Internationalization of the Social Web: An Interview with Teresa Crawford

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Teresa Crawford is a strategic technology consultant based in Washington DC who I met at the yesterday. She has been working in the field of NGOs and technology since 1998. Over the last few years she has worked in 30 countries with organizations both large and small to help them make better use of information and information technology in their work.

You can listen to the interview on the , and a transcript will be up in about a week.


A Green and Human-centric Tech Conference: The Aspiration Tech Nonprofit Software Development Summit

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How many tech conferences do you go to where you aren't allowed to use your laptop, text on your cell phone, or chat on an IRC channel during sessions?  Where you are encouraged to truly listen and pay attention to what people are saying?  Where a Waste Reduction Consultant is brought in to create a green event?  Not many I bet.

Immigrant Telecommunications Rights Roundtable

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lif artJoin Latino Issues Forum and other Community Based Organizations (CBOs) as we hold a Roundtable Discussion on the rights of Immigrants and Limited English Proficient consumers of telecommunication services.  Hear testimony from El Concilio of San Mateo County in their experience with clients that have faced economic hardship when faced with high cell and home phone bills.  Also hear from attorneys at the Greenlining Institue and Latino Issues Forum who are doing work in this area.

Download Audio & Visuals from Kiva and PLoS Net Tuesday Presentations

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We recently revamped our Net Tuesday page on the site so that each of the Net Tuesday locations (, , --we're still working on Chicago's page) has its own page where they can add content.

On the you can given by and at previous Net Tuesdays, as well as audio recordings of the presentations, and interviews with the presenters by .

If you'd like to start a NetSquared Meetup group in your area, download a and let us know at net2 AT techsoup DOT org.  We're still looking for someone to take over the .  It already has 49 members who are just waiting for an organizer.

NpTech Tag Summary: Or should it we called the NpTech Pipeline?

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Put that in your pipes ...

Using a manual collaborative filtering process (eyeballs scan NpTech Meta Feed in RSS reader), this week's most popular topic seems to be pipes.  No, nonprofit techies are not talking about those kind of pipes.  It's , an interactive feed aggregator and manipulator.  Say what?  It means you can create meta RSS feeds that are more useful and relevant. 

Some early reports note that there's still a hefty number of bugs and some features are still lacking, yet still in this current state it offers many possibilities.   

Here's some blog posts found in the NpTech Tag stream. 

Maybe we'll see some in the coming weeks?


Quite a few useful articles about RSS this week too. has published a on RSS

Democracy in Action's Tipsheet Tuesday is "" is a must read.

Gavin's Digital Diner has a post called "" that looks at RSS in the nonprofit enterprise context.

(any one using it?)

Just noticed that delivered by Lasa has a RSS feed.

NpTech Mashup Meme

Deborah Finn unleashed the Meme this week. Michele Martin with a pointer to Swicki and someone tagged this . Here's another .  Let's see more next week!

Myth of the Bleeding Edge

Tate Hausman, of , in a on the NTEN Blog points to research that indicates that nonprofits and social change organizations should just say no thanks to using bleeding edge tools and focus on basic needs such as donation tools and CRM.  He says that any use of bleeding tools without addressing basics first is "building new additions on a weak foundation."   This post was tagged in the NpTech tag with the question, "Is it an either or choice?"   There's been discussion on the NTEN Discuss list, .   What do you think?  

Technology Stewardship

Speaking of guiding people, organizations, or communities to make (appropriate) choices about technology tools,  Nancy White shares her Seattle Ignite presentation on . While Nancy is talking about this in a community context, what does it mean for nonprofit organizations?  shares some thinking as does .

Online Fundraising: Best Of Lists

Fundraising Success blog summarizes shared at the recent DMA Nonprofit Federation 2007 Annual Washington Nonprofit Conference.

Nonprofit Online News shares the of the year.

Web 2.0 Tools and Work Flows

Marc Sirkin of the Nonprofit Marketing blog discusses based on his participation in a Seth Godin seminar.

points to a report from Forrester called ")

Non-Profit Tech Blog to, .

David Wilcox has written a and asking for feedback.

Michele Martin has a post called ""  The bottom line: There's room for and a need for both to keep conversations going.

from Tactical Philanthropy describes Xigi.Net and how it is mapping the emerging philthanthropic capital markets.

Network-Centric Advocacy , "Why do we rethink social change and advocacy?"

Cool Cat Teacher Blog, an educational technology blogger, has an article called ""  takes a look at how tools like Skype and YouTube ("YouTeach") are changing community volunteerism in schools.

Whether or you think nonprofits should run screaming from widgets or at least consider whether or not they are an appropriate choice, read this interview with the King of Widgets by .

A new blog on the politics and science of global warming called "" and Michael Glibert has a new blogged WITH and has turned the comments on!  Here's the .

Software in the Tag Stream

points to Ryan Ozimek's piece ", the building has begun" and says it is a great hallelujah to the power and importance of integration via open APIs.

Michelle Murrain's White Paper (with Katrin Verlcas, NTEN) on the topic, "" has been published on the NTEN Site.  This is a must-read.

Laura Quinn has written an on the three approaches to integrating constituent data.  It's written for the non-techie and it is brilliant because it explains some complicated concepts in plain english. 

is a development site for documentation.  It's being created by a group of volunteer reviewers, writers, editors, and translators.

If you want to follow Nonprofit Software in more depth and you're not attending the , be sure to follow what's on the .  There's bound to be quite a bit of live blogging of the event.   I'm reminded a post from David Gurteen about designing more participatory conferences, and it looks like the folks at Aspiration are experts at this.

about the importance of testing more thanf eatures in software.

and were two tools tagged with the NpTech tag.

Read/Write Web has that analyzes the Online Video Industry and the various hosting services.

I Love Social Networking: A Recap of Net Tuesday San Francisco

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Did you know that 59,000 people on say that they work in the nonprofit industry and that the nonprofit sector has the highest percentage of public answers in LinkedIn's Answers section? I didn't. I also didn't know that if you activate your public profile you can create a public page like this: that makes it easy for people to find you online when they are searching for things related to your work and interests.


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