Kudos To NetSquared for Walking The Talk of Ubuntu

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There is a Desmond Tutu quote that I adore:

You need others. But you need others for everything, really. In our part of the world, we have something called ubuntu. Ubuntu. Ubuntu. Ubuntu. The essence of being human. We say a person is a person through other persons. I can't be human in isolation. I need you to be all you can be so that I can become me and all that I can be.

Being at NetSquared captures a sense of the beloved community that I so often yearn for. At lunch today, I sat next to someone from literally half the world away - a person doing extraordinary work to race a scourge of death on the African continent.  She is here, soaking up ideas from others - she is here, to be lifted up and celebrated - she is here, because what she is doing teaches all of us in the "developed" world.  Most importantly, she is here because the NetSquared paid her way to come here.  Fully 20% of the 350 people here are present because NetSquared raised the money to have this attendee base reflect the richness of the human race, rather than the mono-culture that one usually finds at conferences.  Christine Herron points out that at typical business, geek or non-profit (or church) conferences, that mon-culture is about 70-90% white males.

Net2Con: Gender and the Social Web: New Tools, Same...Stuff?

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Christine said something like, "When you visit a website do you ever think about what you allowed to do on the site?"  She points to how gender does it translate gender representation?

I think this a good question I haven't thought about before.   How do women interact in person?  What are those customs that we use?  Are those represented in online communication models?

I dream up a mom/woman specific operating system from time to time and it often is framed in my social experience as a woman/mom.

What I dream...

You organize things in rooms.  You assign a room to each person in your family.  Mom's room, daughter's room, the cat's litter box, a living room, dining room, and a patio.  Each of those places represented by the OS have objects that we often use - a fridge for keeping recipies, shopping lists; a television where we keep tags of items we want to return to later for entertainment purposes; a closet to bury my mall wishlist.

Net2Con: Human Rights and New Communication Technologies - Building an Architecture of Participation

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Hi, this is Ginny Hunt live-blogging for Human Rights and New Communication Technologies at the NetSquared conference. I'll try to catch as much as I can as fast as I can. Apologies for errors.

We're getting three different perspectives on how different technologies have been used to further the international human rights movement from Patrick Ball from Benetech, Bryan Nunez from Witness, and Dan McQuillan from Amnesty.

net2con: I tag the hand. . .

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These are just my quick notes - I'll come back to add reflections later... 

Beth's story on the use of tags to improve the efficiency of using nptech tags (and others) - I could see that many non-profits (and schools) are using outdated and inefficienty tools to accomplish their goals.

Chris Heuer believes that tagging is the most important aspect of web2.0. All events should have their own unique tag. He discussed folksonomies, his launch of brainjams as a response to web2.1 and tagspaces as a response to an identified need to search tags by subsets of users. He introduced Paramedia - networks of people with access to media publishing tools and training.

Notes from Activism session

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Marty Kearns - Green Media Toolshed

Price of calling anywhere in the world has gone down

Bowling Alone was wrong -- we have more social ties than we used to to have, it is coming out of sleep and TV. We know about creating individual and organization capacity for facilitating change. We don't know much about building networking capacity.

Networks matter. And now we can map them and see them, and we can use network theory.

The structure of Romantic and Sexual Relations at "Jefferson High School" (see

Talks about The rise of the "Do Not Call Network", and how fast people signed up Pug lovers network biggest on Meetup. 23,280 memeber in 133 groups. The FUH2 site, Mapping craters, Chevy Tahoe commercials


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