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Daniel's intro

Daniel Ben-Horin just finished giving the opening to the NetSquared conference.

He articulated this as the key question and statement to shape the next two days:what if hr could be mobilized? -- Imagine the difference we could make!

He gave us a nice definition of the social web (as opposed to the buzzword term 'web2.0'): the social web is 'the adaptation of internet tools for human interaction, communication and activism.' And he went on to underscore the idea that it's this need for interaction and communication that has brought us all here this week. Here here!  READ MORE


Checking in

Tag this "commuting." Arrived, surprisingly, on time for the pre-NetSquared conference orientation for volunteer bloggers. Any trip down the peninsula from the city<!--break--> during normal commute hours reminds me that I should NEVER complain about the 12 to 25 minute drive that gets me to and from <a xhref="">Galileo</a> everyday. Now if only I could convince Gary to let me bicycle in the city. <p>Morning will be plenary sessions including Howard Rheingold (How long ago did I subscribe to Co-Ev Quarterly?) and Dan READ MORE


Choosing a platform for networking: an interview with Deborah Elizabeth Finn

Watch this space for more interviews with conference attendees throughout the next two days!

Deborah Elizabeth Finn is a Massachusetts based independent consultant who helps bridge the gap between "distraught technophic social workers" and technology. One of her current projects is consulting with the Massachusetts Council of Human Service Providers on their selection of a CMS/CRM (Content Management System/Customer Relationship Management) system vendor. Deborah is helping the organization make their selection and will then help the chosen vendor and the Council build a solid working relationship.

The Council released a Request for Proposals for the project that was crafted to include key hooks for the Open Source community and descriptions of the module types sought. They are also considering proprietary software if they determine that it best meets their needs.

Deborah hopes that a quality CMS/CRM system for the state's human service providers' association will be a showcase that can help the effort to build a state wide association of all nonprofit organizations generally.

For more information about Deborah's work, you can visit READ MORE


Information Barter, and disruption

I just submitted this as a question to Howard Rheingold for the session on disruption.

Listed here for anyone to comment on Information Barter.

  • Given that empowerment of disempowered people is a positive disruptive force;
  • Given that everyone knows something (for example, the local rural bus timetable);
  • Given that it is empowering to share what you know, to have others value your knowledge;
  • Given that people value things more if the things (including information) are not provided free;

Then what about information barter? - the process where information is traded for other information.

The CyberInstitute is adding to the “cornucopia of the commons” with online information for small businesses in developing countries, and investigating the use of information barter. READ MORE


Rescued by Nonprofit Open Source Software Man!


We thought we'd get the early bus -- we were up anyway from jetlag.  Unfornately, the bus driver left us off at the wrong building.  It was almost a mile or so down the road.  We started walking and luckily David stopped and offered us a ride! READ MORE


Zac Mutrux Introduction

A freelance technology manager, I am a member of the Tech Underground, a workers' collective serving nonprofit organizations in the San Francisco Bay Area. Formerly a consultant with CompuMentor's TechCommons, I host the wireless forum on the Community Discussions. 





Let them eat cake!


Daniel Ben-Horin welcomed us to the reception last night.  He warned us not to eat the cake as being nonprofit they were only rented!  No, seriously - eat the cake.  There was a chocolate, chocolate cake with the net2 logo.  I ate the first bite of the first piece of this one .. yum.

But the cake that created the most buzz in this reception was the HP cake - see the logo in strawberries.  It was fantastic! READ MORE


Dinner Before the Opening Reception at Netsquared

AgentHandy Erin Denny organized a pre-conference dinner to talk about how nonprofits can use social networking tools.   We had a great conversation about that with Ed, Bob, Dmitri, and Lucy.  Bob took notes with his portable keyboard and PDA -- hopefully he will blog the notes.

We attempted to exchange business cards with beaming, but unfortunately our devices would not talk to one another!

One cool thing I learned about that which does transcription of your recorded audio and returns it to you in an RSS feed so you can post it. (Ed told me about it.)   He explained the work flow: READ MORE


Hip to be 'Squared'

BG.headshotHi I'm Bennett Grassano, CompuMentor's Director of Insitutional Development.  I've been on the inside of Netsquared from time to time, but I've somehow managed to avoid it's blogospheric vortex until now. Since my title often confuses people much smarter than me, I should tell you that, although I've punched the clock as a Web Developer in the past, most of the "Development" I do these days is program and fundraising development for CompuMentor and TechSoup. The "Institutions" I work with are primarily foundations like the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation or the W.K. Kellogg Foundation. At a certain point I realized that I'm much more fluent in the English language than I'll ever be in PHP or Ruby--hence the slight change in title over the years. READ MORE


WineCamp quick report

There's more to come, but here's a quick look at what happened this weekend prior to NetSquared.  My blog entry also links to aggregated tags where you should be able to find other report backs.  And of course, always feel free to corner anyone who looks tanned, a little fried and really happy (as opposed to the ones who are fried, happy and but slighly more pale - those are the CompuMentor folks who've been working through the night to make NetSquared happen...)