Another World is Here: An Interview with Alex Steffen on the NetSquared Podcast

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If you don't already read the blog, start now.  It's an awesome, solutions-based journalism nonprofit that writes about, "tools, models and ideas for building a bright green future." They also have a book out, , a 537 page tome that is divided by topic: stuff, shelter, cities, community, business, politics and planet.

I've read up to page 360 (whew), and so far it is my favorite book of the year.  It's the kind of book that makes your brain and heart go "ah" because the ideas are so incredible AND do-good, and I'm not saying that just because I write for a .

Cheerful Givers Plans Walk in Second Life

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In late February, Cheerful Givers will plan a walk in five locations to raise donations for children. Cheerful Giver's mission is "To brighten and celebrate the lives of families in need by providing toy-filled birthday gift bags for children who are homeless or living in poverty."

 To learn more about this walk, please contact Dexterhaven Rucker in SL or Karen Kitchell at


Thanks for your support!

Networking for Social Change: LinkedIn and WiserEarth at Net Tuesday San Francisco

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This month at Net Tuesday in San Francisco, our two presenters will be Dave Sanford of LinkedIn and Oz Basarir of WiserEarth.

is a social networking site built upon trusted connections and relationships, and a powerful business network with over nine million professional members.  Dave, the Assistant to the CEO of LinkedIn, will be talking about how nonprofits can use LinkedIn for their work.

Introduced to Net Sqaured Website

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Introduced to Net Squared by Leo  Romero (Silicon Valley) Startup meeting.

 Openned up an account for DisabledCommunity.Org Project.

Not real clear what I am getting into because documentation on Net Squared pages are not real clear.

 It might be a good idea to have them list other non profits that have projects listed on their site from their main page, so that others interested in learning about NetSquared can quickly look to see what others are creating.


I will hold off on giving suggestions until I learn more.


372 People Have Signed the Integration Proclamation. Have You?

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A recent study of nonprofit organizers showed that lack of integrated tools was the #1 universal technology complaint; that's why a have created the :


We the undersigned progressive leaders, have together identified as a top priority infrastructure need in 2007.  We urge progressive funders, vendors and technologists to support a collaborative effort dedicated to ensuring that our tools integrate effectively, so that we can move forward with innovative, powerful platforms that will help us win.  

You can sign the Proclamation by clicking , join the Integration Proclamation list serv by emailing Tate Hausman at tate (at) dotorganize (dot) net, and pass the word on to friends and colleagues with the email text below (or your own):

The Least That I Can Do

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January 31st, 2007

I know, I know we’ve been down this road before. I think it is an important idea so I will continue to harp on it. If you have had enough ‘prompting’ then just move on to your next blog.

Posted on my blog 01.31.07


A few months ago a friend and I were having breakfast and I was thanking him for something he had done ( I now don’t remember what because 1) my memory isn’t what it used to be 2) he and others do so much that I find it hard to keep track). He said ” It’s the least that I can do.” I have heard this expression thousands of time but this time it realy struck me. What was the least that I could do? When faced with an issue, a crisi, a problem, another person - what is the least that I can do? I began you look at my own actions and question whether what I was doing was the least that I was comfortable with and was there more that I could do. I began to ask people ‘the question’ as it has become known in my circles. I have asked it almost 50 times in the past 2 months and I have never been disappointed. I was nervous how some might take the challenge but in every instance I have been pleasantly surprised. The respondent has always exceeded my expectations. I am not suggesting that you go about your day challenging everyone you meet ( I am not discouraging that either). Can you ask yourself that question at least once everyday for the next week and guage your response. Don’t just ask in the big ( macro) situations like climate change but ask also in the small (micro) relationship situations that you face. Over the next few days I will offer some “least I can do’ options in the area of environment, hunger, friends, and shopping. Try to remember to on Thursday from 11:55-12:00 (in Calgary).


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