A New Way of Organizing: An Interview with Rosalyn Lemieux of NOI

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The , is a grassroots program that trains young, technology-enabled political organizers to work for progressive campaigns and organizations. I interviewed Rosalyn Lemieux, NOI's Executive Director, for the about how organizers can use the social web for their work. You can read a transcript of the interview below.

Rosalyn Lemieux: My name is Rosalyn Lemieux. I am the Executive Director of the New Organizing Institute. NOI is a training and research institute, and it was formed by the Internet strategy gurus of the big '04 campaigns -- Dean, Kerry and Clark, as well as MoveOn, the DNC, ACT, the AFL-CIO. The origins of NOI are that those folks I just mentioned, those Internet gurus, got together in the summer of '05 basically to look at what had their experience had been in '04, when they had these terrific campaign successes online, what had happened in the field since then, and how could they help the progressive movement, applying the lessons that they had learned in leveraging technology and the Internet for progressive organizing.

NpTech Tag Summary: Valentine's Day, Open Source As Fair Trade, and Dictatorships 2.0

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NTEN has declared Valentine's Day as "Love Your Nonprofit Techie Day."

Philthanthropy and Communications
points to some nonprofit bloggers negative reactions to the Red Cross for hiring a communications professional to monitor blogs for the organization, calling it an "absurd use of donor money."   Where Most Needed Blog summarizes other threads in this discussion .  Looks like the Red Cross isn't the the blogosphere for comments.

Houston NetSquared hosts political tech discussion with League of Technical Voter's Silona Bonewald

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 Houston NetSquared is hosting a this month as we welcome from the . The League of Technical Voters works to promote the use of technology in policymaking and public/lawmaker policy and voting education.


Silona will touch on a few League of Technical Voter projects, such as:

1) Project: Transparent Federal Budget

The Social Web Can Be Warm and Fuzzy Too

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I read a lovely book this winter called which profiles 28 stories of people and organizations who are using knitting for good. One of the organizations, , collects knitted goods for orphanages, clinics and children's hospitals in Afghanistan, and has a that I thought was really sweet.  When you , it automatically rotates through the different knitters on the map and shows a pop window with a photo and a message from each one like, "I am a musician who likes to knit socks."

Standing at the crossroads, looking forward

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Thursday, Feb 8, 2007

It has been several years since my wife and I moved out to the bay area from Durango, Colorado, where I lived for 12 years and my heart still resides, nestled between the canyon country and alpine glory of the La Plata Mountains.  So much has changed in that time, where I went from being highly involved in a community radio station and managing a small independent record store to working in a series of retail record stores in the Bay Area and finally ending up in involved in the event business.  In a short time I have gotten married, conceived a child, and started really looking into my present career path and what the future holds for me.  My quest is this:  Find a position in where I can utilize my creative energy to promote ideas and organizations I  believe in; Somewhere there is an opportunity to fuse my knowledge of music, literature, and human character and to bring into our world just a little light.  Tell me where...

Nenest - An Affordable Software Solution for Nonprofits and Small Businesses

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Software does improve productivities, but it costs much money.  This is really an issue for small businesses and nonprofit organizations.  recently developed a new product named , which is targeted to solve this issue.

The principle idea of is to make all small businesses and nonprofits to share computer hardware, software, labors, and other IT resources; thus the total cost can be split into many small fractions.

You Mean to tell me that a Technology Plan would avoid headaches?

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WOW! What a Difference a Week Makes! Where to start.... Since I began this blog and really launched my serious research into what WYSE needs to do to get our new web presence and WYSE Community Communication System (I just made that up...but I like it) in place, so much has fallen in my lap and I am energized and inspired. Day 1: I did an orientation with two new board interns who were recruited from RVLDP. They are both women, although we tried to recruit men. These women are like walking/talking gifts to our organization. One of them has extensive web marketing and development experience and connections.

What Are Your Favorite Nonprofit Blogs?

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What are you favorite nonprofit blogs?  Not personal blogs about nonprofits, or by people who work for nonprofits, but by the nonprofits themselves.

I am giving a talk about nonprofits and blogging at the sponsored by the United Way of Kern County and would love some fresh examples.  I have my list of favs that I often use, but I would love to highlight some new ones.

I'll send the first person to post the names of five amazing, effective, fun to read nonprofit blogs  a (your choice).

The guidelines are:
• The blog must be written by staff of a nonprofit or NGO
• It has an RSS feed
• It allows comments
• You enjoy reading it!

Thanks for your help!

Nonprofit Night - March 13 in SF

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Craigslist Foundation invites you to attend Nonprofit Night on March 13 at 111 Minna in San Francisco. The night's focus is on Nonprofit Capacity Building Through Skill Sharing. Many aspects of nonprofit operations, strategy and technology can be vexing if you don't have the right people to ask for guidance. This Nonprofit Night, facilitated by , will allow participants to form small groups based on areas of need and interest, to compare challenges, share skills and experiences, and otherwise discover allies and resources. This peer-to-peer sharing model will allow each attendee to solicit input and ideas on a topic or challenge of his or her choice, drawing from the experience of other nonprofit leaders. to RSVP for this free event.


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