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The SXSW Interactive Panel Picker deadline is today!

So that you don't have to scroll through all 192 proposals, in the Community category we proprosed:

The Web to the Rescue: Net-centric Approaches to Disaster Recovery From tsunamis, earthquakes and hurricanes, to terror attacks and armed conflicts, global disasters dominate our news feeds and devastate lives. How have internet technologists quickly organized collective responses? Why is the social web uniquely positioned to take on this challenge? Public-private collaborations are also playing an increasing role in mobilizing people and resources. Let’s discuss the success stories, the obstacles, lessons learned, and where the web-based road to disaster recovery is heading.

NpTech Tag Summary: Mold, Poetry, Research Reports, Videos, and More

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: The Simplest Things in Life Were Changed by Katrina

Browsing through this week's of 134 items found a story about mold and nonprofits, but also a few good research reports, some newly discovered voices in the nonprofit technology space, more talk about web videos, and poetry.   And, of course, more tool talk and tips!

Google Maps to visualize the aggregated actions of supporters

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The NSPCC - a child protection charity in the UK - is using Google Maps in the latest phase of the hugely ambitious Full Stop campaign to end cruelty to children.

The "Be the Full Stop" shows how the actions of individual fundraisers, donors, campaigners, volunteers link up across the country "to create an unstoppable force against child cruelty."

To get on the map, you sign up to the following statement: I believe child cruelty can be ended and I want to get on the map and take action now

Once on the map you can:

What makes up your economic backyard?

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The consumer federation of America in 2000 stated that roughly 64% of Americans were living pay check to pay check.  This was prior to 9/11 after 9/11 the FED said they were going to provide liquidity.  Which means they were going to print more money.  This is inflation.  Now what percentage of American do you believe are living pay check to pay check?

 In 2000 30 percent of our national workforce was working as temporary labor workers.  Typically minimum wage with no benefits.  As of 2003 the Business Examiner was quoted as saying that the temp labor industry is now generating over $80 billion in the US.

Net Tuesday DC: Green Media Toolshed & the Media Volunteer Center

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Net Tuesday DC is happening next Tuesday, October 17th at 7 PM at Affinity Lab (22451 18th St., NW 2nd Floor). Their speaker, Marty Kearns, the co-founder and Executive Director of , will be talking about "crowd-sourcing" and the , which asks volunteers to give 15 minutes to help maintain a Media Contact Database for nonprofits.  You can check out Marty's blog at .

Sam Suds and the Case of PVC, The Poison Plastic

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Did you know that new car smells and new shower curtain smells are from poisonous chemicals off-gassing from PVC (polyvinyl chloride) plastic? Or that children can be exposed to phthalates, poisonous chemicals that PVC releases, by chewing on vinyl toys? I sure didn't. Even more disturbing, PVC plants are disproportionately located in low-income communities and communities of color.

The nice folks at whose Principal, Jonah Sachs, I interviewed for the , wanted me to let folks know about a new 3-minute movie they've created for the to teach people about the dangers of PVC called, . I thought NetSquared readers would appreciate this example of using an Internet movie for advocacy.

NewsCloud Releases Its Open Media Web Services and API

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Jeff Reifman has announced the of NewsCloud Web Service and as part of the effort to make it into a fully open platform for media distribution.  His intent is to enhance citizen journalism efforts by helping developers embrace and extend their work. The NewsCloud web services will allow other community developers to easily interact and expand the stories and features at .

NewsCloud's Web Services consist of more than 50 interfaces (APIs) for interacting with the NewsCloud Web site.  Notes Jeff in a recent email:

Is Blogging is an Effective Way to Raise Money?

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I got an email recently from a staff member of the who asked:

"Do you believe blogging is an effective way of fundraising?  What is the best way to get our message and need for funding out to people through the Internet?"

I figure that Net2 readers have resources to share around this topic, so I thought I'd post the question here for folks to comment on.


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