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CivicSpace: Community Date on Maps-- on small part of a platform for Social Change

What if you could present virtually any data easily on the web? So easily that your average nonprofit employee could just upload a data file and have all the technical details worked out for them?

Generate crime maps to talk about why the police need to spend time in your neighborhood.

Zack Rosen shows us how its done today:

Pretty easy, but not quite to the level of simplicity to be useful to tens of thousands of organizations. This is the type of ease of use we are seeking to build into CivicSpace On Deamand-- hide all the Drupal power and complexity. READ MORE


Netsquared on Web Creme - Web Design Inspiration

While searching for more Netsquared badges and text links, I found out something interesting. Netsquared was listed on Web Creme as a site for web design inspiration in March. READ MORE


Writing Emails for Fundraising: The "Rules" Are a Bit Different

I won't rant about how much I like Madeline Stanionis' new book on Raising Money With Email (OK, maybe just a little), but I will recommend this free excerpt that was posted by Guidestar on the subject of Writing E-mails for Fundraising: The "Rules" Are a Bit Different from Your Other Communications READ MORE


Global information facilitating local solutions: an interview with Laura Bonenfant of the Post Carbon Institute

Laura Bonenfant is Communications Coordinator at Post Carbon Institute, an online think, education and action tank dedicated to assisting in the effort to Relocalize communities and adapt to an energy constrained world.

Post Carbon Institute and its projects and initiatives use Drupal to host blogs written by their supporters, syndicate off-site news, support networks of groups and share resources. READ MORE


Net2Builders Call to Action: Post Your Pix in Flickr

Each Wednesday I post a Call to Action on the Net2Builders group and to the Net2 blog so check it out and answer the call!

Some of you who are new to NetSquared don't know about our I Want Change Flickr group.

Members of the group have posted photos of themselves with a sign saying what they would like to change in our world. Here are a few sample signs.  As you can see, the topics range: READ MORE


Daniel Ben-Horin interviewed on Philanthropy News Digest

"In March, Philanthropy News Digest spoke with Daniel Ben-Horin, founder and president of CompuMentor, one of the largest nonprofit technology assistance organizations in the world, about the emergence of this so-called "social Web" and what nonprofits can and should do to tap its revolutionary potential...." 

See Philanthropy and the Next-Generation Web READ MORE


21 Bay Area Nonprofits Using the Social Web

I have been doing research lately to find Bay Area nonprofits that are using the social web so we can interview them for our vlog.  Thanks to folks tagging nonprofits' web sites with the tag "net2", organizations responding to my request for names, and my own research I have found 21:

Aspiration Tech  is using a blog, Flickr and RSS feeds.
Bay Area Vegetarians are using a Frappr map, RSS feeds and an iPod vegetarian guide.
Bay Area Writing Project has a blog as their homepage
Brainjams uses a blog as its homepage. You can see a video interview with them here.
Charity Focus has a blog.
Circle of Life has a blog.
De Young Museum has a podcast.
Electric Frontier Foundation has a blog.
Ella Baker Center for Human Rights uses MySpace to organize East Bay youth.
Green Museum has a wiki.
Interplast has a blog.  You can see an interview with them here.
Mother Jones Magazine has a blog and a podcast. uses RSS.
People's Grocery has a blog.
Rainforest Action Network has a blog and uses RSS.
RLG has a blog.
San Francisco Zoo has a podcast.
Sierra Club has two blogs.
SFMOMA has a podcast.
SMASHcast has a podcast and a blog.  You can read Marshall Kirkpatrick's interview with them here.
Urban Sprouts has a blog.  You can see a video interview with them here, and read Marshall's interview with them here.

If you know of other Bay Area nonprofits using blog, podcasts, vlogs, RSS feeds, social networking, social bookmarking and/or wikis, let me know.  If you have contact information for someone we can interview there, please email it to me at bbravo AT READ MORE


A Bird's Eye View of the Content Management Landscape

Do you dream of a Website that you can update with regular content?  Jeff Herron and Usha Venkatachallam of Beaconfire Consulting map out the landscape of Content Management Systems that can allow non-technical staff to update Websites.  This great article entitled A Bird's Eye View of the Content Managem READ MORE


Making Connections Online Through Blogs

 I just read an interesting article titled Blogging Connections: Real Life Meetings.

The article brings up two main points-

1) Bloggers are considered experts in their fields and many bloggers speak at events.

2) Many bloggers meet each other in person at blogging related events. They also meet each other at events not related to blogging.

Bloggers have already established a relationship with other bloggers. But when bloggers meet face to face, they are able to expand their relationship. These connections would have never happened without the blogging experience.



The Bad In Email (or Why We Need Collaboration Software)

This is a great article discussing some of the pitfalls that I often site for groups overusing Listservs for group work.

The Bad In Email (or Why We Need Collaboration Software)

EXCERPT: "Email is Silo'ed
The single worst trait of email is that it’s silo’ed.

What I mean by silo’ed is that email traps information into personalized, unsharable, unsearchable vacuums where no one else can access it - the Email Inbox. Think of your Email Inbox as a heavily fortified walled garden. Not mentioning the difficulties many have accessing their Email Inbox outside the corporate firewall, the Email Inbox contains a hodgepodge of business, personal and private information that most people do not want to share with others.  " READ MORE