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Podcasting Workshop in SF

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To do in SF this weekend: HOWTO Podcast workshop

My NPR News colleague Stacy Bond shares word that San Francisco-based AudioLuxe will be holding another podcasting workshop this weekend. Some blogosphere pals attended the last edition, and all the reviews I heard came back enthusiastically positive. Stacy 'splains:

We're holding another Content Crash Course this weekend, April 22nd and 23rd. We’re doing them monthly now. This time around, Tom Krymkowski – a stellar mixing engineer who works on a couple of rather well-known SF podcasts and travels around the country with NPR’s Next Generation Radio – will handle the technical side of the class; he’ll cover things like setting up a mix and choosing a good mic.

As usual, I’ll cover the content stuff: writing for the ear, booking hot guests, streamlining the production process and so on.


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Public Libraries Make the Virtual Leap

 From the New World Notes blog, take a look at how libraries are now using Secondlife:

Friday, April 21,  8:00AM - 9:00AM: Getting Along with IT staff for Librarians and Educators.  Rain Noonan hosts this unique event, featuring an appearance by the ITS Director of the Kansas City Public Library.  "This session covers the basics of how to jump communication hurdles between techies and non-technical staff," Noonan posts.  "For VOIP, go to
type your name and click enter. Minimize window. If you do not have a microphone, you can ask questions via text chat."  Part of the Librarian's Continuing Education Seminar Series, from the Johnson County Library. READ MORE


Yahoo! implicated in third cyberdissident trial

Here's an article which demonstrates the impact of the read/write web.... 

EXCERPT: "“Reporters Without Borders has obtained a copy of the verdict in the case of Jiang Lijun, sentenced to four years in prison in November 2003 for his online pro-democracy articles, showing that Yahoo ! helped Chinese police to identify him.

It is the third such case, following those of Shi Tao and Li Zhi, proving the implication of the American Internet company.

The verdict, made available and translated into English by the human rights group, the Dui Hua Foundation, can be downloaded below. READ MORE


Lookin' for Some Volunteer Bloggers, Session Monitors, Photographers & IRC Hosts

The NetSquared Conference is coming up and I'm looking for some volunteers to be live bloggers, session monitors, photographers and IRC hosts in exchange for a 50% discount off of the registration fee. 

If you're interested, download the application in the middle of this page and email it to me by April 26th.

We only have a limited number of volunteer positions, so please don't be sad if we can't fit you in.  We'll most likely have a waiting list.
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Simon Pavitt Answers The Four Questions


Simon Pavitt of Headware in Sheffield, England has taken a moment to answer our Four Questions.

In answer to our first question,"What's *really* new on the Web, as opposed to buzzwords and soundbites?" he writes,

small things.

like the fact that I can get an email asking 'is there anybody doing nonprofit technology in blah?', set-up a map allowing people to plot themselves and create a copy of it on my website, all in one evening while watching something on TV.


Net2Builders Call to Action: Tag Bay Area Nonprofits Using the Social Web

Every Wednesday I post a Call to Action on our Net2Builders group and to the Net2 blog so check it out, and answer the call!

We would like to do some video interviews with Bay Area nonprofits who are using blogs, podcasts, vlogs, RSS feeds, social networking, social bookmarking, aggregation and/or wikis in their work.

If you know of nonprofits using these tools, would you either send me the URL, and if you know it, the contact info. for someone who works there, OR tag it "net2", and I'll catch it in the Net2 news aggregator. READ MORE



Rob Hof at Business Week  used this nice word to describe the explosive growth of the blogosphere, according  to the latest Technorati report.

It made me wonder: how many of the currently 35.3 million blogs are nonprofit blogs? And how do we increase this number (besides continuing to do what we already are doing)? And how to we make sure our voices get heard if the noise gets louder? READ MORE


Word of Blog

join We've got one of our snazzy badges up on Word of Blog, a web site that helps organizations promote their work by hosting downloadable badges and their HTML code, for FREE!

So, nonprofits and social change organizers, submit your badges, and bloggers, raise awareness about an issue you care about by posting a badge on your site. READ MORE


Video Profile: Raines Cohen

Raines Cohen is a board member of the Cohousing Association of the United States. He tells us a bit about what cohousing is all about, why it rocks and how you can get involved. 

Video Profile: Raines Cohen

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Learn How to Use Social Networking Applications in Your Nonprofit


Just a reminder that April 19th and 20th Tech Soup will be hosting a free, two-day online event about Using Social Networking Applications at Your Nonprofit.

The discussion will be  hosted by Chris Law, co-founder of, Neal Gorenflo, Director of Business Development for, Alex Mouldovan, founder of and John Lorance, Associate Director of CompuMentor's TechCommons program, and will feature representatives from, and others.

You'll learn stuff like how to promote your organization's services through a social networking application and how an online social network can help your organization find volunteers and raise funds. READ MORE