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So I voted or the toolbox. No big surprise there. I work with, and I believe in what we're trying to accomplish. I have not once met a small organization that was looking for an easy, cheap online solution. So I love working with, and I am happy to know that I work for, and vote for, something I believe it. But what else to chose?

Psst! Want to See Who People Are Voting For?

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One of the things you can do to help support your favorite project proposals is to share your "slate" with other Net2 blog readers, your blog readers and with friends and colleagues via email. Your recommendations will support your favorite project, potentially point votes towards projects that have been overlooked, and help voters to sort through the 150+ proposals.

A cool experiment in community-based project evaluation, funding

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This is a really great exercise in community submission, evaluation and feedback of social good projects. I hope that everyone who participates, whether they "win" or not, learns something valuable from the experience.

I personally am having a hard time picking favorites amongst the many, many worthwhile projects and causes. Often the most deserving causes have poorly articulated projects, or the worthiest tech projects seem focused on issues that are not as close to my heart.

Story of BJ

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Our program benefits those youth who come from families who can not afford to send their children to a program such as ours.  Some instances the parents have other priorities other than the well being of their child, but in most cases the youth are from single parent families, from the lower economic/poverty levels, 80% of the youth in the area we serve qualify for the school lunch programs.
This story is about BJ by Director Leon Fox:
BJ started coming to our program in June 2001.  He was a faithful attendee through


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