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Greetings. My name is Brian Satterfield, and I'm's resident staff writer. At the conference next week, I'll be notetaking at various sessions, hopefully conducting interviews with a few of the speakers, and roving the floor to ask conference attendees three Web 2.0-related questions, for later publication in a TechSoup article.

Looking forward to meeting everyone. READ MORE

Karin Jervert

OK, I think I need some help on this!

OK, I've spent some time on this today and come up with a hodge podge of framented thoughts about how a blog would be PERFECT for my organization, but I'm still worried the people I need to reach won't get what I get. We have great programming that could translate well into a blog, I just have to figure out how to get these people to get as excited about this as I am, and thats hard because they aren't nearly as 'into it' as I am. They're going to need some convincing. So, I'm asking for some help from whoever's out there and knows some tips about this, how do you transform a completely offline organization into an organization with an online presence and how do you convince offline people to want to get online? READ MORE


Share Your Opinions with TechSoup

As part of our coverage of the NetSquared Conference, TechSoup's editorial team -- with tape recorder and camera in hand -- plans to walk up to attendees and ask for their answers to some Web 2.0-related questions. We will take those answers and photos and publish them in an article on TechSoup.

So get ready: We may be approaching you at some point during the two-day event to ask you the following questions... READ MORE


Social Networking for Nonprofits

Both MySpace and Friendster have the potential to be successful with nonprofits. In fact, I have already seen some nonprofits use these websites. MySpace is more popular and nonprofits have more of a presence there.

How can these sites work for nonprofits?

  • Profiles - Create an account for your organization, issue related to your mission, or campaign. Members will be able to add you as a friend. Include information about your organization, issue, or campaign. Provide a link to your website address.
  • Blogs - You can create a blog with your account. Even if you have another blog, you should still consider creating a blog to reach the younger audience. Include information related to news, how to get involved, and other related topics.
  • Groups- Create a group for your organization, issue related to your mission, or campaign. Both sites have a Nonprofit category and have many groups already listed. A group will allow you to have discussions about various topics.

Examples from MySpace READ MORE


It Starts With Motivation

Literacy education must start with the motivation to read and write, and motivation can only come when students value the content and want to consume it and share it with others. 

For youth everywhere, valuable content revolves around tales of themselves, the doings of their peers, and the collective favorites (TV shows, movies, songs, bands, etc). For poor, urban, at-risk youth who have fallen through the cracks of the educational system, media-savvy nevertheless makes them confident and conversant in soap-opera storytelling, "lights, camera, action" movie metaphors, and tinkering with digital media recorders of all types.

As a panelist on video and illiteracy, I'll show how the project Vamos Blogar motivates youth in the favelas of Rio to read and write by teaching them how to create multimedia blogs.

But, is motivation enough? Does video blogging about soccer really make you read and write better? Is video accessible to poor, urban, at-risk youth in a way that scales? How long can video-induced motivation last? Join us to discuss these questions and more. READ MORE


A couple of thoughts on libraries

Thanks for all the comments,  sounds like there will be some other participants who are also either working in libraries or aware of the issues going on in the profession!  I should add a disclaimer of sorts,  while I mentioned the university that I work for, I won't be participating in the conference as their representative. I'm here on my own time/dime because I'm interested in the issues and technologies, especially because libraries continue to find themselves pulled further into the larger digital environment that keeps evolving and changing. So my thoughts and comments are representative of myself and and not my employer. READ MORE


Erika Block's Intro

Hello Net2 Folks -
I'm looking forward to the conference - and to Wine Camp
beforehand. I'll be participating as a volunteer blogger.

I'm a director, producer and playwright who's worked in the U.S., Great Britain
and South Africa. My creative practice focuses on visual and physical
performance, community-building, interactivity and cultural exchange.

For the past 3 years my company, Walk &
Squawk Performance Project
, has been working on the href="">Walking
Project, an exploration of


Greetings from Vermont

After 22 years in the world of free speech, public access TV and community media, it is fantastic to advance the discussion about how to make sure media and communications serves the public interest. Our tool kits used to include video cameras, cable TV channels and computer terminals. Today, the challenge is sorting through all of the possibilities of web 2.0 and beyond. But the bedrock of all this electronic networking is HUMAN network building and I am looking forward to beginning and continuing relationships with many of you during the net squared experience. All of the projects we operate in Burlington Vermont (government access channel, community technology center and video production unit) are built on the essential ADVOCACY work necessary to keep networks open and access available. READ MORE


Welcome to Free & Low Cost Wireless - Beyond Coffee House Loitering

Welcome to our panel on using wireless broadband to connect our communities. If you are ready to declare your telecommunications independence, come and find out how to move beyond coffeehouse connectivity. Most of us complain about the poor service and high prices of the phone and cable companies. We believe that there is no real competition or alternative. The good news is: IT IS POSSIBLE to bypass the major telecommunications companies that now control both networks and content. We CAN work in our communities to set up wireless networks that are connected by national, publicly owned networks. READ MORE


Participants please put yourselves on the map

Net Squared Community Builder Britt Bravo has set up a map for community members to mark our locations on. If you are coming to the conference or are otherwise interested in connecting with the Net Squared community - you can click here to view or add to the Net Squared world map. READ MORE