Conference presentations posted on the website

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Sorry that it's taken so long to get these up, but I'm finally getting these up. The presentations listed below are on the netsquared website. I expect to get the rest of them up next week. Please note that many speakers did not prepare a formal powerpoint presentation, so we don't have files to post for them.

  • David Lehr
  • Erik Sundelof

  • Andrew Aitken

  • Saori Fotenos

  • David Barnard
  • Partha Sarker

Bridging the on-line real-world gap: an interview with Ruby Sinreich of Netcentric Campaigns

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Ruby Sinreich is the Web Maven at , a division of . She is also the founder and editor of , a progressive multi-author blog about politics based in Chapel Hill, North Carolina. Previously, she was the Online Organizing Manager in the Public Policy Division of Planned Parenthood Federation of America.

Ruby and I talked in the following interview about Netcentric Campaigns and building an effective on-line strategy to support off-line, real world political organizing.

Call to Action: What Discussion Groups Would You Like on Net2?

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A while ago I created the as a place other than this blog, and , for people to chat it up about all things NetSquared and to collaborate.

That didn't really happen, so I put a poll up for the members of the Net2Builders group yesterday to ask whether or not I should take the group down.

My questions to you are:

What discussion groups would you like on the NetSquared site?
What form would they take? 
Do you like old style forums? 
Do you have some new-fangled online collaboration tool you'd like us to test out?

Let us know by commenting on this post or emailing net2 AT 

Facilitating Online Community: A Roundtable Discussion

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When I asked Partha Sarker from if I could interview him at the NetSquared conference, he suggested that we instead set up a round table discussion with a variety of people in attendance from around the world about their experiences in facilitating online community. I thought it was a great idea, and I hope you'll enjoy reading my summary of the discussion below as much as I enjoyed being present for it.

Participating were:

Partha Sarker, originally from Bangladesh, now living in Canada, a co-founder of the online organization and member of

Elissa Perry, from San Francisco's

Ahmed Ndaula, from Uganda's

Hong Eun Taek, Editor in Chief of the South Korea based

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answers the questions:

Where can I go to get rid of all this junk piled up in the corner of the garage?

Where can I go to donate food/goods/clothing to a good cause?

How am I going to spread the word about my charity drive?

You can either search on the site for a charity drive in your neighborhood within a 10, 25, 50 or 100 foot radius, or organize your own charity drive. They even provide a .

Netsquared Profile: Joseph Mouzon

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Joseph Mouzon, Executive Director of Nonprofit Services for , attended the Netsquared conference. He talks a bit about his organization, what he learned at the conference and what the future holds for his organization.


This video is part of NetSquared's video profile series. You can subscribe to with your favorite video catcher, such as , or .


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