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Antonio Ametrano

Hey folks,

My name is Antonio Ametrano and I'm going to be one of the session monitors at the Conference.

I originally come from Pompei, beautiful town in the southern part of Italy. I am graduating at the Faculty of Economics in Bologna with a program related to the economic sustainability of the non  profit sector. I am actually in Pittsburgh, for a one year cultural exchange program with the Master of Arts Management at Carnegie Mellon.

My focus while I am in the United States is to learn as much as I can about the use of interactive marketing techniques for the non profit sector, both as community builder and revenue generator.  READ MORE


Online patient communities and social change

Hi -- I'm an active member of an online breast cancer patient community,  It's a free list.serv, founded and maintained by a man whose wife died of the disease about five years ago.  I've become very interested in how social networking and other Web 2.0 capabilities could be applied to such communities.  This would not only enhance the "user experience," but I'm a firm believe that the "collective wisdom" of such groups constitutes a body of knowledge that is being under-utilized in health care. 

I've been working on ways to apply some of this thinking to the community I'm a part of (the list.serv owner is very supportive), and would love to get in touch with others who are thinking/doing similar things.  I've also hooked up with a U of Wisconsin academic who studies this area, and we are submitting an abstract to present at an eHealth conference in DC in September.  READ MORE


Jayne Cravens Introduction

So sorry to be joining the discussion so late! I'm Jayne Cravens (, and I'll be coming from Germany to attend the NetSquared conference. I was one of the first people to create a web site to help nonprofits with technology many years ago, but most of you probably know me from my work in the last 10 years regarding online volunteering, first with the Virtual Volunteering Project (, and then at the United Nations Development Programme/UN Volunteers ( I'm now more focused on broader nonprofit management issues, particularly in the developing world and particularly regarding volunteer/community involvement (, but I still have a strong passion regarding nonprofits and technology, promoting accessibility for people with disabilities, as well as for people using "old" or "vintage" technology, and helping to provide a reality check for the tech world regarding nonprofit resources. READ MORE



Look at all the stuff going on! So, this is how this "remixing for social change" thing works!

I am Dimitri Glazkov and I will be talking about Millenials and TheirSpace (naturally, they call it MySpace) wth Bob Robertson-Boyd, Ginger Thomson, immoderated by Ami Dar. This is going to be so much fun, I can hardly stand it. READ MORE



Hi, this is Jim Fruchterman with Benetech.  Tried for 15 minutes to upload my picture following the directions.  Guess I'm just not technical enough for Web 2.0!

 I'm passionate about technology serving all of humanity, especially in the areas of accessibility for people with disabilities and human rights. READ MORE


Mastering Information Overload: An interview with Robin Good of

Robin Good is an independent online publisher who works out of Rome, Italy. He is the editor of (on new media generally) (visual presentation for international audiences) and (online collaboration). He also publishes the Communication Agents Journal and is the producer-director behind the first open-source movie about blogs,

Robin has worked for the UN, World Bank, FAO, CGIAR and the Arab Planning Institute in developing complex online information systems and multi/language web sites. His work today focuses on empowering individuals to sustain themselves ethically through creative use of new media.



Video Profile Jason Lewis

Jason Lewis of Expedition 360 has been circumnavigating the planet for the past 12 years using only his own human power (walking, rollerblading, kayaking). Jason talks a bit about the project and how he is using collaborative web technologies to connect people with stories of progress. 

Video Profile: Jason Lewis

This video is part of NetSquared's video profile series. You can subscribe to this RSS feed with your favorite video catcher, such as iTunes, Democracy or FireAnt. READ MORE


Building online community: Behind the scenes at NetSquared

As part of the NetSquared remote conference, I'm going to be hosting an online chat conversation on "Building online community: Behind the scenes at NetSquared". Since Social Signal helped to develop the strategy for the NetSquared site, and undertook the Drupal set-up and configuration work on both NetSquared and Net2Learn, we periodically get questions from people who want to know why we set up a certain feature in a particular way, or how we were able to get a page to work a certain way in Drupal. This session is a chance to answer some of those questions in a more structured setting. READ MORE


Net2 Frappr Map for Conference Go-ers & Net2 Supporters Alike

A while ago I set up a Net2 Builders Frappr map for our Net2Builders group to network with each other. 

I've added a green "Net2 Conference" marker (rather than a gender-based marker) for Net2 Conference attendees to select when they join the map.  That way you can see where other conference attendees are traveling from.

If you are already on the Net2Builders Frappr map, but are coming to the conference, you can edit your marker and make it green. READ MORE


Net Conference Ride Share/Room Share

Hey Net2 Conference goers!

I'm sure some of you are asking yourself, I wonder if I could catch a ride to/from the Net2 Conference with someone, or I'd love to split the cost of a hotel room.  So . . . in the interest of time, we'd like to use the comments section of this blog post to help you to make connections.

Here are a couple suggestions to make the process go smoothly:

1. Please be sure you are registered and logged in when you post your comment, and that your user profile has an email address, so that people can email you directly.

2. If you want to respond to someone directly, just click on their name at the bottom of their comment where is says, "submitted by their name."  It will take you to their user profile.  Click on the tab that says, "contact" to email them.

You can also join our Frappr map to find fellow attendees near you. READ MORE