What is Yankana?

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Time's running up for new proposals for the Netsquared Innovation Award, and while the clock keeps ticking, many projects, many ideas and a lot of dreams are submitted to win a single, yet very important, prize: the chance to become a reality.

Notes from NTC: Leveraging the Power of Participatory Media AND The Future of Online Outreach

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Although these two panels were held separately, I thought that they related so well that I'd present them together.

Leveraging the Power of Participatory Media

The Future of Online Outreach

My Very Favorite 5 (+3)

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trophyOK, I’ve checked them all out and here are my favorite NetSquared Innovation Award proposals. Britt asked us to choose just five, but I saw a good twenty to thirty that had potential:

1. *

  • Throngz can be used by everybody, not just by people working on hunger, say, or homelessness, or the environment, or whatever issue it might be.
  • Throngz is a tool that can add value to every social networking site and to every community of people who long to make deeper, more substantive connections on the Internet.
  • The challenges that motivated the creation of Throngz .
  • Throngz doesn’t depend on others being present at a particular site for you to interact with them. It helps cure us of “portal-itis.”
  • Throngz counters the “diffusion of attention” that occurs each time we go on the Internet.


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