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Mellow SF Net Tuesday





For this month's Net Tuesday San Francisco, on May 9th, we're having an informal WineCamp & NetSquared planning session over dinner and drinks at The Canvas Gallery, in lieu of the usual Net Tuesday festivities. We're expecting this to be a small group, so if you would like to attend, please RSVP to gina AT techsoup DOT org. READ MORE


Multimedia on Net Neutrality

Two weeks ago Britt made a good post here that included some lists of people likely to be effected by the current debate over net neutrality. If audio or video is a way you take in information, I can't recommend highly enough this recent episode of Radio Open Source on net neutrality. I thought it was going to be boring but it was hot. Big thinkers on both sides of the issue fighting it out and lots of easy-to-understand info and history. The PR guys from the telecom industry on the show are smart, too.

A short video on the topic can be viewed after the jump. READ MORE


Take Back Mother's Day for Peace

 admire online fundraising campaigns that blend a number of different elements to engage supporters and others.  Ploughshares Fund in San Francisco has launched a Take Back Mother's Day for Peace campaign:

  • It's timed around Mother's Day to take advantage of the social and shopping buzz.
  • It reframes Mother's Day by reminding us of its origins (conceived after the U.S.


NetSquared Meetups in Houston, Austin, LA & DC

We've got 4 NetSquared Meetups coming up next week!

On May 9th, there will be NetSquared Meetups in Houston, Austin and Los Angeles.

NetSquared Houston will be at the Stag's Head Pub on 2128 Portsmith St. at 7 PM.

NetSquared LA will be in a private room at Casita del Camp on 1920 Hyperion in Silverlake. 
Folks from Stickam will be doing an informal presentation with live video feeds from the May 1st demonstrations. They will talk about how they worked with the march organizers, what the response was on the site, and their next steps. READ MORE


The New Online Conversation: an interview with The Globe and Mail's Mathew Ingram

Mathew Ingram is a print and online journalist who covers business and technology for Toronto's Globe and Mail. He is also an organizer of Mesh, billed as Canada's Web 2.0 conference, to be held this month in Toronto. One of the conference's primary topics will be the political implications of new communication technologies.


Video Profile: Schlomo Rabinowitz

Schlomo Rabinowitz is a passionate videoblogger, educator and an organizer of the Vloggercon videoblogging conference that takes place June 10th & 11th in San Francisco. He talks a bit about how nonprofit organizations can benefit from videoblogging.


This video is part of NetSquared's video profile series. You can subscribe to this RSS feed with your favorite video catcher, such as iTunes, Democracy or FireAnt. READ MORE


New Plenary Speakers - Michael Turk + Dan'l Lewin

We're excited to announce two new confirmed plenary speakers at the upcoming NetSquared conference: Michael Turk, Vice President for the Industry Grassroots for the National Cable & Telecommunications Association, and Dan'l Lewin, corporate vice president of Strategic and Emerging Business Development at Microsoft. READ MORE


CivicSpace: Community Date on Maps-- on small part of a platform for Social Change

What if you could present virtually any data easily on the web? So easily that your average nonprofit employee could just upload a data file and have all the technical details worked out for them?

Generate crime maps to talk about why the police need to spend time in your neighborhood.

Zack Rosen shows us how its done today:

Pretty easy, but not quite to the level of simplicity to be useful to tens of thousands of organizations. This is the type of ease of use we are seeking to build into CivicSpace On Deamand-- hide all the Drupal power and complexity. READ MORE


Netsquared on Web Creme - Web Design Inspiration

While searching for more Netsquared badges and text links, I found out something interesting. Netsquared was listed on Web Creme as a site for web design inspiration in March. READ MORE


Writing Emails for Fundraising: The "Rules" Are a Bit Different

I won't rant about how much I like Madeline Stanionis' new book on Raising Money With Email (OK, maybe just a little), but I will recommend this free excerpt that was posted by Guidestar on the subject of Writing E-mails for Fundraising: The "Rules" Are a Bit Different from Your Other Communications READ MORE