Grounded and Innovating: an interview with Michael Silberman of EchoDitto

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Michael Silberman was was the National Meetup Director for Howard Dean’s presidential campaign and is now the senior strategist at consultancy . EchoDitto provides interactive online community consulting services to a wide variety of high profile nonprofit and business clients. Their client list includes Air America Radio, the U.N. World Food Programme, the SEIU and many more. In addition to helping other organizations use new tools, EchoDitto themselves blog, use RSS feeds and share their social bookmarking archives on the front page of their company web site.

Michael also helps organize

In the following short chat, Michael and I talked about bringing new web technologies into established organizations.

Net Tuesday LA - Second Meeting Update

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We had a good conversation at our last dinner (at Guelaguetza - best mole ever) and an interesting presentation from folks at Adobe about Breeze (a former Macromedia product) that allows for webconferencing/ remote training/ meeting online. Thanks much to the Adobe staff who joined us and brought presents.

The group seemed to be gravitating towards two main goals -
1. providing/ creating referrals for nonprofits to technology training opportunities - provided by group members/ corporate partners/ other nonprofit service agencies.
2. creating a case study project with a women's group to demonstrate how improved technical capacity can support and enhance a social change/ nonprofit group's mission.

One other thing - since I'm working on an election-related project, I won't be able to keep coordinating the LA events - let me know if you have ideas for great partners-in-crime in the Los Angeles area who should be more involved in LA NetSquared.

Google Labs explores accessibility

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Disabled computer users often regard their browsers as a lifeline to the world.  But during last year's natural disasters, it became very clear that the lifeline was tenuous - perhaps broken entirely - as so many relief sites were not accessible to those who need them most.  To help people with disabilities find what they need more easily, Google Labs released a new product yesterday.  Called , it optimizes pages based on some key accessibility features, including alt text, keyboard navigation, simple language and so forth.  The idea is to save blind users the wasted time and frustration of trying to get information from inaccessible sites. To see how your standard search stacks up against the accessible searc, try out this

Sex Workers at Nonprofit Bootcamp?

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I'm considering attending the in Berkeley this August, to bring back some skills to . We offer free, confidential, nonjudgmental medical and social services for female, transgendered, and male sex workers. We are also the first occupational safety and health clinic for sex workers anywhere run by and for sex workers.  , seems like an obvious fit, and one Mr. Newmark himself is often asked about in the press. The good things I've heard about the Foundation also make me curious to check it out.

Register for BrainJams: Talking about Technology and Social Change

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The (NCDD) is hosting the 2006 National Conference on Dialogue and Deliberation on August 4-5, 2006 in downtown San Francisco, CA, with 6 pre-conference trainings, including a on August 3rd!  I'm co-leading the session along with 's founder and visionary Chris Heuer and the fabulous blog queen and guru , founder of worksmarts.     The day will include a World Cafe in the afternoon and I've just learned that will be there!

Relay for Life in Second Life is This Weekend!

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The American Cancer Society's in Second Life will take place this weekend and I will be watching it closely to see what the results?

I'm sure that Randall Moss will write a after the event answering some questions such as "How money raised ()?  What was the investment in terms of resources to pull it off?  How many people volunteered?  How much awareness was raised for the cause?"   And, of course, share some lessons learned on running charity events in Second Life.   Here's a promotional created by one the and describes the event.

Some more background links:
by a SL volunteer
(I heard Deborah Finn say it looked like a Souped Up Barbie Car)
at Netsquared


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