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Reminder: NetSquared Conference Volunteer Applications Due Tomorrow

If you'd like to trade 3 hours of your blogging, session monitoring, chat hosting or photography skills for a 50% fee reduction to the Net2 Conference, please take a moment today, or tomorrow, to fill out a Volunteer Exchange Application and send it to me at bbravo AT




Marnie Webb Interviewed on The Harry O Show

You can hear an interview by Harry Osibin (pictured left) with CompuMentor's Vice President of Knowledge Services, Marnie Webb on the Harry O Show at harryo.orgREAD MORE


Mom Knows Best: Network Neutrality

When your mother leaves you a message, in the same tone that she leaves you a message to remember to buy sunscreen with UVA and UVB protection, that you might want to keep your eye on legislation challenging network neutrality and to go to and, you know it's serious.

So for those of you whose mother did not call you this morning, here's the scoop.  As Alexandra Samuels wrote  today: READ MORE


New Net2Podcasts

We put a bunch of new NetSquared podcasts up over the weekend.  Show number 10 of This Week in NetSquared News is up with interviews by Eddie Codel of Chris Heuer of BrainJams and Raines Cohen of the Cohousing Association of the United States.  Also up are David Collin's interview with Adam Frey of Wikispaces, and recordings of Adam's presentation and Zack Rosen of CivicSpace's  presentation at Net Tuesday. READ MORE


Net2Learn Theme of the Week: RSS for Nonprofits

Check out the new Theme of the Week over on Net2Learn: RSS for Nonprofits. This resource center provides a crash course in RSS for nonprofits, including an explanation of RSS technology and tools as well as great tips for using RSS aggregation to help your nonprofit. If you've been thinking about using RSS in your nonprofit, the RSS for Nonprofits resource center can walk you through the process. If you're already using RSS, the case studies and links can offer you further inspiration.

And whether you're an RSS newbie or an experienced RSS user, we hope you'll share the insights and resources that have helped you along the way. Join the RSS for nonprofits resource center and you'll be able to add your ideas to our feature on Getting started with RSS; or add your favorite resources to our collection of weblinks. And even if you haven't joined the resource center team, you'll be able to add your comments to our forum discussion on How can I use RSS in my nonprofit?. READ MORE


MySpace is now the 2nd most viewed website!

The Social Web is making it into the mainstream press more and more - See the NYTimes article from May 23, 2006, "Making Friends Was Easy. Big Profit Is Tougher"

The bulk of the article is about the MySpace business model (or models). But the article notes that after Yahoo!, MySpace is a relatively close #2 in page views, and significantly ahead of MSN, Time Warner (which I assume means AOL), and EBay. READ MORE


"Differently" Organized

We're having a "heaven help us from getting what we wanted" experience and we're making some people unhappy.

We don't want people to be unhappy but we think we've acted in good faith and creatively Here is an attempt to be transparent about what has happened so people can understand the situation. And it's also an attempt to suggest a pathway toward a shared goal.

When we first started planning Net2, less than a year ago, we knew we were taking a big swing at a ball we couldn't really see. Our premise was very simple and pretty vague. We believed that unlike other tech fads, Web 2.0, or as we prefer to call it, the social web, was only going to get bigger and, even more importantly, represented a profound opportunity for nonprofits, NGOs and those committed to social change. READ MORE


Tune into PodCasts from Aussie Connecting Up conference

The PodCast feed for the Connecting Up 2006 Conference - Hyatt Regency Adelaide, South Australia, May 1-2 2006 - is up and running.

To subscribe to conference podcasts, tune your 'PodCatcher' software to:

You can expect to hear a couple of pre-conference interviews with CISA CEO Doug Jacquier, at least two sessions from the conference (maybe more if there is enough demand), and some post-conference discussion.  Monday morning's session 'Connecting and Speaking to Communities using WeBLOGS and PodCasts' by David Wallace and Mike Seyfang and Tuesday's plenary session 'Towards a national strategy for developing the ICT capacity for the nfp sector' will be podcast. Full list of sessions, speakers and other information available from the conference website. READ MORE



In Dec, I launched a site called for my friends and family as a big community. READ MORE


Techsoup event on Social Networking - List of Links

The Techsoup event on social networking was really nice. I learned a lot and even made some connections with people that might be usefull for my project. I thought it would be a good idea to put a list of links that where mentioned in the discussions. It proved to be a lot of work, so I might have missed some (you can put them in the comments).

So here are the links in a semi-random order taken from the techsoup forum. First the links from this techsoup post jlorance wrote: READ MORE