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Chat It Up as a NetSquared Remote Conference Moderator

Since I sent out the call yesterday to be a NetSquared Remote Conference Moderator, I have more information about what would be involved.

Check out these links for more info:

We'll be using a super easy, user-friendly chat program called Gabbly.

If you can volunteer 1-2 hours of your time as a moderater on May 30 & 31st from 9 AM-4 PM PDT, lemme know at bbravo AT READ MORE


Building community through public libraries

Jeff Hall from WebJunction reporting in.  I'm very new to the whole NetSquared initiative, but very much looking forward to the conference next week.

WebJunction works to build online communities among those who work in or have an interest in public libraries.  We're particularly interested in scoping out the social networking scene for tools that can help geographically and financially isolated library workers to communicate with each other, as well as with actual and potential library users. READ MORE

Karin Jervert

Puffin's Mission...

I thought it might be a good idea to post our mission statement...

The Puffin Cultural Forum, a project of the Puffin Foundation, Ltd. is a gallery performance space located in Teaneck New Jersey. For over seven years, we have strived to bring thoughtful, socially-relevant, provocative, and culturally diverse arts programming to Bergen County and northern New Jeresy. We support public schools and community institutions, offering free arts workshops, guided gallery tours, and theater and other cultural presentations. Located in perhaps the most culturally diverse region of the US, we seek to create an environment where the arts are celebrated as expressions of the best of our humanity, and as catalysts for the achievement of human rights for all READ MORE


The One Where I Actually Do the Intro

Hi! I am Dimitri Glazkov and I am the Chief Technology Officer of Estrada, a software development company hailing from Birmingham, AL.

My journey into the social networking began in 1999, when at University of Alabama at Birmingham, a bunch of us built, a site that was created as a conversation between scientists, travelling in remote parts of the world (Antarctica, for instance) and those interested in science.

This was kind of a big deal back then, considering that the site offered tools for open, two-way communication: scientists wrote entries (with pictures) in their journals, and readers commented at the end of each post. We ought to have named it then. Perhaps something more elegant than the now ubiquitious moniker -- blog, but we didn't know better. We were excited about the elementary school kids, coming back daily to check on the replies from the team on the frozen continent. We were watching the online community form around something as boring-sounding as chemical ecology. READ MORE


Key writing components help capture attention in online fundraising

Another excerpt from Madeline Stanionis' outstanding new book on online fundraising has been published, this time by the good folks at  The excerpt is entitled: Learn key writing components to help capture constituents' attention and this is another "required reading" for anyone conducting online fu READ MORE


Holly's Intro

Holly RossHi folks!  My name is Holly Ross and I'm the director of Programs at N-TEN, the Nonprofit Technology Enterprise Network.  Our mission is to help nonprofits use technology more effectively to meet their missions.  My job is make that happen by building ocmmunity to help folks find the answers they're looking for and advocate for the things they need.  I'm excited to take part in READ MORE


Video Profile: Josh Wilson

Josh Wilson of talks about news publishing with blog tools and a bit about citizen and traditional journalism in the Internet age.

This video is part of NetSquared's video profile series. You can subscribe to this RSS feed with your favorite video catcher, such as iTunes, Democracy or FireAnt. READ MORE


Seth's Intro

Seth MazowHi!  I'm Seth Mazow, communications and technology coordinator for Interplast, the first international humanitarian organization to provide free reconstructive surgery in developing countries.  My job is to raise awareness about our work to the Interplast community and the world at large, as well as to troubleshoot in-house technical problems ("Seth, my emails aren't going through!!!").  While not a techie by training, I have tried to adapt to my "obvious techie since he's the youngest person on staff" role. READ MORE


Net2Builders Call to Action: Net2 Conference Chat Monitors Needed

We are looking for volunteers to be chat monitors during the remote
NetSquared conference 
May 30th and 31st to make sure everything runs smoothly.  As a monitor, you would be following the chat as it progresses during your hour, keeping conversations on track, and making sure folks are being respectful of one another.

We'll be holding online chats throughout the conference on Gabbly. Gabbly lets you add a chat window to any web page on the Internet, simply by typing "" in front of any URL. For example, you could chat with other folks reading the NetSquared blog by typing in the URL "". READ MORE

Karin Jervert

Organizing online or in the community?

I just got back from entertaining a highschool class. Their class was documentary for social change. My boss did most of the talking, but I was able to see the potential of this kind of thing. The kids were very into it, it seemed. I also realized that my contribution to this place is more technical than anything else. I always seem to come up with something to do with the web. Maybe I am missing out on working towards things like this. Organize in the community or online? I'm only one person so doing both is hard. Of coarse after it was over I said to my boss "I'll make up a website people can go to to learn about our educational programs". READ MORE