NpTechTag Summary: Year-end Roundups, Resolutions, and Predictions (Someone is keeping score!)

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It's been a very quiet week in the NpTech Tag Stream, giving us a little quiet time for reflection on year-end posts as well as scan for the "best of" resources, predictions, and resolutions for 2007. 

If you thinking of getting your crystal ball out and making few predictions for the nonprofit tech field, beware, Jason is keeping score.  Hint: If you want score higher, ditch any fear of failure and don't hedge your bets!

Yahoo! for Good

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When you try to explain how the Web can be used for social change to a colleague, family member or friend, do they get a glazed and confused look in their eye? Yahoo! for Good has some interesting examples up right now of how their tools can be used for good. Because Yahoo! has been around for a while, and may not sound as mysterious as, RSS or Second Life to your listener, try using some of their examples to start.

Yahoo! Answers, "Raise awareness for your cause."
Example: Al Gore asked, "What do you think it wil take to reverse the effects of climate change?"

Widgets Working to Save the World: ChipIn & Yahoo/Network for Good Charity Badges

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For those of you who followed Beth Kanter's fundraising campaign for the Sharing Foundation using ChipIn, you saw how it can be a powerful tool for nonprofits. ChipIn will even be adding features in January specially designed for nonprofits (full disclosure, I am on their nonprofit advisory board).  They have been nominated for a Widget of the Year award on Mashable, but the competition is stiff, and they'll need lots of votes to win.

If you'd like to help ChipIn out, click here, scroll down to the bottom of the page, and in the comments box type: "vote: chipin."  Correction: Voting for the Social Networking Awards has ended.  Here are the winners.

Nonprofit ezine on OpenServing

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I registered to set up a nonprofit ezine on OpenServing, the free-everything-and-you-get-to-keep-the-money project of Wikia & Jimmy Wales. The idea stemmed from our wikimag project, and some conversations I had with guests at the Tech Center party on 12/13.  

In case the site, or something similar, gets approved, I’m building a blogroll of people to invite: people who write about people who serve nonprofit communities. I’d like it to be an at-a-glance page that contains links to the blog, the author’s profile, and information on locale & primary foci. I found a good resource in this netsquared post by Emily Weinberg. I’m also going through other blogrolls, starting with Britt’s. Is there anything else out there I should use? Has my work already been done for me? Thanks; Leo

Facilitating an online discussion to foster cooperation between two development organisations

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On the e-collaboration blog I have posted an interview with Joost Oorthuizen (here) One of the questions I asked him was:


You are an experienced face-to-face facilitator, and this is your first online experience. What is different as an online facilitator?

Well, my first observation is that there is more similarity than I expected. Also e-conferences need facilitation, and participants do want such facilitation, and strongly relate it, very much similar to the way they appreciate face-to-face facilitation. So, as a facilitator, one can ‘connect’ to the participants, take ownership of the process of the discussion, ‘lead’ participants towards certain outcomes. This is easier and more similar to facilitating workshops than expected.Another observation is that e-conferences are far less intrusive than face-to-face meetings. The latter requires people to sit together, to listen to each other, to listen to a facilitator for often too long a time, etcetera. How often do we not feel that we waste a lot of time during face-to-face meetings, or that we have to work with/listen to people who do not really appreciate. So, this e-conference method leaves participation much more open. One can easily ‘vote with your feet’ (mouse) if not interested. Put more positively, people can participate whenever they like, whenever they are up to it, in their own time- and energy frames!

NpTech Tag Summary: NOSI Salon Remix, Charity Nerds, and Birthday Email Messaging!

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Photos by Pearlbear from Nosi Salon 12/11/06 at SF Nonprofit Technology Center.

I thought there was something fishy with the NPTech Tag Stream this week.  It seemed kind of light.  Was holiday laziness setting in?  Nope, according to Marshall, there was some sort of bug with API and it wasn't updating items tagged with particular tags like the NPTECH tag.  

Bring in the New Year for Social Change for All!

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Hear ye! Hear ye!

Begin the new year with projects that will bring about changes in our community.  For those organizations who need to evaluate the progress of their programs, consider implementing program evaluation tools that will work for you.  I work for Results Technololgies Solutions, Inc., an IT consultant firm.  We will work for your organization to get the results you need to bring about change.

Join Stop Genocide Now's 14 Day Challenge

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While thousands of people board planes to visit family and friends during the holidays, Gabriel Stauring and Stacey Martino from Stop Genocide Now will be traveling to the Darfur/Chad border. Starting today, December 21st, they will share stories through daily blog entries and videos. You can see a video of stories they collected from refugees on the Darfur/Chad border during their last trip here.

As part of this awareness-raising campaign, they have issued a 14-Day Challenge. Every time you click on a day's video on the day it was posted, in the Action description, to the right of the video, there will be one word in bold. That word will remain bold for 24 hours. A new word will be bolded the next day. Viewers are asked to collect all 14 words from the 14 actions and send them to If you get them all correct, you will receive an i-ACTivist e-Certificate. The first 100 participants to send the words (even if they have fewer than 14) will win a free "Humanity Before Politics" T-shirt.

You can watch the video from Day 1 here, which includes an interview with Ann Maymann, Senior Officer of the UN High Commission for Refugees. Today's action is to talk to at least five friends about the situation in Darfur and invite them to spread the word and participate.


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