Treehugger Looking for Environmental Nonprofits to Support

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The very fun environmental blog, , is looking for environemental nonprofits and groups to support:

TreeHugger wants to get more involved with activism. We want to help organizations that are working on the ground and with policymakers to change things, and we eventually want to have our own homegrown activism projects (starting with very specific and attainable goals, and progressively moving on to bigger things). But right now, what we need is your suggestions: Which organization should we support next (see for examples, but don't limit yourself to those)? We're going with merit and effectiveness, so it doesn't need to be the biggest one. In fact, it might be more interesting to support a small, lesser-known organization that is doing something really cool and needs the help. Once we have enough suggestions, we will do a vote to decide.

SF Net Tuesday: Cultural Environmentalsim with Mike Linksvayer of Creative Commons

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Last night at the SF Net Tuesday, Mike Linksvayer, the CTO of , gave a short presentation on Cultural Environmentalsm and the role Creative Commons plays as a cultural environmentalist organization.  I've always thought Creative Commons was cool, but never really go the big vision until last night.The way Mike described it, a movement to preserve Culture is the human equivalent of a movement to preserve the  Environment.  Creative Commons provides licenses to lower the legal barriers to effectively preserving our Cultural Environment.

Games for Change Conference: Who's Going?

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I'm planning to be in NYC on June 27-28 for the and am wondering if any other net2 folks attending ...?     So far, will be there as well as some folks discussing Games for Social Good at

The looks fantastic and the is also diverse.  And, while looking through the program I found noticed that Nelson Layag from is presenting on "Educating to Mobilize the Masses."   The description is:

How to track media mentions of your org with RSS

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One thing that I really wanted to do at the NetSquared conference was to help more people learn about RSS, or Really Simple Syndication. I didn't get to do that then, so here's an introduction to one of the most useful ways you can implement this powerful technology.

It can be important to keep track of when our organizations or key stakeholders are discussed online, for both seizing opportunities and doing damage control. By using RSS, you can perform a search once and subscribe to receive all future search results automatically. Many people use Google email alerts for this function, but the advantages of using RSS include not losing results in your inbox, searching a wider variety of source types and perhaps letting this be your introduction to RSS feed reading in general.

Net2 Conference Podcast Update

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Wanted to give you all the Net2 Conference podcast update. We have the audio files.  We have the , but the recordings of the sessions are GI-NORMOUS, and after many tries, we're not able to upload them.  So, we're either going to see if Odeo has any other uploading options for us, or we'll have to break the recordings up to post them.

If there is anyone in the Bay Area who has time to edit the recordings into smaller pieces, and upload them to Odeo, please let me know; otherwise, it might be a while . . .

Social Marketing University

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Social Marketing University
September 18 - 19, 2006
8:30 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.
UCLA Conference Center
University of California, Los Angeles
Westwood, California

Presented by

How do you help people adopt behaviors that will make them healthier and happier? How can you create positive social change?

At Social Marketing University, you will move beyond the usual educational approach to changing health and social behaviors. Using social marketing, you will learn how to persuade individuals to take action for change by addressing the values, needs and desires that motivate them. It's about understanding and connecting with your audience by applying the same effective marketing tools that companies like Nike and Apple use.


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