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I'm going to have an opportunity to go to Peru this fall (wahoo!) so I thought I'd do some research on how Peruvian related NGOs and nonprofits are using the social web.

Any search for international voices has to start with so I read through the most recent posts from and about Peruvian bloggers and found an intriguing (!) and a report that at the end of June, .   is hosted by .

Christian Aid Podcast

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Steven Buckley of , "an agency of the churches in the UK and Ireland," emailed me to let me know that they have launched a .  I listened to part of a program, , which was a little long, but still interesting. I had never thought about how important it would be to understand the ins and outs of vaudou (voodoo) in order to do HIV prevention work in Haiti.  Nancy White recently an interesting email that Steven sent to the the mailing list about how Christian Aid developed their podcast, which is worth a read.  According to the email, Christian Aid supporters now send emails asking if Christian Aid events will be recorded for the podcast.


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Don't know where I fit in the scheme of things here, but I have to start somewhere.  It's time to strike up a conversation backed by sound research, philosophy and experience.  How is it we don't have our own "Wall Street Journal" by now.  So much of the real-estate space in nonprofit rags is devoted to a) our own salaries; b) how to raise money; or c) what nifty new accounting software we should buy.  I've launched my own blog, the Nonprofit to do my part - kickoff some discussion on real stuff, like revenue recognition, the meaning of charity, the hazards of promising too much, the oxymoron of performance outcomes, etc. etc.  Join in, viva la revolution!

What do small nonprofits need to know about fundraising for technology?

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As I've previously mentioned in my blog, , and the current challenge to create a workshop that will help these small grassroots organizations incorporate funding for in their overall development strategies.

This seems to be the most pressing issue for any nonprofit executive - finding the money to support the that sustains the organization.  In small nonprofits, lack of money is the deal-breaker.  Before they can make decisions about , , , , the organization's leaders need to have a plan for paying the bills for these and other mission-critical

Unfortunately, I don't have a magic formula for funding that I can offer these folks.  In the world of , the is that most donors and grantmakers give money to organizations with great missions; with a few notable exceptions, funders are seldom passionate about writing checks to buy .

So that's the bad news.

The good news is that last year I attended a terrific workshop on this topic at the .  It was organized by fellow , so I went to her and requested permission to replicate her idea.  She very graciously agreed, coaching me about how to proceed, and encouraging me to recruit as many panelists as possible from the session that she designed.

Here's the plan.  Four of our panelists will be from the philanthropic world, folks with plenty of practical experience:

Incentivizing viral promotion: an interview with vendor Peter Caputa

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Peter Caputa IV is the founder of , an events organizing and promotion company based in Westborough, MA. He also writes a savvy blog about Web 2.0 style promotion called . In the following interview Peter and I discussed the use of blogs, MySpace, tracking technology and incentives to promote events. WizSpark does some work with nonprofits, helping with a recent , for example.

My principles get a little rankled by some of Peter's ideas, but maybe I'm just uptight. In a world desperate for drastic change - agents of change should consider all possible options. At the very least, I hope you will find this interview to be an interesting look inside the mind of an intelligent specimen, a trail blazer, of a type of vendor ready to burst upon the scene: the social media fueled organizer/promoter. I appreciate Peter taking the time to answer my questions.


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