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Netsquared Dinner in Seattle at NTC on March 22nd - Join Us!

Get together and talk NetSquared the night before NTC starts. Join others for talk of emerging technology and nonprofits, as well as the friendly rubbing of shoulders and great clams .... Get more details from here.


Video Profile: Adrian Holovaty

Adrian Holovaty of demonstrates a dynamic mashup web application he built that uses public crime information from the Chicago Police Department and Google Maps.

Video Profile: Adrian Holovaty

This video is part of NetSquared's video profile series. You can subscribe to this RSS feed with your favorite video catcher, such as iTunes, Democracy or FireAnt. READ MORE


SXSW: In the Thick of It

Today this post comes to you courtesy of the email center in the middle of the tradeshow floor here at SXSW. It's Day 3-- and the weather is cooling just a bit before our last day tomorrow. Though "cool" is definitely a relative term, considering I read something about yesterday about SNOW in the Bay Area...

Last night I had the pleasure of meeting another member of the Net2 Community-- web consultant, Alexandra (many of you know her as "Alex") Samuel. We all gathered, in web 2.0 appropriateness, at the Yahoo!, Delicious, Flickr party at the Iron Cactus, an Austin staple on 6th St. Billy, Marshall, Alex and I enjoyed the open vibe and the open air of the 2nd floor patio.                                           READ MORE


This Week in NetSquared News #4 is Up for Your Listening Pleasure

In This Week in NetSquared News, you can hear a few quick updates about what’s happening at NetSquared followed by an interview with Kaliya Hamlin, the Network Director of Planetwork, Co-Director of Integrative Activism and writer of the Identity Woman blog.

Hopefully next week we'll either have interviews with folks Eddie Codel talked with at SXSW and/or David Collin's interviews with our San Francisco Net Tuesday speakers Andrew Hoppin of GoodStorm and Neil Gorenflo of READ MORE


wisdom summary

On Saturday I had an opportunity to hear James Surowiecki discus the potential of intelligent group forecasting and decision-making from his book,The Wisdom of Crowds

3 things necessaryto make groups intelligent:
(1) aggregating people’s judgments in a genuine bottom-up decision making process
(2) diversity: experience, background, pov
(3) independence of thought: Independence based solely on individual  knowledge, information or intuitions (No piggy-backing on others' ideas) READ MORE



Woooff.  It’s humid here in Austin, but the friendly people of sxsw and the interesting programming is keeping me awake and engaged.  I'll stop being a baby now and start sharing my notes with my  brothers and sisters in the not-for-profit world who couldn’t make it to Austin.

Here are my notes from yesterday's talk with Jason Fried of 37Signals.

JF's rules to building killer software:
* Less is more
* Don’t try and be clever
* Simple things need to be solved
* Software is not the solution
* Give people a simple framework
* Constraints: seek them out and embrace them
* Fug planning: making decisions b/c it happens before you have information to make decisions is stupid
* Hire people who are passionate, curious and motivated
* Responding to your users/people too quickly is a mistake
* Functional specs are political documents that are really about covering your ass b/c all of us interpret abstract things differently
* When building software, build the interface first


SXSW: 88 Degrees and Rising

Yesterday I posted my first blog entry (as if my newbie-ness isn't obvious) from the lobby of my hotel. The "free in-room wireless" connection was just not happening, even after two staff people took a look at it. So I typed that entry from one of the two desktops downstairs in the "business center," while three people waited in line, looking over my shoulder, sighing impatiently. I've since relocated, and today I'm happy to report that I'm posting in my pjs from the comfort of my own room. Ah, bliss.

I made my way to the Convention Center, only after a 30-minute wait for a cab.  This has been the norm since we got here-- apparently,  there are four-times more people here than last year, which is like eight-times more than when SXSW Interactive began. All hotels within a five-mile radius are completely sold out, and it's no less than an hour wait to grab some grub at even the skankiest hole-in-the-wall. While these huge crowds look like good news for the tech economy again, it can pose a real challenge on the logistical end. Somehow I managed to catch a few excellent speakers and panels, including James Surowiecki, Kathy Sierra and more (click thru to full post)... READ MORE


NRDC, representin'...

Just registered, after visiting net2 site for several months. Every time I visit, it seems there's a new and more compelling feel to the site -- great job, folks! If at all possible I will be at the conference in May.

As for me: I do online strategery and content development for NRDC, and am evangelizing social computing/media models within the institution. My nascent blog is roots.lab, and as I write this I'm sitting in an Austin, TX conference room for SXSWi. Should anybody here from net2 read this before end of day on Monday 3/13, I'd love to meet some of you. READ MORE


The changing world of web design: an interview with Dan Saffer

Dan Saffer is the Senior Interaction Designer at Adaptive Path, a widely respected San Francisco web design firm. The company's portfolio includes design work for Creative Commons, the United Nations ReliefWeb and

I caught up with Dan in the halls of the SXSW conference and asked about the changing landscape of web design and community interaction. READ MORE



Hey everybody!  Billy Bicket alive and well in Austin, Texas where the air is wet and the town is abuzz with geeks and hot hi-heeled spring breakers.  Prepping for day 2 @ SXSW, but running to grab bfast with Marshall K.   More shortly...  READ MORE