Netsquared Profile: Joseph Mouzon

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Joseph Mouzon, Executive Director of Nonprofit Services for , attended the Netsquared conference. He talks a bit about his organization, what he learned at the conference and what the future holds for his organization.


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Berkman Island on Second Life: Avatars on Avatar Marketing

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(Click through to the larger version to read the poster)

I've been going to meetings on at the TechSoup area in where and Second Life have been busy working on some exciting plans spearheaded by Susan Tenby of .   (Next meeting is Friday at 10:30 a.m. PST at the TechSoup Office).

So, I volunteered some time to work with Emily Commerce and  Lyre Calliope on researching and compiling the nonprofit directory on Second Life - which is not an easy thing do for a newbie avatar because my skills are still very basic, but easy because there aren't a lot of nonprofits on SL quite yet. 

So, I was delighted to discover that Harvard's will have a presence in Second Life.  There is an event taking place on Friday on topic of "" as a conversation between avatars moderated by Ansible Berkman.   You can read the details from Wagner James Au's Blog.

I immediately teleported to Berkman Island today to see if what the place looked like and ran right into Ansible Berkman.   I reserved my seat.  As I ran snapping my tourist photo of the poster for my learning journal (which I keep on ), Ansible mentioned that uploading Second Life snapshots on Flickr is controversal.  He pointed me to this .

If anyone has been following my lately, they will notice perhaps a few dozen Second Life snapshots in my 2,000 or so RL ("real life") photos of my kids - less than 1-2%.  So, perhaps my photos won't be censored from the public search.  And, darn, a few like this may not make it into the public Cambodian group.  And reading the article, I wonder if the scans of my kid's would also be a violation of the policy.  It will be interesting to watch how this is all resolved and how many people turn into .

All that aside, I can't wait to experience this virtual event ...

Join the Blogger Challenge: Raise Funds for Public Schools

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has launched a new program called which allows bloggers to search through mini-grant proposals that school teachers have submitted to DonorsChoose, and ask their readers to fund them.

As an experiment, I just set up my own and will write a post tomorrow to ask my readers to support a for third graders in the Bronx where 73% of the students come from low income homes, a sixth grade in San Jose where 77% of the students come from low income homes, and a in Manhattan where 91% of the students come from low income homes.

Connecting the dots

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We've been taking a break. Sure, there have been postings. And we've been hustling on the inside to make sure that the wrap ups -- the things that need to immediately follow from the conference -- get done. But we've been taking a break from the late nights and weekends. Billy's been in Belize. Daniel is winging his way to Costa Rica. Mark spent time on the east coast. I haven't tripped off anywhere but I've been catching the late ferry to work and the early ferry home. Gina's pushing the Net Tuesdays and, like me, dreaming of a vacation a little later in the year.

But enough's enough. Time to get back to it. Some of what I'm about to write is news; some isn't. In no particular order, here's what I'm thinking:

Tips on choosing a social bookmarking tool

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Social bookmarking, or using tags to organize web pages into a publicly viewable archive online, is becoming increasingly common among nonprofit organizations and supporting technologists. Social bookmarking tools are preferable to browser bookmarks or favorites in a number of ways, including accessibility from any computer, superior detail in archiving and retrieval and the ability to share our bookmarks as a whole or by tag with other people.

Most of the time it seems to me that the conversation about social bookmarking starts with - probably the most popular social bookmarking tool online. There are many more options available, however, and I thought it would be useful to provide some brief explanation of a few alternatives and some things to consider in making your selection.

Net Tuesday DC: Ian Schuler, ICT Project Manager, National Democratic Institute

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Hey DC Net2 folks,

Tomorrow night, Tuesday, June 20th, the   NetSquared Meetup group will be meeting at the Science Club at 1136 19th St. NW.

Ian Schuler, the ICT Project Manager at the (and DC Net2 member) will share his story about how he and NDI implemented an SMS-based election monitoring system for the recent May 21 vote in Montnegro, during which Montenegrans declared independence and withdrew from the Union of Serbia and Montenegro.

Sarah Mclachlan ´s World on Fire

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First published at

The entertainment industry has barely squared up to the issues concerning world poverty today. With the exception of the much-publicized Live concert spearheaded by Bob Geldolf and political activist Bono and his U2 comrades, only a few have followed up with a personal conviction of using their God-given talents for a cause and instigate change.

Recently however, Sarah Mclachlan (one of my favorite singer-songwriters in the world!) has decided to team up with  acclaimed Music Video director Sophie Muller to bring a new MTV version of "World on Fire." (Click to view.) The video shows a stark performance of Sarah interspersed with scenes of the standard cost of video production and how this money could have been used to provide food, medical supplies and education to developing nations.

continuation at

More Conference Video Sessions Up Now!

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Many of you have been asking about the availability of the video that was recorded at the NetSquared Conference by …so we’re happy to report: one partial and two complete sessions are up now. Here’s Dan Gillmor’s segment from the session: . You can go to and search for "netsquared" under the Search button in the top nav bar tab, where you’ll also find featuring Paul Saffo, Howard Rheingold, and Lucy Bernholz; and  featuring Amy Goodman Joan Blades and Micah Sifrey. Registration is required to use the ForaTv site, and you will need to log-in to view the programs.

Video coverage of the conference sessions and speaker interviews was conducted by in collaboration with . The 32 hours of conference footage will be edited over the next weeks, and these sessions and segments will be made available through and the NetSquared Website. Excerpts will also be used for a Link TV documentary that will air later this year.


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