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ProgrammableWeb - mashups and APIs

Thanks to Scott Case, who pointed this site out to me. Looks interesting - a compilation of mashups and APIs. What's most popular? Mapping mashups and the GoogleMaps API. READ MORE


CiviCRM hits the news on Yahoo!

From: High-tech management solution for non-profit sector

EXCERPT: "Bangalore, April 12 (IANS) Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is no longer a prerogative of the business world. Now a free software has been developed for the use of the non-profit sector.

Called CivicCRM, it is designed to enable the non-profit sector to keep in touch with their contacts and manage information about donors, donations, employees, volunteers and beneficiaries of their services." READ MORE


Video Profile: Tara Hunt

Tara Hunt, Director of Online Marketing for Riya, recently presented at Net Tuesday where she discussed the revolution that is Pinko Marketing.

Video Profile: Tara Hunt

This video is part of NetSquared's video profile series. You can subscribe to this RSS feed with your favorite video catcher, such as iTunes, Democracy or FireAnt. READ MORE


Enabling an international culture of collaboration: an interview with Mike Linksvayer, CTO of Creative Commons

Mike Linksvayer is the Chief Technology Officer for Creative Commons, a nonprofit organization that offers flexible copyright licenses for creative works.  This is done with the belief that collaboration is a key element of creativity and progress, but that standard copyright is too restrictive for participants throughout the creative process.

Creative Commons (CC) licenses have now been ported into 30 legal jurisdictions around the world and are used in a wide variety of fields, from music to science to art and literature.



9 New NetSquared in Action Case Studies

We're up to 109 case studies of how nonprofits and NGOs can use the social web for social change.  Check out some of the new ones.

Big thanks to the folks who took the time to write these up.

Malecare Prostate Cancer Support for Gay Men 

It is the only cancer community for gay men in the world. Being online helps men connect with other men in a supportive, dating neutral environment around life threatening and sexually diminishing cancer treatment.

Arts Engine


Hong Euntaek, Editor-in-Chief of OhmyNews International to speak at conference

Hong Euntaek will speak on citizen journalism at the NetSquared conference.

Euntaek is the Editor-in-chief of South Korea-based OhmyNews (English language), one of the most successful citizen journalism projects in the world. Founded in 2000, OhmyNews is the first news website in the world to accept, edit and publish articles from its readers, in an open source style of news reporting. Only about 20% of the site's content is written by the 55-person staff, while the majority of articles are written by 41,000 freelance contributors who are mostly ordinary citizens. READ MORE

NetSquared - Supporting Orgs and Local Booksellers

Ok, so this isn't exactly web 2.0; but if we are considering ways for organizations to spread information and ideas and possible make some $$ along the way, I encourage you all to check out which has an Amazon-like affiliate program where you can put something on your website, blog, etc, like "Books we like and think you should read" and get a commission if someone buys.... here's the kicker... you're actually supporting local independent booksellers.  One area where this can really be handy is around environmental education. READ MORE


This Week in NetSquared News is Up for Your Listening Pleasure

This Week in NetSquared News is up on the NetSquared Odeo channel.  You can hear a few quick updates about what's happening at NetSquared by me, followed by Eddie Codel’s interviews with Korise Jubert and some of his students from the DJ Project, and with Rob Miller of The Open Planning Project. Enjoy! READ MORE


What makes a project netsquared - Part 2

A few months ago I posted an entry titled What makes a project or website netsquared.

Since then I have a written more case studies on Netsquared.  Some of them I thought really were netsquared.


They were the firsts of their type of organization to use a certain technology. I wrote about the Green Coast Foundation, which was California's first online forum dedicated to promoting the adoption of renewable energy. I also wrote about the Dupage Children's Museum Blog, which is the first children's museum to have a blog. READ MORE


Phil Shapiro explains RSS


Check out this great explanation on how nonprofits can use RSS

Phil also talks about Join Together and how they use RSS to  to support people working on substance abuse and gun violence issues. Maybe somebody is interested in writing up an even more detailed case study for us? READ MORE