Charity social network site with evaluations, feedback on screenshots?

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As a student Interaction design in the Netherlands, I'm working on a charity social network site with evaluations for my graduation. The goal is to make it easy to find a charity that fits your intentions and you can trust.

I've made some screenshots in photoshop. At this moment I have about a week to hand in the concept document and I could use your feedback. You can see the screenshots and read more about my project at my project weblog:

To learn more about the project, you can also watch (10 min.).

How to Use Your Blog for Disaster Relief

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One of the I went to at this weekend was about how to use your blog to help with disaster relief.  The panelists were Grace Davis of and , who used their blogs to coordinate donations after Hurricane Katrina, and Dina Mehta of and the , who co-created a community blog and wiki after the tsunami.

Christine Herron, of summarized the presentation beautifully in her post, , and I wrote up my notes on the site.

You can also read a discussion from last fall of how bloggers can take action during a disaster at Jeff Jarvis'

US House passes DOPA, schools must block access to social networking sites

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, the Deleting Online Predators Act (DOPA), was passed by a tonight. If the Resolution becomes law social networking sites and chat rooms must be blocked by schools and libraries or those institutions will lose their federal internet subsidies. According to the resolution's top line summary it will "amend the Communications Act of 1934 to require recipients of universal service support for schools and libraries to protect minors from commercial social networking websites and chat rooms."

The rhetoric from advocates was all about MySpace. For example, Texas Republican Ted Poe says, "social networking sites such as MySpace and chat rooms have allowed sexual predators to sneak into homes and solicit kids."

I just covered this in more detail, with links to key resources for ongoing updates, .

Eat In, Act Out

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The Massachusetts-based nonprofit, the is putting on it's annual , and you can participate! Next Week (July 31st-August 6th) make an effort to, eat in (use local food and cook food yourself instead of going out), and act out (speak up and take action to promote local food).

You can find places selling local food near you through the site, search for Eat In, Act Out events near you, or add your own, on the , and read more about the Food Project on their

I've been reading a lot about food lately because earlier this week I had the opportunity to interview Anna Lappé, author of , and co-author, with her mother, Frances Moore Lappé, of .

Here are are some links from the Community Food Audit form in the back of Grub (you can download it on their too) to help you find your local:

* Farmer's market:
* CSA Farm: and
* Food Coop:
* Grocery Store with Local Foods:
* Organic Meat & Dairy/Egg Provider:
* Community Garden:
* Elected Officials:
* School Food Resources: and
* & Other Community Food Resources:

Happy Eating!

Podcast Tools Comparison Chart

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A resource came across the that I thought I'd share. It is a comparison chart of podcasting tools called created by Adam Varga. It compares podcast flash players, portable audio recorders, podcast advertising companies and music providers/licensors. Soon Adam is going to add comparisons of podcast hosting services, web applications for self-publishing, podcast networks, and books written for podcasters.

Grounded and Innovating: an interview with Michael Silberman of EchoDitto

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Michael Silberman was was the National Meetup Director for Howard Dean’s presidential campaign and is now the senior strategist at consultancy . EchoDitto provides interactive online community consulting services to a wide variety of high profile nonprofit and business clients. Their client list includes Air America Radio, the U.N. World Food Programme, the SEIU and many more. In addition to helping other organizations use new tools, EchoDitto themselves blog, use RSS feeds and share their social bookmarking archives on the front page of their company web site.

Michael also helps organize

In the following short chat, Michael and I talked about bringing new web technologies into established organizations.

Net Tuesday LA - Second Meeting Update

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We had a good conversation at our last dinner (at Guelaguetza - best mole ever) and an interesting presentation from folks at Adobe about Breeze (a former Macromedia product) that allows for webconferencing/ remote training/ meeting online. Thanks much to the Adobe staff who joined us and brought presents.

The group seemed to be gravitating towards two main goals -
1. providing/ creating referrals for nonprofits to technology training opportunities - provided by group members/ corporate partners/ other nonprofit service agencies.
2. creating a case study project with a women's group to demonstrate how improved technical capacity can support and enhance a social change/ nonprofit group's mission.

One other thing - since I'm working on an election-related project, I won't be able to keep coordinating the LA events - let me know if you have ideas for great partners-in-crime in the Los Angeles area who should be more involved in LA NetSquared.


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