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Creative Commons and Free Culture Technologies

In my part of the Turning Communicatons Technologies Into Tools For Free Speech And Free Culture session I'll cover:

  • Technologies that enable free, participatory, sustainable, democratic culture
  • Threats to the full flowering of these technologies
  • Free culture as free speech and vice versa
  • Creative Commons legal and technical tools
  • How your nonprofit can leverage CC and other technologies to spread its message and involve its constituency

For an introduction to Creative Commons please visit  the Creative Commons home page and in particular watch the five minute intro Get Creative. READ MORE


Net2Builders Call to Action: Start Net2 Conferencing

Each Wednesday I post a Call to Action on the Net2Builders group and to the Net2 blog so check it out and answer the call! 

It is less than 2 weeks till the Net2 Conference and whether you'll be there in person or via your laptop, we'd like to start conferencing now.  Just go to our list of conference sessions at and click on a theme and session topic that interests you. READ MORE


How to Post on the NetSquared Blog

If you've never written a blog post on a Drupal site, or on any site for that matter, but want to join in the blogging fun, here are detailed instructions for how to post on the NetSquared blog:

In order to blog on the NetSquared site, you need to be a registered member and logged in.

• Go to

• Click on the tab that says “register.”

• Fill out the User Account form

• Check your email for your username and password.

Now that you are registered, you can post to your blog. READ MORE


How to Add Photos to Your NetSquared Blog Post

It's great to see all these blog post intros from folks coming to the NetSquared conference.  We would love to see your shining faces in your posts as well.  (I'm trying to be a role model by including my pic).

Here are some instructions for how to include your photo in your NetSquared blog post:

• Upload your photo to your Flickr account, or go to a web page where your photo is  posted, or choose a photo with a Creative Commons Attribution License: READ MORE



Hello!  My name is Beth Kanter and I work as a consultant to nonprofits and technology.  I'm not a techie, I'm a trainer.   My work includes training, curriculum development, evaluation, planning, and assessment.  I'm also very interested in the use of technology in developing countries, particularly Cambodia.

I'm very interested in nonprofit adoption of technologies -- what it takes to use technology effectively.      

I am looking forward to being a sponge at this conference - listen, take notes, thinking outloud with other people about the issues.  READ MORE


Hello World

I wish  I were a little more alert (jet lag + antihistamines) so that I could write something a little more articulate and witty about myself. But I got the e-mail requesting introductions and seeing as how I'll be a participant/volunteer for this conference, I wanted to drop in for a few words. I'm a technology librarian at the University of Nevada, Reno, which is a land grant school for Western Nevada and Eastern California. My job has to do with metadata, although it's really more about trying to bring libraries into the 21st century, as technology not only changes how we publish and access information, but how we use it. Libraries are a pretty classic example of a profession that's still stuck in the old/print model of doing things and having a really hard time waking up to the world completely mutating around them. Sometimes I feel like I'm banging my head against a wall.  READ MORE


Hello and introduction

Hi everyone,

I just found out about this blog today and am excited about all the ideas floating around. Currently I'm the online services manager at City of Hope, a cancer research and treatment center near Los Angeles.

I also volunteer my web time with Vox Femina LA, a group I sing with, and develop sites on the side. I'm very interested in citizen journalism, social marketing and stuff I don't even know the names to yet ;).

Looking forward to the conversation! READ MORE

Karin Jervert

Starting out...

I guess I will introduce myself and my organization. I'm the Associate Director of the Puffin Cultural Forum, a gallery performance space in Teaneck NJ. Our mission is generally to nurture the arts in the area and bring challenging programming to the community. We have music performances, fine art exhibits, author interviews, workshops and much more. We're a pretty busy space for sure.

I just started here about two years ago after graduating from Rutgers University with a degree in communication. I was hired to maintain the website, assist the program director, manage press relations and make the coffee. READ MORE


There are more podcasted radio shows than radio stations in the world

This is just one of the interesting tidbits of information in this SF Chronicle article on Adam Curry. Interesting thoughts on Curry's quest and opinions about taking podcasting mainstream. READ MORE


yo yo

mattwhat's up? i'm coming from ATL, from an organization called the Southeast Community Research Center. we're a social change organization that provides technical assistance and CBPR training to community-based organizations in the South, mostly those working in Environmental Justice. my background is in public health, and i kind of got thrown into the tech world at this organization because it was needed. i was interested in it too. so, i've been learning recently about all the new tools and strategies for using the web for social change. my experience is in popular education, public health, and community-based participatory research. i train capoeira too! i'm definitely interested in learning about how to use new tools, seeing what has worked for others and challenging ourselves to continually question the issues surrounding access. if we do not incorporate everyone, then we are just fooling ourselves, exchanging one form of oppression for another.  READ MORE