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Surrounded by so many good geeks at last month’s SF Tech Center party, it occurred to me that we ought to dedicate an edition of our experimental wikimag to techies who help nonprofits help their communities. We’re calling it .

Jason RicciStanding apart from the crowd (“I’m not much of schmoozer”, he explained) made an easy target. So our first story is on Jason. If you know Jason, you can improve the story by editing the wiki or by commenting upon it on the . My next targets are and (Gunner's been a huge help and inspiration to me, so Tech Center denizens are at the top of my list). If you know Zac or Gunner, you can help me tell their stories by posting questions, comments, pics, references etc , and . If you don't know them, you can tell the stories of people you do know. It's a wiki, so it's your show.

We need NGO collaborate with..

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I just test to say "We need NGO collaborate with..".

( we use this expression in Japan, "I just test to say...")

I and my friends have the plan help people divided from ICT with Re:use-PC from corporation in Japan.

The regional people/Org. in our community and also outside Japan are targetted. here I "just" show you our plan, but someday in near future the project will appear...

Open Source, Open Access Online Publishing: The Public Library of Science at Net Tuesday SF

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At this month's Net Tuesday in San Francisco, our two presenters will be from . PLoS is a nonprofit organization of scientists and physicians committed to making the world's scientific and medical literature a freely available public resource. PLoS is both an open-access advocate, and an online publisher that publishes several peer-reviewed biomedical journals under the Attributions License. PLoS collaborates with in the development of open-source software to facilitate community-based annotation of scientific articles.

Come join us on Tuesday, January 9th at Citizen Agency (425 2nd Street Ste, 300) in San Francisco  from 6-8 PM.  RSVP on or
Here's more info. about our presenters:

NetSquared DC: Three Events in DC

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The NetSquared Meetup Group in DC is rocking and rolling. In addition to their monthly , there are two other events this month organized by Net2 DC members:

Mon Jan 8 (6-8 PM) Ashoka Fellows and Technology, with Wine and Cheese featuring the Center for Inspired Teaching.

How is the Center for Inspired Teaching using technology to increase impact?  What tools are they using?  What obstacles have they faced?  What have they done to overcome them?
Ashoka's Global Office (1700 North Moore Street
19th Floor Conference Room.  Arlington, VA (Rosslyn metro)
RSVP: Lola Hermosillo ()

Tues Jan. 9 (5:30-9 PM) Second Tuesday New Media Networking and Cocktails with The Capital Cabal and Dozens of New Media Professionals.

Appetizers, drink specials, awesome prizes donated by Washington Wizards and Washington Capitals.

Give Us Advice: How Can We Improve the NetSquared Blog?

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One of the NetSquared Team's New Year's Resolutions is to improve the NetSquared blog.  How do you think it can be improved?  What do you want out of this blog, and how do you want it?

Let us know what topics you would like to see covered more, what bloggers you would love to hear opinions from, what formats you prefer (interview, vlog, opinion, clicklists, etc.), how you want to contribute to the blog (did you know that anyone can post here?), and what blogs we should be reading.

Sharing Foundation Raises $49,537 with Network for Good Charity Badge; Wins $50,000 More from Yahoo!

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At the beginning of December, nptech blogger extraordinaire, , created a for the education programs, and began a campaign to win a $50,000 matching grant from Yahoo!.  In order to win, the Sharing Foundation had to have the most individal donors give through the Sharing Foundation's Network for Good Charity Badge. In three weeks, they raised $49,537 from 745 donors and won the Yahoo! Matching grant of $50,000.  Second runner up was with 522 donors giving $12,767.  Third runner up was with 261 donors giving $14,321.


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