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I'm an e-democracy consultant for UK-based company .

We've been working with government organisations over here for a while now, helping them to use the internet to better perform their public duties and to increase public interaction with decision-making.  We're now seeing an increasing need and opportunity for similar online engagement and personal interaction in the not-for-profit sector.

Part of my job is to work with not-for-profits, helping them to unlock their social capital, improve their communications and organisation with online tools.  I'm interested to see what other people are doing in this regard, what the trends, expectations and benefits are, what's new to web 2.0 and what's new to people trying to use these tools to good effect in the not-for-profit sector.  I don't like change for change's sake and think it's important that the emphasis always remains on usability, usefulness and benefit.

Net Tuesday Time Again

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It's Net Tuesday time again y'all with NetSquared Meetups in San Francisco and Houston on Tuesday, October 10th, and in Washington DC on Tuesday, October 17th. Check out the details below, or go to the NetSquared Meetup group at for more details, to RVSP, or to start a Net Tuesday in your town.

Come learn how your nonprofit or NGO can use digital storytelling or vlogging!

Tuesday, October 10th
6-8 PM

801 Minnesota St at 20th St. #08
San Francisco, CA 94107

Online Storytelling & Cause Marketing: An Interview with Jonah Sachs of Free Range Studios

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Hello Net2 blog readers!

I'm back from my 2-week trip to Peru which was awesome.

Before I left, I did an interview for my with Jonah Sachs, the Principal of , an advertising and marketing firm with offices in Washington DC and Berkeley, California that specializes in non-profits and socially responsible businesses. They created the award-winning film, about factory farming, and the hilarious film, about the importance of organic farming.

60 Seconds of Light Project: Attempting to Create an Internet-wide 9/11 Video Memorial

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We just launched our first campaign, 60 Seconds of Light-- an attempt to create an internet-wide video memorial for 9/11 next year.  Our hope is to get all vloggers and video content creators to take a break from their regularly scheduled content, and instead upload literally 60 seconds of light.  A candle burning.  A lighter lit.  A glowstick glowing.  Anything light filled that they feel honors the memory of those who were lost.

Although it is a year ahead,  we are hoping to get popular vloggers to sign-up now and place a graphical link on their site to promote the cause...and hopefully make this the largest memorial ever to commemorate September 11th.

You're Invited to a Code-A-Thon for Social Change on Oct 13-15th!

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invites you to the .  

The will lock up 100 programmers for 48 hours and see what kind of open source software can be written for non-profits!    Here's the reason behind the event.

The event takes place from October 13th at 6:00 p.m. to October 15th at 6:00 p.m. at in Austin, Texas. (Also looks like you can participate remotely)

You can check out who's coming and sign up .

Media Volunteer Center: Distributed Online Volunteerism

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Via a short blurb in the email newsletter from the good folks at

Distributed Online Volunteerism with

Pssst... want to see the future? Our friends over at / are about to launch a powerful new service which harnesses distributed research from a loose network of volunteers. Volunteers are quickly checking and verifying changes in media lists. The lists are an important tool used by folks communicating environmental messages through the media.

Michael Rogers Appointed First-Ever NY Times Co. "Futurist-in-Residence"

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According to an article in ,  Michael Rogers was appointed as the first-ever NY Times "Futurist-in-Residence."    Given his extensive background in online and new media innovations, his role will likely be to expand the paper's push toward more Web and other interactive operations.  

NpTech Tag Finds: Some Excellent How-Tos

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A quick trip through the 100 plus items captured in the since the weekend reveals some excellent advice about nonprofits can use blogging, podcasting, wireless networking, tagging and RSS effectively.  You'll find some new thinking as well as some old classics.  

Adoption of Web 2.0 Tools

From the comes a summary of a cross blog conversation about the lagging adoption of social networking tools.  The post is from Dave Pollard ("How To Save the World") and the is from David Wilcox, Designing for Civil Society.  Also found on Wiki That!, an interesting post called "?

Blog Communities and Events

Nancy White has written on the emerging patterns of blog based communities and raises some questions for their strategic application.  It is definitely a must-read.

Meanwhile, two interesting blog community collaborations took place this week in the nonprofit social web space.  

Nancy Schwartz of the blog hosted the .   The was organized by blogger Kivi Leroux Miller.

The nonprofit blog exchange hosted .   The event provides an opportunity for nonprofit bloggers to write a post about another nonprofit blogger participating in the event.  And, speaking of discovering new nonprofit bloggers, the nonprofit blog exchange blogroll is a great place to discover new nonprofit bloggers such as .


Holly Ross at N-TEN shares some how-to links before launching .   It features The Philadelphia Municipal Wireless Project and an interview with Greg Goldman and Karen Archer Perry.  For more on podcasting in the nonprofit space, check out .


And, speaking of wireless networking, the N-TEN blog has two excellent guest posts on the topic, Paul Lamb's and T.J. Rogers' .

was one of the tools used during the recent HumaniNet Sim Day.   Be sure to check out the annotated , and notes posted to the .


by Marshall Kirkpatrick posted on his Netsquared Blog is a classic.   If you happened to   the book,  by , you know that she talks about the skill of listening to leverage social media for social change.   Well, Marshall's informative piece tells precisely how to do that using RSS tools.   (And as a bonus check out 's entertaining on this topic at .)


Several blog posts tagged with the NPTECH tag this week, including an excellent multi-part blog post from on and    This is the second to experiment with .

CitizenSpeak Developer Named Winner of Nation's Top Public Interest Computing Award

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George Hotelling Named First Annual Winner of the New $10,000 Pizzigati Prize 

San Francisco, CA, September 25, 2006 — Tides Foundation today announced that the inaugural $10,000 Antonio Pizzigati Prize for Software in the Public Interest will go to George Hotelling for his development work on CitizenSpeak — a free email advocacy service for grassroots organizations.  


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