Respectful radicalism

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Got a question via email asking whether people in the sector have been receptive to the "somewhat radical idea" of GiveWell. My impression is that they have been - it could just be because the sector is so much more polite than the one I'm coming from, but I generally feel like we've gotten a much warmer reception than others who set themselves up as "evaluators" (always a controversial thing to be doing), and I think it has to do with a fundamental difference between the way we see our role and the way most grantmakers and evaluators see theirs.

If I had to vote 'slate' of projects

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To introduce myself, I'm the founder (in 1987) and president of CompuMentor/TechSoup, the parent organization of NetSquared. That said, we're committed to an open, transparent process and my votes will count as much and no more than anyone else's. And *that* said, we are facing a nice problem, but a problem all the same, and this blog entry is an attempt to address it.

Twitter for social change

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i can see some signs that the twitter debate is moving beyond the cappucino-digerati and in to the world of social movements.

andy carvin's done a good post at and i've focussed more on field use in africa in .

And i just heard today from a friend that social campaigning / subversive use of twitter was discussed over the w/end at

If anyone has any other ideas / examples then please leave a comment or .



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