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Web 2.1 - Let's make 2.0 Accessible


Howdy from Austin Texas, where the nonprofit Knowbility pursues its mission.  We support the independence of kids and adults with disabilities by promoting the use and increasing the occurance of accessible information technology. 

I am pretty excited about attending the NetSquared conference with my good friend and key volunteer Glenda Sims - also known as the Good Witch of the Web.  In early April Glenda and I and several of the accessiblity experts that Knowbility has the good fortune to work with spent a week in San Francisco to teach the California Web Accessibility Conference (CalWAC).  READ MORE


Video Profile: Anthony Brown & Alexander Winslow

Anthony Brown is the Penguin Keeper and chief podcaster for the San Francisco Zoo. He and Alexander Winslow, Public Relations Manager for the Zoo, speak on how podcasting is being used to reach out and connect with potential Zoo visitors.

Video Profile: Anthony Brown

This video is part of NetSquared's video profile series. You can subscribe to this RSS feed with your favorite video catcher, such as iTunes, Democracy or FireAnt. READ MORE


Helping organizations make sense of their information - an interview with James Thomas of Business Objects

James ThomasJames Thomas is the Senior Director, Corporate Product Marketing at Business Objects. He talks to us about tools for better decision-making, collaborative models, scalability and doing more with less. 

Business Objects is a Silver sponsor of NetSquared, a donating partner to TechSoup Stock and corporate partner to READ MORE


New Conference Plenary Speaker: Amy Goodman of Democracy Now!

Amy Goodman, host and executive producer of the popular radio and television show, Democracy Now!, has confirmed as a plenary speaker.

Amy will join our other plenary speakers, including: Howard Rheingold, Dan'l Lewin (Microsoft), Dan Gillmor (Center For Citizen Media), Ethan Zuckerman (Global Voices Online), Michael Turk (Industry Grassroots for the National Cable & Telecommunications Association), Paul Saffo (Institute For The Future), Hong Eun Taek (, Angela Glover Blackwell (PolicyLink), Joan Blades (, and Michail Bletsas ($100 Laptop/One Laptop per Child). READ MORE


Net2Learn Theme of the Week: Wikis for Nonprofits

Check out the new Theme of the Week over on Net2Learn: Wikis for nonprofits. This resource center provides a crash course in wiki use for nonprofits, including an explanation of wikis, their history, and some great wiki tools, as well as great tips for using wikis strategically to help your nonprofit. 

And whether you're a wiki newbie or a seasoned wiki-warrior, we hope you'll share the insights and resources that have helped you along the way. Join the wikis for nonprofits resource center and you'll be able to add your ideas to our feature on getting started with wikis; or add your favorite resources to our collection of weblinks. And even if you haven't joined the resource center team, you'll be able to add your comments to almost all the content that's there, to help us keep the conversation going. READ MORE


Carnival of Marketing - focus on social marketing

The Carnival of Marketing is up at the Spare Change blog.  Because I'm the host this week, I have given it more of a social marketing twist that nonprofits can use.  Plus, see what marketing lessons we can learn from the real carnies. READ MORE


La Solidaridad ´s comeback

Creating personal websites is always a disheartening affair. You think you´ve got a special idea on your head and that people would find it interesting, but nothing can lure them to join you in your quest to at least, through bits and maps, virtually change the world.

The idea of the universal binary code has been sold a lot of times, and unfortunately, you are merely just a page in the digital world.

And when I first pitched the idea to some friends to create a website with a social responsibility angle, it fell on deaf ears. Disappointed at the outcome, I totally abandoned writing.  READ MORE


La Solidaridad

We are looking for writers/bloggers with a social
conscience. We have put up a website/web blog
called La Solidaridad dedicated to cultural
diversity, social responsibility and global
understanding. We want to promote the forces of
good, therefore there is no compensation here
except good karma!

Guidelines for submission for La Solidaridad

about anything as long as it has a social
perspective and caters to a global audience. While
the original La Solidaridad catered to a Filipino
audience in mind, the second generation of La
Solidaridad assumes a more global attitude and
openness to other cultures. We believe that as
citizens of the world, we must claim our global
birth right and erase our backyard mentality.

2. BE POSITIVE – Why dwell on the negative if we
could turn things around? Criticisms never get
anywhere. It´s time to seek solutions and highlight
the forces of good. Also include why you think it
matters and what good it will do to humanity and
the generations to come.

3. SUPPORT FOUNDATIONS. One of the aims of
La Solidaridad is to foster social responsibility.
And the best way to achieve that is to support and
write about foundations and their unsung heroes.
They are our idols.

4. FOCUS ON PEOPLE. While you can write
about anything, we prefer to hear about great
human stories. By writing about other people, we
foment our social conscience and encourage

5. SHORT AND SWEET. In the digital age, nobody
reads long articles. We suggest you keep your
posts to not more than four paragraphs.

6. TELL US WHO YOU ARE. We also want to
know more about you. We want to have a dialogue
with people who think alike. We want to create a
partnership with people who believe that what we
do is important. READ MORE

NetSquared highlights the nonprofit software market discusses the lucrative nonprofit software market being pursued by Blackbaud, Convio, and Kintera in an article entitled "No Charity Cases." READ MORE


Flickr will be used to find missing kids

The Strategic Public Relations blog has a good post on how "Missing and Exploited Children Gain Awareness on Flickr" (via the links feed of PR blogger Kami Huyse of Communication Overtones). READ MORE