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Development Blog Lists

Found this list of blogs and news feeds that discuss development issues the other day.  It was like hitting the mother lode of do * good blogs.  The listed was posted  by the Private Sector Development blog, a blog authored by members of the  World Bank Group.

They've divided the blogs into  categories: READ MORE


This Week In NetSquared News Podcast is Up

A quick update of what's happening on NetSquared is up on the NetSquared Podcast. READ MORE


Google Labs explores accessibility

Disabled computer users often regard their browsers as a lifeline to the world.  But during last year's natural disasters, it became very clear that the lifeline was tenuous - perhaps broken entirely - as so many relief sites were not accessible to those who need them most.  To help people with disabilities find what they need more easily, Google Labs released a new product yesterday.  Called Accessible Search, it optimizes pages based on some key accessibility features, including alt text, keyboard navigation, simple language and so forth.  The idea is to save blind users the wasted time and frustration of trying to get information from inaccessible sites. To see how your standard search stacks up against the accessible searc, try out this comparison tool READ MORE


Sex Workers at Nonprofit Bootcamp?

I'm considering attending the Craigslist Foundation's Nonprofit Boot Camp in Berkeley this August, to bring back some skills to St. James Infirmary. We offer free, confidential, nonjudgmental medical and social services for female, transgendered, and male sex workers. We are also the first occupational safety and health clinic for sex workers anywhere run by and for sex workers.  Sex workers and craigslist, seems like an obvious fit, and one Mr. Newmark himself is often asked about in the press. The good things I've heard about the Foundation also make me curious to check it out. READ MORE


Feedback about Libsyn

I am thinking about moving the NetSquared podcast from Odeo to Libsyn (Liberated Syndication).  Do you have a positive or negative experience to share about their services that would help me decide whether or not to use them?  Thanks! READ MORE


Register for BrainJams: Talking about Technology and Social Change

The National Coalition for Dialogue and Deliberation (NCDD) is hosting the 2006 National Conference on Dialogue and Deliberation on August 4-5, 2006 in downtown San Francisco, CA, with 6 pre-conference trainings, including a BrainJam on August 3rd!  I'm co-leading the session along with BrainJam's founder and visionary Chris Heuer and the fabulous blog queen and appreciative inquiry guru Loretta Donovan, founder of worksmarts.     The day will include a World Cafe in the afternoon and I've just learned that Juanita Brown will be there! READ MORE


Relay for Life in Second Life is This Weekend!

The American Cancer Society's Relay for Life in Second Life will take place this weekend and I will be watching it closely to see what the results?

I'm sure that Randall Moss will write a blog post after the event answering some questions such as "How money raised (in real US dollars)?  What was the investment in terms of resources to pull it off?  How many people volunteered?  How much awareness was raised for the cause?"   And, of course, share some lessons learned on running charity events in Second Life.   Here's a promotional video created by one the SL volunteers and describes the event.

Some more background links:

Relay for Life in Second Life
by a SL volunteer
The pre-event Car Auction that generated $2,000 USD (I heard Deborah Finn say it looked like a Souped Up Barbie Car)
Fundraising in a Virtual World Session at Netsquared


Web 2.0 internship with the Genocide Intervention Network!

Are you interested in changing the world by supporting the first-ever permanent anti-genocide constituency? Do you spend a lot of time online and know what an effective advocacy campaign looks like? Can you build a website from the ground up? READ MORE


Observations from the Net Tuesday Event : Second Life for Nonprofits, a Mixed Reality Event

I just wanted to share my observations from the Net Tuesday/Second Life Mixed Reality Event

What worked:

  • TechSoup’s name and word of mouth made this a large event.  The sim was packed and I heard that we maxed at just under 60 participants.  There is already a great deal of interest in hosting a second event (and many other affinity group meetings) in the TS space.
  • There was a lot of media coverage via blog and reporters and photographers.  Volunteers liveblogged and recorded in world (meno rich is avatar who recorded).  They also posted their pix to flickr.  The tags used are: net2,techsoup,npsl, secondlife, mixedreality.  The metaverse messenger (SL’s main newspaper) will write an article about the event next week (Tuesday).  One person even recorded the after-party mingling  Video of the event can be seen here:  The photos from the event can be seen at Flickr at the tags mentioned above and here:  Also a member shared this a bit on the Omidyar Network discussion boards for nonprofits in SL:
  • Via the transcript, I saw a lot of networking between nonprofits that was occurring. 
  • This was a great way to connect the NetSquared audience and the TechSoup audience.  There were people there that we would never had access to in the regular TechSoup Community events that showed up, because the topic and platform interested them.
  • Volunteers were amazing!  Beth Kafka (Kanter) took over role of project producer, Frank Foley (Tom Maroney) was in world technical lead and procured many technical volunteers, Dore Junot (Salvador Luna) was the RL tech lead and set up all the elements we needed to make this whole event happen, Dolly (Gina Cardazone) helped make the logistics of the entire Net Tuesday fall into place, Lorelei Junot (Lori Bell) the Library Island owner made sure that everything was set up in the island and therefore the event didn’t crash the sim, Jeska Linden (Jeska Dzwigalski) brought the credibility, experience and knowledge of being a Linden (working for Linden Lab) and b/c she was there, people who are notable in SL wanted to check out our event.
  • This has revitalized TechSoup and provided us with an emerging technology focus.  We have had a reputation of being too 1.0, so this is a way to engage the more Web 2.0 audience and make the 2.0 technologies fun.
  • Volume and word of mouth in such a short amount of time.  There are an average of 1000 visits to the TechSoup space a day, 20 or so NPOs are a part of our directory (only 7-8 have ully filled out their information cards), we have an average of 20 people at our weekly meetings, we have 45 people on our Google group about 75 members of the TechSoup group.  After last night’s events, I expect all these numbers to grow.



Reflections on Mixed Reality Events in Second Life

The photo above was taken at last night's TechSoup Mixed Reality Event.  The live video feed was being streamed from the Netsquared gathering in San Francisco happening at the same time as the virtual gatherng in Second Life.  Jeska Linden, Community Manager for Linden Labs, has the mike in her hand, while her avatar is behind the podium in Second Life.

In-world speakers from nonprofits who spoke about their work included Evonne Heyning from Camp Darfur,  Barry Joseph from Global Kids, Lori Bell from the Library Alliance, and Marc Sirkin from LLS. READ MORE