSquared Los Angeles Meetup

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Are you looking to meet like-minded folks in Los Angeles who are using the social web for social change?

If so, let us know 'cause we are looking for a new organizer of the group.  There are 48 members already signed up and waiting for you to take the lead.

Organizing a NetSquared Meetup in your city doesn't take as much time as you think.  All you have to do is:

NPTech Skypecast Weds. Jan. 24th

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Our own fabulous Marnie Webb is pulling together a Skypecast this week to talk about the evolution of using the nonprofit tech or "nptech" tag.

The Skypecast will be on Wednesday, January 24th from 8-9 AM PST.  A copy of the propsed agenda is posted below.  You can make changes to it on this . For more info, go to Marnie's blog at

Hi-Speed Wireless mobile access(~1Mbps) will change the world?

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Japanese Mobile Phone company WILLCOM
(The Carlyle Group), has
released their new service today.

In the news, they have mentioned about "800kbps"
service in near feature around ~10,000yen/month.

"Broad-Band" have already change our society,
life style. Mobile-phone, however, have strongly
given influence to the world than PC. Will
Hi-Speed Wireless mobile access(~1Mbps) like
these change the world?

In Korea, they have already WiMAX service what
they call "WiBro", but number of users are not
so many, according to Korean blogger Yang Sung-jin report.

Micro-Philanthropy for Bay Area Arts

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Online fundraising is HUGE. There are so many fantastic sites that allow users to raise money for, and give money to, causes they believe in.  

I have been inspired by all of this activity, and I am launching a website dedicated to micro-philanthropy for the arts.  I am currently working with the folks at to do this, but in the meantime I have set up a and a .   I would love for anyone who's interested in this idea to join me. I'd love to hear from others who are using some of the new fundraising widgets and sites like , , , etc.


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Newstrust founder Fabrice Florin, at a Stanford presentationIf you’re a news junkie, and you haven’t tried NewsTrust, don’t. It’s addictive and should be banned. But if I can’t stop you, there a few things you should know: (1) it’s a news rating service, (2) it allows ordinary people to judge the quality of sources and stories, (3) it provides structure within which to make such judgments, so you don’t have to make stuff up, (4) the process reveals a lot about what good journalism is and isn't, (5) it will tell you things you did not know about yourself, (6) if you’re already suffering from too much information, you can read just the highly-rated stories, or just those which were given high ratings by raters you trust, (7) it’s a community of some pretty smart people who care about the truth, (8) it’s by some very very good people, (9) I’m the volunteer @.ef62b6d" target="_blank">host for its National Public Radio section, so am completely biased and not credible (if you want to draw more attention to an outlet that you trust, you too can sign up to be its host). If after all this you still and get hooked, don’t say I didn’t warn you.


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