Blogging, the darker side

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When we talk of social tools, especially here, there's often the assumtion that these tools are being used in a beneficial way, to collaborate share and engage.

Yet there are circumstances, when, fired with enthusiasm for a shared purpose, one attempts to engage with no response. Some even turn off the ability to add comments,  rendering perhaps a pulpit, more than a social space. I've even seen social efforts being pilloried in these kinds of blogs, with all sorts of defamation as content. I've even encountered bloggers who go overseas where cyber crime laws are more lax to take advantage of the freedom. 

How Nonprofits Can Use and Build Online Social Networks: and Ning at Net Tuesday

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Next month at Net Tuesday San Francisco, our presenters will be Gina Bianchini, the co-founder and CEO of , and Benjamin Rattray the CEO of .

Ning gives everyone the opportunity to create their own social network for anything. There are over 48,000 social networks on Ning.  You can create your own social network for free in a few minutes on Ning.  

Net2 Innovation Fund Proposals Need Your Feedback

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Twenty-nine projects have already been nominated for the NetSquared Innovation Fund Awards.  Between now and the application deadline, April 6th, you can leave feedback for them in the comments section of each proposal, and they can revise their projects as many times as they like until the deadline.

If you have a moment this week, browse through the , let them know what you like about their proposal, and offer suggestions for how they can improve it.

Blogging gets noticed by governments

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Pleased to see today that a small collaboration effort started two weeks ago, entered the news section of a government website today. We had a simple DotNetNuke framework up within a day, linked with other campaigning groups and gathered public domain material to create:  

With the following response a few hours ago: 

More relevant to our efforts was something that took nearly a year, raising awareness of childcare conditions for the disabled, a week ago we saw it bear fruit.   

Investing in Business for Poverty Eradication

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There's been a few lone voices advocating for business participationin poverty eradication over recent years. Today, in a conversation on the omidyar network, a critical mass seems to have gathered in a conversation which might at last prove to be the tipping point:  

Bookmark the page, it might be part of social enterprise history in future! 



Heating Up NonProfits in the Arctic

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Browsing the web for news, I came across this story about charities in the UK:

It comes from a conference sponsored by British non-profiteers. Notable quotes include:

"We are entering an age of participative media where anybody with access to a computer has the potential to contribute in a unique and valuable way," Dame Suzi Leather, chair of the Charity Commission. "The challenge for charities is to harness this potential and channel it into genuine social change and community action on the ground."


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