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PANDA SOFTWARE INTERNATIONAL, SPAIN PRESENTS THE MOST PRESTIGIOUS AWARD ‘INTERNATIONAL SOLIDARITY INITIATIVE PANDA IT AID, 2006  TO GOODWILL SOCIAL WORK CENTRE, MADURAI, INDIA Goodwill social work centre, an Indian NGO based at Madurai,India has been declared as one of  four  the winners of “Panda IT Aid”, Panda Software International, Spain(). The other organisations are Save the Children (with a pan-European project),Spain,  Fundación Braille (Uruguay) and Paideia (Paraguay). These four winning projects were selected from 15 finalists through a vote held among all the employees of the Panda Group across 56 countries.

Volunteers are need for Wikimania 2006: Cambridge, MA, USA - August 4th-6th

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This is a terrific for anyone who cares about knowledge in the or online .  The following is my of the :

, the 2nd annual international meetup and conference of the , will be held August 4-6th, 2006, on the campus in .

The conference will feature presentations from , , , , , and ; along with some of the most active contributors to , , , and the .  Presenters and attendees will discuss the present and future of ; the dynamics of and related communities; publishing and verification of information; and technical updates and hacking.

will be a chance to meet the people behind one of the extraordinary successes of the internet - a volunteer .  For community members, it will be a chance to meet fellow , learn about what's happening today, and discuss current issues and the future of the projects.

For others, will be a once-in-a-lifetime chance to participate in shaping the future of and production generally.

All sorts of are needed.  If you're interested in getting involved, please go to the , or send at email to wikimania-info @ wikimedia . org.

Islamic Aid - Vision, Mission and Values

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Our Identity - who we are:

Islamic Aid is an international relief and development agency dedicated to help alleviate poverty and suffering in the world’s poorest communities.

Our Vision - for change:

We seek a world where poverty, injustices and suffering have been overcome and people live in dignity and security.

Mixed Reality for Nervous Nonprofit Novices

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Here's a great new item for the :  "mixed-reality event."  When I first saw this term, I thought, "Hey, isn't that what occurs whenever any two sentient beings interact?"

However, it turns out that according to , ."  For example, a mixed-reality event can take place simultaneously in and .

On , there will be a mixed-reality that should be fascinating for all of us who are interested in .

In the mix will be:


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 I work & live in NYC. I have a variety of interests (local & national politics, health, faith based, computers, web etc).

I currently work as a field marketing rep for a non profit org in NYC. I would like the opportunity to do more in terms of community relations & event planning / advertising.


Putting the social web into action against violence: an interview with Clare-Marie White of Never Again International

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Clare-Marie White is the communications coordinator of , an international network that aims to alert the international community to both the causes and effects of genocide and facilitate the exchange of ideas between young people - those who have lived through genocide and those who wish to learn from them. (See their on Net2)

This group is very innovative and is really trying to leverage new communication technologies - the main page of their web page is a wiki! Wikis are web sites that any authorized user can edit, where all previous versions are viewable and notification of changes can be subscribed to.

In the following interview I asked Clare-Marie White about Never Again's use of new tools and she emphasized that new users have to be introduced appropriately.

Wossup with conference Podcasts?

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Hey Team - I know its been a big hassle to get audio from the conference out but something seems to be broken with the Odeo channel you are using:

In iTunes I can see two episodes about 'Open Source Computing for People' but cannot 'get' the .mp3.

So I went to odeo, found your 'channel', found those episodes and got a wierd error page:

Jose the director of the new National Clandestine Service says you do not have permission to view this page.

Wufoo makes online forms easy

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Some readers here may know that I've started writing over at the Web 2.0 review site . One new service that I wrote about this week stood out as something that could be very useful for nonprofits. It's called and it's an easy way to make online forms that can be inserted into your web page or used as separate pages. It is very flexible and honestly takes very little technical knowledge.


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