Fishermen working in Guimaras oil-spill clean up using bare hands

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Fishermen in Guimaras are in dire need of protective suits and masks to continue helping in the clean up. Some of them are using their bare hands to sift the oil out of the coastline.  There are some who are developing skin rashes and coughing from  working in this condition.

I dont know what organization to go to ask for help. (to donate please check

In another twist, people are starting to cut their hair in the Philippines. Parlors are teeming with people who are getting a makeover and donating their hair samples for Guimaras. Greenpeace has announced that hair has absorbing properties and is proven effective with oil-spill incidents.

Go Change The World

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Hey Everyone,


An interesting opportunity for young people running projects in the UK or who are interested in social issues and affecting change:




Activists and Social Entrepreneurs

who are making a difference in their community,

In The Beginning...

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Well, as many may recognize... this is very new to me....
but so has just about everything in the last year!

My husband, David, and I are the new Executive Directors of Walker Study Center, a non-denominational faith-based non-profit drug and alcohol rehabilitation center in Southern Oregon. (that's a mouthful) We are transplants from Southern California and came to Oregon after accepting this position last October.

Walker Study Center is a residential facility that will house 22 young men age 18 and above. They will commit to a 10 month program where they will have the opportunity for Discipleship, counseling, family counseling, Biblical Studies, Educational Instruction, Job skills and preparation and much more.

We Believe that "Restoration" is a more favorable word than rehabilitation. It takes more than just 30 days in a crisis center and 12 steps. These men need to be restored to their faith, themselves, their family and to society.

We will be opening the doors to Walker Study Center this Fall... and it's been a long road getting here. A lot of planning, meetings, paperwork, etc... However, it will be so rewarding to see lives changed when all is said and done.

Please keep us in your prayers and thoughts as we seek to open the doors of opportunity to these men, leading them to God and away from the drugs and alcohol that have held them hostage for so many years.

Google VS $100 Laptop

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Hi Everyone,


This is an abstract from a paper I'm writing on Google and socialimpact, it's specifically around its merits over the $100 laptop.. Would love to know your thoughts on it and more broadely on Google and itsimpact on development.  Feel free to email them to me and I would ofcourse recognize any contributions in the papers merits.


Save Guimaras

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In light of the recent oil spill tragedy in Guimaras where 200 kilometers of coastline, hectares of mangroves and seaweed plantations affected, I have started a Save Guimaras project here at TIG global at , to be followed by a website and Up and coming  .

The idea is to raise awareness and pressure international media and organizations to continue their coverage and assistance. CNN and BBC covered it only for five days; such a short span of attention for something as tragic as this, which reports say will last three years to clean up. I have no background whatsoever with public campaigns therefore I need to ask help from everybody to help me draft letters, articles, create artworks/logo, IT skills (web 2.0) in order to come up with an action toolkit. (This is based on the philosophy and guideline of TIG and other social action networks. To date, the fishermen are being paid a measly 200 pesos per day to help with the clean up. Most of them use gloves but do not don masks or other safety paraphernalia. There are a lot of environmental groups already helping but there is lack of exposure in the internatinal circuit and also lack of accountability! Now we dont want to point fingers here and blame blame blame. What we want is to make a change, right? So far, according to Greenpeace, everytime there is an oil spill accident, oil companies are not held accountable simply because they are protected by the international oil convention laws. So, in short, this isn´t just about Petron, this is about the OIL INDUSTRY!!!

We've Got Issues! Do You?

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Hi All: I just wanted to let you know about a new online resource for nonprofits. A couple of us here in Chicago who have been working with nonprofits for years recently launched an initiative called IssueLab an easily searchable archive of nonprofit research. After seeing the organizations we worked with over the years produce engaging and valuable research, only to have it end up tucked away on their web sites (sound familiar?), we decided it was time to launch a free service for nonprofits to bring both their current and historical work to a broader audience. Right now we are focusing on getting as many nonprofits as possible to list their research with IssueLab.

An Encyclopedia of Net2 Resources on TechSoup

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If you read this blog, you probably already know that NetSquared is a project of , but in case you don't know, TechSoup has a separate web site from NetSquared, and over the last few months they have written a slew of awesome articles about how nonprofits and NGOs can use the social web for social change.   They are all worth bookmarking so check 'em out:

by Marnie Webb

via Idealware

by Karen Solomon

by Brian Satterfield

by Brian Satterfield

Thirteen Tips for Effective Tagging a compilation of two articles, one written by Alexandra Samuel an the other by Ruby Sinreich

by Marnie Webb

by Brian Satterfield

Is the new Slashdot?

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On August 17th, suddenly started receiving an amazing number of ; its intense popularity lasted a couple of hours.

When I looked at the , I saw that readers were surfing in from the front page of , because an article of mine ("") was featured on the .  I was pretty flattered, because the hotlist usually features web pages that have been , while .

All of this extra traffic inspired me to think about the , which is a crash or malfunction that occurs when a link is featured on and becomes so popular that reader demand far exceeds the capacity.   Thanks to , I had no such difficulties.  But now I'm wondering whether in the future we'll be speaking of web sites that are "delicioused," just as we now refer to web sites that are "."

The worst oil spill in the Philippines is being ignored by the international community

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This article has been written by a friend of mine, a journalist from Visayas, Philippines. CNN and BBC only covered this tragedy in one article. The international community is clearly ignoring this environmental disaster and focusing more on featuring alleged paedophile killers or celebrities caught up in a drink-driving spree! Please fwd to all your friends


Tragedy in Guimaras, Iloilo



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