Thanks to the Net2 Crew

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I just want to say thanks again to the CumpuMentor people who made the NetSquared Conference a big success. Thanks to my special buddies: Marnie, Britt, Laura, Gina, Michelle, Billy, and, uh...everybody else. Something good with great potential was started there, and I'm confident you'll keep in moving forward.

 And thanks to the sponsors.  Cisco, HP, the American Cancer Society (heh, heh) and the rest.

Different Learning Styles at the NetSquared Conference

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Still a bit zonked after the conference, but wanted to share a couple pics from the Tips and Tricks workshops during the Making It Happen section of the Net2 Conference.  It was great to see all the people sharing knowledge around all kinds of topics.  As someone who worked in education for a while, it occurred to me that one of the strengths of the Net2 Conference was how it addressed different learning styles.  The big sessions were really just for listening, the smaller breakout sessions allowed for more discussion and the Making It Happen sessions were hands-on.

Fortune at the Bottom of the Pyramid

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First published at (cross-blogging) Learning about the Make Trade Fair campaign of Oxfam was an epochal event for me where I received enlightenment regarding the difference between aid and trade, the latter being a more effective approach on eradicating poverty. The implications are tremendous, knowing that trade is a concept that should entail the cooperation of governments, and for me this sounds too remote if not too utopic. I am looking for something a little bit more on a close proximity, which individuals and organizations can embrace to spin economic development and social transformation, in their own small way.

Just home and still reeling

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The whole way home I tried to write this blog post.  Figure out what I wanted to say.  I keep coming back to the same thing: at the end of the conference people were eager to share the work they'd done during the Making It Happen sessions.  You can read Sarah's report to get a sense of what folks did.  

And what then I think of what happens next. How do we take the energy and conversations in the room, on the remote conference and in the hallway, and the collected next actions.  How  do we take all of that and bring it back to our everyday world -- our community and conversations?


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So the past hour or so has been a meeting and melding of minds, as geeks of all stripes gathered in small groups to hammer through projects together. Seth got newbies blogging, there was a group talking about Tagging to Save the World, the Drupal geeks gathered to do their thing (this happens all over the world, every time more than two of them get together), some folks Mashed Up some maps, others talked about Microformats (I finally found out what those are), some people got initiated into the Cult of Second Life (I checked it out but my feelings about video games run deep. I'm sorry.), Rolf demonstrated the new Melt social networking tool for climate change action, and I can't remember what else. There was more! Much more!

Chat transcripts for May 30th now available

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Transcripts from our May 30th remote conference sessions and May 30th hallway chat are now online. You can find transcripts on the remote conference page or on the hallway page -- or just follow the links below. 

You can subscribe to RSS feeds of the chat transcripts by pointing to or That will give you the last 200 messages in the chat room; or if you subscribe to the feed from an aggregator, you'll get ongoing transcripts. (If you're new to RSS, see the RSS resource center on Net2Learn.)

Tagging - How can we apply it?

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A brainstorm of ideas around tagging... 

  • Driving traffic to a website
  • Coalition build - ask similar organization to tag their sites with the same tag thing in order to show solidarity with one another
  • Give program participants to give back to the community even after the the event or activity has ended
  • Tagging should start when an organization has a blog
  • Idea:  search organizational acronym
  • Make sure tags are registered with a variety of places like delicious, technorati
  • It will assist people presenting aggregated content
  • Hire taggers.

Skype: out on the edge

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So now I'm having a table topic about Skypecasting. It's led
by an "expert" who's done four Skypecasts. That qualifies him as an
expert. Skypecasting has only been around a couple of months.

So what is a Skypecast? Skype is a voice over internet protocol (VoIP)
service.  It enables you to make voice calls over your broadband hookup.
Make those computer-to-computer calls for free. That's pretty standard for VoIP
services, but Skype is now beta-testing a service to enable you to hold
conversations with up to 100 people anywhere in Skype's worldwide network--also
for free--for now.  So it's a lot like a broadcast.

Things I learned: No way to restrict it at this time. It's open to the
world.  Skypecasts are listed in an open directory. But you can mute or
eject callers you don't want in. (Seems kind of rude.) So if you want to
convene your group you can email to the people you wanted. You could mute or
eject other people. Has used it to put together a group to talk about higher
education on Fridays with a specific set of friends. subject. But another idea
discussed at the table is to put the conference public address directly into a
laptop and then out to Skypecast. For nothing you could have another 100 people
in on the event.

When you see this emerging technology your wheels begin to turn about
possible uses. But this is definitely early-adopter technology. Lots of issues
to deal with. But in a couple of years...

Suggested: Another Net2: Content and Tools for the Developing World

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I just posted a suggestion at Next Action, involving:

Create a Net2 sub-community focused on Content and Tools for the Developing World. The post is at suggested Next Action

  • Continue this Net2 process, replicating the format of this Net2 meeting, with its excellent range of online community-creating tools.
  • Narrow the focus to: developing countries
  • Deepen the focus to include community radio, book search, etc
  • Hold a meeting similar in structure to this first Net2 meeting.
  • Hold


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