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Broadcast your event, calls, etc on the web for $40.00 - NiceCast

So, while doing some research for my NTEN VOIP session I came across this little gem.

If you take the recipie of a Mac + NiceCast + VOIP client (ala Wengo, Skype, etc) you can stream your conference calls, or anything you're doing via Voice-over-IP.  What's more: NiceCast will stream ANY audio over the Internet coming off your Macintosh.  Wow! 

For a list of hand VOIP links from the NTEN VOIP session goto: READ MORE


Online Social Networking & PodCasts -

Ok, so my newest addiction is which lets you play web streams based upon a band, a tag, other people's "radio stations", etc.  Its like Pandora but better IMHO.  They've also built up a community of folks around this.

So what? right! What does this have to do with NetSquared?  So, it looks like you can add your own tracks as well so I think it would be interesting to build up a "social" library of speeches, interviews, radio shows, podcasts, etc on that could then be tagged, grouped, and most importantly discovered by other people.  The link at  indicates that you can add your own tracks... so it would seem as simple as adding your podcast, tagging it, and whallah! its exposed in this larger community. READ MORE


Zack Rosen and Tara Hunt Speaking at the Next SF Net Tuesday

We had a great turnout for our special Net Tuesday last night at Zeum. There must have been 80 or 90 people there.  Check out this cool photo of the crowd taken by Chris Heuer of BrainJams

Big thanks to Buzz Andersen, UthTV and the DJ Project for speaking and performing, and to Kristie Wells of BrainJams and Christopher Postoloff for helping to set up. READ MORE


Rheingold "Speaking" in Second Life Future Salon

Speaking of Howard Rheingold, he'll be "speaking"--make that text chatting--at the Second Life Future Salon Thursday, 4 pm Pacific Time. Second Life is a massive, elaborate virtual world created by Linden Labs of San Francisco. Membership in Second Life is free. So if you're a fan of Rheingold or want to experience the growing world of virtual spaces, check-out this event. If you see Chester Carnot, that's me. READ MORE


Changing Channels: BECA conference at SFSU

I saw that the Broadcasting and Electronic Communications department at San Francisco State University just had a conference called "Changing Channels" which emphesized the changing face of media to become more participatory and hammered home on Blogs and Podcasts.  Its nice to see this conversation happening in the academic circles at this level more and more.

Details can be found @

Look at the links at the bottom for who participated.



Howard Rheingold to speak at Net2 Conference

Howard Rheingold will speak on technologies of cooperation and sharing economies.

Howard’s 2002 book, Smart Mobs, was widely acclaimed as a prescient forecast of the always-on era. The weblog associated with the book became one of the top 200 of the 8 million blogs tracked by Technorati, and won Utne Magazine's Independent Press Award in 2003. In 2005, Howard taught a course at Stanford University on A Literacy of Cooperation, part of a long-term investigation of cooperation and collective action that he has undertaken in partnership with the Institute for the Future. READ MORE


Mapbuilder makes it easy to put custom maps on your site/blog

Check out MapBuilder to build a collection of items on your own custom map, then put it on your site or blog.  While there are other similar tools I've seen, I've not seen any this easy.

CompuMentor READ MORE


Let Blogs Speak - Text-to-voice tool for Blogs - Talkr

Check out this tool fo giving rea voice to blogs - Talkr

According to the site it converts any blog to a podcast.  This could be useful for any number of reasons; but could also be useful as an assistive technology.

John Lorance



98 Net2 in Action Case Studies Up. Don't You Want to Be the 100th?

We have 98 case studies up of nonprofits and NGOs using the social web for social change!   You can view them alphabetically, by the tools they used, or on a map.

If you take a look at the map, you'll see that there are parts of the United States and the world that we don't have any case studies from.

Help us fill out the map.

If you know of a nonprofit or NGO using the social web for social change, please take a moment to add them to Net2 in Action, and if you're feeling swamped, just send me the URL and I'll see if one of our Net2Builders can put it up. READ MORE


Video Profile: Craig Newmark

Craig Newmark of Craig's List talks briefly on the empowerment of nonprofit organizations by the use of citizen media and technology.

This video is part of NetSquared's video profile series. You can subscribe to this RSS feed with your favorite video catcher, such as iTunes, Democracy or FireAnt. READ MORE