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Video Profile: JD Lasica

JD Lasica is the Executive Director and co-founder of, the nonprofit video and audio hosting community. JD talks a bit about how OurMedia empowers people to create their own media.

Video Profile: JD Lasica

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Google Trends Labs Search

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NTEN Email Survey-- take a moment

Shape the big picture of the Certified Email Debate!  Help us discover how paying for email delivery would impact your organization and the sector by taking a brief survey:

AOL and Yahoo! have recently announced plans to utilize Goodmail's CertifiedEmail program. The announcement has generated controversy, both within the general Internet community and amongst nonprofit emailers. An Open Letter signed by groups including, Democracy in Action, and the EFF criticized the plan for creating a two-tiered Internet, with poorer service for those who did not pay the "email tax." An announcement by AOL that nonprofits would be offered free accreditation services did not end the protests. At the same time, organizations such as the American Red Cross have welcomed the Goodmail system as a way to avoid the phishing attacks and fraud in which well-known organiza tions such as the Red Cross have been targeted. READ MORE


Net2Builders Call to Action: Write for the Net2 Blog

Each Wednesday I post a Call to Action on the Net2Builders group and to the Net2 blog so check it out and answer the call!  READ MORE


YouTube for political candidates

The video sharing service YouTube is everywhere. After showing almost a million people the Colbert Bush roast before C-Span demanded they remove the video from their site, this week the company announced they would be accepting video uploads from cell phones and other mobile devices. Bloglines announced today that they would be adding flash-support so you can watch things like YouTube videos directly in your feed reader. I know there are critiques of YouTube and alternatives to it - but it's got a whole lot of momentum right now.

But this is the coolest YouTube news I've seen so far today. A video like this can be spread by clicking on the YouTube logo on the bottom right, then copying the embed code from the site onto your web page of choice. This has a lot of potential.

This via Jason Calacanis of AOL. READ MORE


Internet Access

How do you plan to deal with the problem of expensive internet access? READ MORE


SF Net Tuesday Recap

We had a nice time last night at our mellow SF Net Tuesday  chatting about all things NetSquared and WineCamp.  We even had two out of town guests.  Steve from Woodstock, NY, and Timothy from the Acceleration Studies Foundation in Atlanta, GA, who stopped by to find out what NetSquared and WineCamp are all about. READ MORE


Conversation about Nonprofit Wed Design - Last Minute Invite?

I apologize for the last minute offer but I’d like to invite anyone who has been involved with web design or web site communications for nonprofits to join in a discussion about nonprofit web design for my podcast that I will be publishing shortly.  I had planned for three participants to join a “forum” discussion on the topic via a Skype conference call. One person has cancelled at the last minute and I’d like to have more people contribute.  A few questions that I have presented to the other participants so far are:

1) What are some considerations that organizations promoting social change should keep in mind when designing their public website? READ MORE


What about Internet access?

In many areas high bandwidth Internet access is unavailable or cost-prohibitive. How do you plan to deal with this issue? READ MORE


Flickr Pic: A Compassionate Family for Every Child


A little shout out to a new Net2Builder who posted her Flickr Pic on our I Want Change Flickr group.  Patricia is a social worker who is currently Vice President of a large child welfare agency in New Britain, CT, Klingberg Family Centers.  You can check out her blog, Trauma Treatment for Children at READ MORE