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Seeking activist geeks and visionary nonprofit leaders...

Ruby SinreichHi, I'm Ruby and I usually introduce myself as a progressive activist, local politico, professional organizer, and compulsive blogger. For a more verbose explanation, please refer to my bio and my blog, where you can learn more than anyone could want to know about me.

I live in Chapel Hill, NC but I work (virtually) in Washington, DC as the "Web Maven" with Marty Kearns' Netcentric Campaigns helping progressive nonprofits utilize to empower their supporters and constituents with network-centric strategies. READ MORE


Heddy Nam from Never Again

I'm honored to have been awarded a scholarship as a conference attendee and will be speaking on the panel: "Hey teacher, leave those kids alone!  The decentralization of expertise and the creation of community knowledge bases" on Tuesday afternoon.

I never in my life thought I would be attending a conference like this much less speaking on a panel!   Although I am open-minded and tend to learn quickly when it comes to any type of tool for social change, I am not a techie by any means.  Going in, I am bracing myself for many of the discussion topics to be completely over my head (I don't even know what the $100 laptop is referring to) but am eager to learn more so that I can bring back knowledge to enhance my work at Amnesty International USA and Never Again.  Being interested in transnational human rights advocacy, I think it's really important for me to understand online and techological tools because face-to-face or phone interaction across the globe is quite costly! READ MORE


The Virtual World Community is Alive and Well

I am getting ready for the Virtual World Community and philanthropy session I am co-hosting with Robin Harper of Linden Lab.  We both have been hard at work trying to get the whole of the virtual philanthropy explosion condensed into a great presentation.We are going to focus on answering a lot of questions.  Why should we invest in this community?  Why does virtual community matter?  Is it really possible to have philanthropic activity in a virtual community?  We  I am not going to spoil the answers for anyone ... you will have to come to the session to find out.

 I will however make a few general statements.  Virtual worlds are huge, population wise some are as large as major metropolitan areas of the USA.  The technology continues to be more immersive, and the advent of transferable currency has made it a viable venue for fundraising.  Considering these two factors alone virtual worlds are becoming a very viable place to hold philanthropy fundraisers as well as educational arenas for education. READ MORE


Learn more about Net2 Conference Attendees

You can read all of the Net2 conference attendees' blog posts on this page--it aggregates Net2 blog posts with the tag "intro."

If you want to subscribe to the RSS feed for just the "intro" posts, here's the feed.

And if you're asking yourself, what the heck is an RSS feed and what can it do for me, here's an explanation. READ MORE

Karin Jervert

Grant writing for technology

Since the season is almost over--by June 9th we'll be done with all of our programming-- I've decided to take the summer to write up a proposal for the use of the Internet to extend our reach and promote our mission. I am proposing that we use the blogging format to reach out to people, not just to get people in the seats, because most likely the people who will view our blog won't be in the area, but to spread our valuable content through the web.

At the suggestion of my mother, who is a seasoned grant writer, I'm using the New York/New Jersey Area Common Application Form to structure my proposal. Here are some of the questions I will have to answer...What need does this project address? Who is the audience? What are your strategies? Who will be working on it? How does it contribute to our mission? How will you measure success? READ MORE


Saying hi

I'm Pat Delaney, librarian at Galileo Academy in San Francisco, associate director for UC Berkeley's Bay Area Writing Project (that's the "non profit" part of my work), and the instigator of edBlogger 2003 conference and the briefly vibrant Educational Bloggers Network. READ MORE


What are your ideas? What are your observations? What are your questions?

I looking forward to the conversation on this topic, particularly around the question:"What is the best way for an organization to begin to use aggregation and tagging?"  My own brainstorming about this topic is here



Keeping eyes peeled for educational innovation at netsquared.....

MeMy day job is as Executive Director of Computer-Using Educators ( We provide educational technology resourcess for thousands of educators throughout California, host a rockin' annual conference in Palm Springs, and publish a quarterly journal, blogs, podcasts and e-newsletters for our members.  READ MORE


Health Care Tagging

I'm an individual contributor to Google Health Co-op and work on the non-profit Palo Alto Medical Foundation's tagging efforts @ Google Health Co-op as well.  I'd be happy to speak regarding how tagging is improving health search on Google. READ MORE