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One of the best analyses of the Social Web - now accessible to everybody!!

Thanks to a tip from Tim (thank you, Tim!) who went back and tried the links, we all know now the articles were finally made public. Andreas Kluth, the writer, told me that he pushed for changing the rules as well. Glad we all succeeded! Now go and read!



Podcast Transcription Software


Given that the Net2Learn theme of the week is Podcasting for Nonprofits, I've got a podcasting question for you.  What is an affordable, not extremely complicated, effective transcription software that can be used to transcribe digital audio files?   Not only do I selfishly want this information for my own podcast, I see it as a key tool for nonprofits who want to use podcasts. 

For example, I belong to the CyberVPM (Volunteer Program Manager) Yahoo Group.  I recently posted a message on it saying that people should listen to this great interview on the 501c3cast with Susan Ellis of Energize Inc.  One of the members, Tech Soup superstar, Jayne Cravens, wrote in response that the interview: READ MORE


Send Me an Odeo

 Send Me A Message

The newest This Week in NeSquared News is up on the NetSquared Odeo channel and it includes an audio comment from a listener, Mike Seyfang.  If you would like to send us an audio comment, either, send the mp3 to me at bbravo AT (if I can, I will include it in the next week's podcast), or post it it on the bottom of the page for one recording, or hit the "Send Me an Odeo" badge above. READ MORE


Net2Learn Theme of the Week: Podcasting for nonprofits

Check out the new Theme of the Week over on Net2Learn: Podcasting for nonprofits & ngos. This resource center provides a crash course in podcasting for nonprofits, including an explanation of podcasting technology and tools as well as great tips for using podcasts to help your nonprofit. If you've been thinking about using podcasting your nonprofit, the podcasting for Nonprofits resource center can walk you through the process. If you're already a podcaster, the case studies and links can offer you further inspiration. READ MORE


Are you a NetSquared Webcast Party Planner?

If you would like to attend, or even better plan, a NetSquared gathering in your city on May 30th that would feature webcasts of the NetSquared Conference, let us know by filling out the NetSquared/Web Conference Survey and passing it on to other non-profits and technology practitioners in your community.

If there's enough community interest, we'll create a fund to cover the costs of renting space for local NetSquared gatherings that have at least 25 committed participants, and look for a webcasting sponsor.



Conference Participation Online

I would really like to help with participating in this conference virtually somehow. I am not sure if it would be different topics/thems from the conference or not, but I think there are ways we can do something virtually during the actual conference.


  •  Post schedule/list of topics being discussed at the conference. Describe what the sessions will be about. That way we can post blog entries about our thoughts about these topics. It can either be posted before or after it takes place at the conference.
  • I like to read text. Post handouts and presentations. Link to websites that are discussed. Write blog entries to keep us updated with what was discussed.
  • Even though I am not big on podcasting or videos, there are others who would like to see those.
  • Have one of the live bloggers (or someone else) during the session post an entry on here about what session they are at.
  • If the topics are posted ahead of time, we can post blog entries with our thoughts. Have someone check the blog entries on here to share with that session.
  • Encourage participants to blog about their experience.
  • Post pictures on Flickr.
  • Create a Frappr map for participants at conference and others who wish they could be there.
  • Create another blog similiar to this conference discussion blog. (where we use a tag)



Registration's full: how it happened, and what we're doing

If you go to the conference registration page today, you'll see something pretty surprising:

  • Thanks to overwhelming demand, the NetSquared conference is already full.
  • We're maintaining a waiting list, but we expect few spaces will become available, if any.
  • We're launching an all-out effort to broaden participation for those who can't attend, with online tools and offline gatherings.

We filled up way, way more quickly than we expected. And just a few years ago, this post (and our options) would probably end right there. READ MORE


One of the best analyses of the social web- but you can't read it

Ironic- that's probably the best way to describe the situation.

There's this really, really fantastic article by Andreas Kluth of The Economist (actually, it's a series of "surveys") about all aspects of the social web, such as Wikis, blogging etc etc. And I love it because it's entertaining, educational, intelligent, thought-provoking, inspiring - all the good things that journalism should be.  And I can't share it with you because it's subscription only content. READ MORE


Legal Guides for Podcasters and Bloggers

Got an email from the Yahoo podcasting group that Creative Commons has published a Podcasting Legal Guide to complement Electric Frontier Foundation's Legal Guide for Bloggers.

As much as the social web is about transparency, building community and sharing link "love", it doesn't hurt to know your own and other's rights, so give 'em a gander. READ MORE




Laura Scott has an interesting post on Blogher about wikis and the launch of Congresspedia, the "citizen's encyclopedia on Congress".  It's a project of the Center for Media and Democracy and the Sunlight Foundation, and is part of the SourceWatch wiki. SourceWatch documents, "public relations firms, think tanks, industry-funded organizations and industry-friendly experts that work to influence public opinion and public policy on behalf of corporations, governments and special interests." READ MORE