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Karin Jervert

Starting out...

I guess I will introduce myself and my organization. I'm the Associate Director of the Puffin Cultural Forum, a gallery performance space in Teaneck NJ. Our mission is generally to nurture the arts in the area and bring challenging programming to the community. We have music performances, fine art exhibits, author interviews, workshops and much more. We're a pretty busy space for sure.

I just started here about two years ago after graduating from Rutgers University with a degree in communication. I was hired to maintain the website, assist the program director, manage press relations and make the coffee. READ MORE


There are more podcasted radio shows than radio stations in the world

This is just one of the interesting tidbits of information in this SF Chronicle article on Adam Curry. Interesting thoughts on Curry's quest and opinions about taking podcasting mainstream. READ MORE


yo yo

mattwhat's up? i'm coming from ATL, from an organization called the Southeast Community Research Center. we're a social change organization that provides technical assistance and CBPR training to community-based organizations in the South, mostly those working in Environmental Justice. my background is in public health, and i kind of got thrown into the tech world at this organization because it was needed. i was interested in it too. so, i've been learning recently about all the new tools and strategies for using the web for social change. my experience is in popular education, public health, and community-based participatory research. i train capoeira too! i'm definitely interested in learning about how to use new tools, seeing what has worked for others and challenging ourselves to continually question the issues surrounding access. if we do not incorporate everyone, then we are just fooling ourselves, exchanging one form of oppression for another.  READ MORE


Popular Education Approach

This is the same issue that organizers and participatory change agents have been attempting to address for years. The simple answer is that the tools alone are insufficient. Access alone is insufficient. As a tangent, the question of access needs to be addressed. There are still hoards of people, especially here in the South that have niether connection to the web nor computers. 

A popular education approach has been shown to be the most effective. Paulo Freire is the most often cited Pop Ed author. His approach is about engaging in a dialogue to essentially understand the culture of the community and their motivations. Using those cultural relics and motivations, one can then introduce new material (i.e., a new tool) with which they can express their knowledge. Successful implementations of this approach result in phenomenol achievements of empowerment, gained shared knowledge by all participants (community and outsider), and genuine steps towards social change. READ MORE


Mashups for EJ

I'm definitely interested in learning more about the ability of mashups to forward the social change agenda. Our organization provides technical assistance to social change community-based organizations, especially those working in environmental justice. There is a ton of data available, for example through, the EPA, and the Right-to-know network. It would be interesting to see the different ways to reconfigure this data. does this already in one way, but mashups, i think, could offer another way to go about doing it. READ MORE


Ears Open. Mouth Closed

What am I bringing to the conference?  Open ears.  Open mind.  Closed mouth.  Okay.  I won't keep my mouth closed for the whole time, but I intend to do a lot more active listening than monologuing.  I'll do the monologue here:

What else will I bring?  Some book knowledge of the Millennial generation and a little experience in marketing to them in a higher education setting.

My experience? I have a little volunteer experience.  Some experience in building and maintaining online communities.  Some experience enabling citizen journalism (circa 1997).  Some exeperience in the .Gov world; some in the .Edu world.  I have ZERO experience in real programming, but I've been living and working online since 1993. READ MORE


Check out this cool site,  They monitor ICT policies that affect women around the world.  You can browse the site by issues that interest you (i.e. education, health, cultural diversity), or by the part of the world that interests you (Africa, Latin America, Europe, Asia Pacific).  They also have site guides tailored to Beginners and Policy MakersREAD MORE


How do people with disabilities use Web 2.0?

OK, I know, I should have been paying attention earlier.  If I wanted accessibility sessions I had my chance to suggest themes, questions and topics...right?  But as I look through the sessions for the latest in accessible blogging tools, content management systems, fundraising software, do I really find....nothing?! absolutely nothing about accessibility?

Nothing on accessibility at the coolest nonprofit tech conference ever? 

How could that be?  I admit that I am a bit cocooned.  I spend 90% of my time with people who know tons about accessibility...people like John Slatin, Jim Thatcher, Molly Holzschlag, Kelsey Ruger, Glenda Sims... or with people who want to know more about accessibility, like the participants in AIR programs, Access-U and CalWAC. But am I really so sheltered? so deluded?  Does the rest of the world really care about access to the web for 55 million Americans and 750 million people worldwide...not at all?! READ MORE


Must we get together to get things done?

The NetTuesday group in Houston met on Monday, actually. Our local NetSquared MeetUp  heard from Knowbility's Kelsey Ruger, an extraordinary thinker about the power of technology to bring about social change. Katie Laird blogged it. 

Many in the Houston Net Tuesday Meetup have noticed that Kelsey serves as a kind of human bridge between innovative groups of social activists, including the NetSquared group; Refresh Houston - a collection of accessibility and standards experts; and AIR-Houston - the annual accessible web design contest that benefits dozens of nonprofits from the greater Houston area. READ MORE


WineCamp Message from Tara Hunt on Net2 Podcast

This Week in NetSquared News is up on the NetSquared Odeo Channel for your listening pleasure. 

Make sure you listen to the end to hear Tara Hunt's WineCamp message.