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WineCamp quick report

There's more to come, but here's a quick look at what happened this weekend prior to NetSquared.  My blog entry also links to aggregated tags where you should be able to find other report backs.  And of course, always feel free to corner anyone who looks tanned, a little fried and really happy (as opposed to the ones who are fried, happy and but slighly more pale - those are the CompuMentor folks who've been working through the night to make NetSquared happen...)



Tim Bishop Intro -- How to use online tools to facilitate offline action?

Hi. My name is Tim Bishop. I've worked in emerging technology since early PC days, and I have long been interested in harnessing computer and communications technology's power to reduce barriers to dissemination of information and to facilitate advocacy and organizing.

I got re-involved in politics and organizing after the debacle of the 2000 election, and I started writing my first blog in 2001. In 2003 I started a non-profit blog/web site, SARS Watch Org, and recruited citizen journalists in Hong Kong, Mainland China, Singapore and Canada to document the spread of SARS, and its effects on ordinary citizens. In 2004, I worked on Advokit, an open-source grassroots web-based voter contact management system, and supported a variety of groups using it to get out the vote in the 2004 elections.

After the elections I started working at a leading provider of online constituent relationship management services to non-profits and advocacy organizations. By day, I try to find ways to partner with other service and software providers to deliver better services to our non-profit and advocacy clients, and at night and weekends I contribute to open source software projects, prepare to teach a class on blogging, and try to find time to blog. More about me at READ MORE


Video Profile: Jeff Perlstein

Jeff Perlstein is Director of Media Alliance, a nonprofit media reform and social justice advocacy organization. Jeff discusses his organization's use of Internet technologies to further their mission. Video Profile: Jeff Perlstein

This video is part of NetSquared's video profile series. You can subscribe to this RSS feed with your favorite video catcher, such as iTunes, Democracy or FireAnt. READ MORE


Open source screenreader

I have made it to sunny California the night before the conference - very exciting!  Two things are on my mind.  The first is to find my dear friend Jayne Cravens who I don't get to see much of since she moved to Germany...but she will be here at the conference - yay! 

 And the other very exciting thing is that I have had some great exchanges with people in anticipation of the sessions - and specifically the idea of getting some input and brainstorming around the issue of disability access to these new technologies. READ MORE


Web 2.0 and Africa

Connectivity and ICTs in developing countries are contextualised by the “digital divide”. More than ten years ago, at a G-7 conference on the information society in February 1995 in Brussels, then deputy president of South Africa, Thabo Mbeki, pointed out that there were more telephone lines in Manhattan than in the whole of sub-Saharan Africa. "Half of humanity has never made a telephone call," he said.

Although mobile communication and other applications are changing the telecommunications environment in Africa, given the topic of this session, the “digital divide” can be summarised as follows: READ MORE


Why your org would want to read RSS feeds: an interview with Robyn DuePree of Bloglines

Robyn DuePree is the Senior Product Manager at Bloglines, an company and one of the most popular RSS feed reading services online. In the following interview Robyn and I discussed the reasons why an organization would want its members to use a feed reader. Robyn will be leading a live online chat during the Net Squared conference on Wednesday. READ MORE


How Not to Lose Your Net2 Blog Posts

It has been great to have people post introductions of themselves on this blog.  Unfortunately, a few people have lost their posts because Drupal doesn't allow you to save drafts.

If you are writing a long, juicy post with lots of links that would be a drag to reconstruct, try using a blog editor like Notepad, Performancing, Wbloggar, or Ecto to write your post, and then post it on Net2.  If you write for another blog that allows you to save posts as drafts, you may want to write the post in that program, and then paste it into the Net2 blog when you're done. READ MORE


Dinner: Open source computing, Monday eve

Hi, folks,

I'm a brand-new Technology Analyst at CompuMentor, and I'm excited to be working and attending the Netsquared conference this week.  My on-site participation will begin with a hosted discussion-focused dinner about open-source computing, held at the Tomatina Santa Clara restaurant at 3127 Mission College Blvd. in, you guessed it, Santa Clara, California.  We'll start at 5PM and wind up by 7PM.

Some helpful links: 

Reviews at READ MORE


web2.0 & human rights: the benefits & threats of an architecture of participation

Here's some notes for the session 'Human rights and new communication technologies: building an architecture of participation'.

 If you haven't heard of 'an architecture of participation' it's one of the original web2.0 buzzwords. (I picked it up from the o-reilly article that started a lot of the hype: So that's what web2.0 mostly means for me: a chance to up the level of human rights activism by riding a wave of user participation. In the first place this is about increasing people's engagement with Amnesty by giving them ways to contribute; beyond that, it's about matching the social network side of web2.0 to the task of building a movement of activists. We don't yet know what this will look like, except that it will be different to Amnesty's traditional activist model (e.g. local letter writing group). Most of our ecampaigning is really just online letter writing - actions taken by individuals. If we use web2.0 ways to connect these people we open this out to a social network which can spread. Perhaps, for Amnesty, the social network is another route to solidarity. Certainly we hope it will lead to new forms of activism, especially ones that connect the online to the offline, empowering people to do something small but extraordinary for human rights. READ MORE


Roland Tanglao, Chief Blogging Officer of Bryght

Hi: I am Roland Tanglao, Chief Blogging Officer :-), of Bryght. We provide the Drupal backend to the NetSquared site. As part of the largest commercial entity associated with Drupal, I can contribute to the discussion on tools, technology and open source for non profits as well as software companies. But mostly, I am at NetSquared to learn from you all and to do a few podcasts, videoblogs and blog posts. Grab me if you want to do a 10 minute or less podcast or videoblog! READ MORE