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The worst oil spill in the Philippines is being ignored by the international community

This article has been written by a friend of mine, a journalist from Visayas, Philippines. CNN and BBC only covered this tragedy in one article. The international community is clearly ignoring this environmental disaster and focusing more on featuring alleged paedophile killers or celebrities caught up in a drink-driving spree! Please fwd to all your friends


Tragedy in Guimaras, Iloilo



What is BarCamp?

This weekend, August 25-27th, is BarCampEarth, where BarCamps will be happening simultaneously all over the world to celebrate BarCamp's one year anniversary.

If you are asking yourself,

What is BarCamp?

Here is a great vlog by Ryanne Hodson that explains it all. READ MORE


Capturing Content After a Conference: Craigslist Foundation Nonprofit Boot Camp Wiki

The Craigslist Foundation had it's annual Nonprofit Boot Camp at UC Berkeley last weekend, and they've set up a wiki where participants can post their notes from the event.  Contributors don't have to register, and if they've never used a wiki before and are confused, they can email their notes to the wiki moderator and he will post them. 

I know I always have tons of notes after a conference.  A public, easy to access wiki is a nice way to be able to share them. READ MORE


Whew - Web Site Launch

After quite a lot of work,my consulting company, working with The Cedar Cultural Center, just released a revamped web site. (August 23) The new site features music and video, a searchable calendar, and quite a lot more.

The Cedar is a well-established nonprofit music venue in Minneapolis, and features world music, roots music, and lots of other entertainers who are not supported by the major music industry. 

The site is based on Drupal with quite a few stock and custom modules.  There was a lot of collaborative work involved between my company and The Cedar. READ MORE


Is Your Nonprofit on YouTube?

Is your nonprofit on YouTube?  I found 76 videos on YouTube tagged with "nonprofit" (a search for videos tagged with NGO brought up 377 entries, but it looks like the majority of them are by or about people with the last name Ngo).  Many of the "nonprofit" videos were by people creating pieces for and about nonprofit projects, but not many were created by nonprofits themselves.  READ MORE


Museums and Blogs

A couple weeks ago at the San Francisco Net Tuesday, I got to talking with Craig Rosa, the I.T. Director for The Tech Museum of Innovation in San Jose, and he told me about a site called that has a directory of 68 museum and museum-related blogs.  You can search by Blog Age, Date Added, A-Z, or by Topic.

I also met Leslie Madsen-Brooks this summer at the BlogHer Conference, who is the writer of the blog,  She has a pretty extensive blogroll of museum-related blogs and her most recent post is about Museums and Second Life.

Craig also reminded me that the 2007 Museums and the Web Conference will be held in San Francisco April 11-14th, so save the date!  If you want to present, the deadline for Program Proposals is September 30, 2006, and demonstration proposals will be accepted through December 31, 2006.

You can check out the Museums and the Web blog, Flickr pool and online community here. READ MORE


Short update on Helpalot; charity social network site

Hi all,

I've been posting some blog items here on Netsquared about my graduation project Helpalot; A charity social network site with evaluations, where you can state on your personal page who your friends are and what charities you support.

There are some great developments I quickly want to share with you: I now have help from Derick, making it no longer a 'one person effort'. The Helpalot Foundation will see the light next month and thanks to the financial backing of Herman Wiegerinck co-founder of VODW marketing, we will be able to develop the site and aim to launch the site in the beginning of 2007.  READ MORE


Tech Reach International: Disaster & Emergency Response Technology Fair


While I was at the Craigslist Foundation's Nonprofit Boot Camp on Saturday, I picked up a flier for an interesting looking event, Tech Reach International's Silicon Valley "Simulation Day", a disaster and emergency response technology fair.

The event will be on Tuesday, September 19th from 12:30-6:30 PM at Intuit Corporate Headquarters (2345 Garcia Rd, Building #5) in Mountain View, CA.  Admission is free. READ MORE


Interview with Gabbly and Four Net2 Conference Session on Net2 Podcast

Our Net2 podcast volunteers David Collin and Stace Carter are rocking and rolling this week with the podcasts. 

David posted his interview from the last San Francisco Net Tuesday with the founders of Gabbly, Teck Chia and Flora Sun. READ MORE


Aid Workers Network

The Aid Workers Network is a UK-based nonprofit created in 2002 by a group of aid workers. According to the FAQ page on the site, over 12,000 aid workers are registered members of the community.

The site includes a news aggregator that pulls from aid workers' and aid organizations' blogs, including a great looking blog called,  One of's posts pointed me to the UN's Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affair's Virtual Humanitarian Information Centre for Lebanon.  OCHA also has Virtual Humanitarian Centres for Pakistan, Niger, Sri Lanka, Sumatra, Darfur and Liberia.

pingVision wrote up a short piece about their work on the Network that says that it is a "CivicSpace-powered site" that is "powered by Drupal's phpTemplate theme engine." They also designed the logo. READ MORE