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Conversation about Nonprofit Wed Design - Last Minute Invite?

I apologize for the last minute offer but I’d like to invite anyone who has been involved with web design or web site communications for nonprofits to join in a discussion about nonprofit web design for my podcast that I will be publishing shortly.  I had planned for three participants to join a “forum” discussion on the topic via a Skype conference call. One person has cancelled at the last minute and I’d like to have more people contribute.  A few questions that I have presented to the other participants so far are:

1) What are some considerations that organizations promoting social change should keep in mind when designing their public website? READ MORE


What about Internet access?

In many areas high bandwidth Internet access is unavailable or cost-prohibitive. How do you plan to deal with this issue? READ MORE


Flickr Pic: A Compassionate Family for Every Child


A little shout out to a new Net2Builder who posted her Flickr Pic on our I Want Change Flickr group.  Patricia is a social worker who is currently Vice President of a large child welfare agency in New Britain, CT, Klingberg Family Centers.  You can check out her blog, Trauma Treatment for Children at READ MORE


Helpalot survey - to help you find your charity

For the Helpalot project I have set up a survey. I'd like to encourage everyone that's involved in charities in one way or another, to fill in this survey. Your knowledge is valuable.

Let me quickly explain the project:

It's a website with the goal to make you find your charity. The site uses social network aspects to create quality information. You can have a personal page that states what charities you support, also you can read, write and rate evaluations and much more. READ MORE


This Week in NetSquared News is Up for Your Listening Pleasure

Show number 12 is up, which means we've been doing This Week in NetSquared News for about three months now.  Let me know if there are things you'd like to hear in the "news" 'cause you know, we're making it for you.

This week's show has a few quick updates about all things NetSquared, followed by Eddie Codel’s interviews with Schlomo Rabinowitz, organizer of Vloggercon & Micki Krimmel, Director of Internet Outreach for Participant Productions. READ MORE


We are legit!

I just came across this interesting website that lists all kinds of Web2.0 services and tools. And guess what, we are listed in the Social Networking category. Not really where I would put us, but it's a start.

Does this make us "legit?" Did we need to be made "legit?" I don't know, but it kinda makes me feel proud to see us there, next to 43 things, Friendster and LinkedIn.

It's definitely a cool site to poke around and learn more about the ever-evolving world of the social web. READ MORE


Net2Learn Theme of the Week: tagging and social bookmarking for nonprofits

Check out the new Theme of the Week over on Net2Learn: Tagging and Social Bookmarking for nonprofits. This resource center provides a crash course in tagging and bookmarking for nonprofits, including an explanation of tagging and bookmarking tools (like & flickr) as well as great tips for using tagging and bookmarks to help your nonprofit. 

And whether you're a newbie or an experienced tagging guru with hundreds of bookmarks to your credit, we hope you'll share the insights and resources that have helped you along the way. Join the tagging & bookmarking for nonprofits resource center and you'll be able to add your ideas to our feature on getting started with tagging and bookmarking; or add your favorite resources to our collection of weblinks. And even if you haven't joined the resource center team, you'll be able to add your comments to our forum discussions on how to use tags to collaborate with other nonprofit groups. READ MORE


Video Profile: Micki Krimmel

Micki Krimmel, Director of Internet Outreach for Participant Productions, talks about involving online community, affiliated nonprofit organizations and direct action in the social change film world.

Video Profile: Micki Krimmel

This video is part of NetSquared's video profile series. You can subscribe to this RSS feed with your favorite video catcher, such as iTunes, Democracy or FireAnt. READ MORE


Topics for Blog Entries

What if bloggers were given a topic related to the net2 conference to write about on their blog? Bloggers could write about this topic during the days of the conference or even during that week.



New speakers: Tantek Çelik, Adam Frey, Tara Hunt, David Lehr + Chris Vein

We're thrilled to add the following presenters for the NetSquared conference:

Check out our full speaker list here! READ MORE