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You can read all of the Net2 conference attendees' blog posts on this page--it aggregates Net2 blog posts with the tag "intro."

If you want to subscribe to the RSS feed for just the "intro" posts, here's the feed.

And if you're asking yourself, what the heck is an RSS feed and what can it do for me, here's an explanation. READ MORE

Karin Jervert

Grant writing for technology

Since the season is almost over--by June 9th we'll be done with all of our programming-- I've decided to take the summer to write up a proposal for the use of the Internet to extend our reach and promote our mission. I am proposing that we use the blogging format to reach out to people, not just to get people in the seats, because most likely the people who will view our blog won't be in the area, but to spread our valuable content through the web.

At the suggestion of my mother, who is a seasoned grant writer, I'm using the New York/New Jersey Area Common Application Form to structure my proposal. Here are some of the questions I will have to answer...What need does this project address? Who is the audience? What are your strategies? Who will be working on it? How does it contribute to our mission? How will you measure success? READ MORE


Saying hi

I'm Pat Delaney, librarian at Galileo Academy in San Francisco, associate director for UC Berkeley's Bay Area Writing Project (that's the "non profit" part of my work), and the instigator of edBlogger 2003 conference and the briefly vibrant Educational Bloggers Network. READ MORE


What are your ideas? What are your observations? What are your questions?

I looking forward to the conversation on this topic, particularly around the question:"What is the best way for an organization to begin to use aggregation and tagging?"  My own brainstorming about this topic is here



Keeping eyes peeled for educational innovation at netsquared.....

MeMy day job is as Executive Director of Computer-Using Educators ( We provide educational technology resourcess for thousands of educators throughout California, host a rockin' annual conference in Palm Springs, and publish a quarterly journal, blogs, podcasts and e-newsletters for our members.  READ MORE


Health Care Tagging

I'm an individual contributor to Google Health Co-op and work on the non-profit Palo Alto Medical Foundation's tagging efforts @ Google Health Co-op as well.  I'd be happy to speak regarding how tagging is improving health search on Google. READ MORE


Creative Commons and Free Culture Technologies

In my part of the Turning Communicatons Technologies Into Tools For Free Speech And Free Culture session I'll cover:

  • Technologies that enable free, participatory, sustainable, democratic culture
  • Threats to the full flowering of these technologies
  • Free culture as free speech and vice versa
  • Creative Commons legal and technical tools
  • How your nonprofit can leverage CC and other technologies to spread its message and involve its constituency

For an introduction to Creative Commons please visit  the Creative Commons home page and in particular watch the five minute intro Get Creative. READ MORE


Net2Builders Call to Action: Start Net2 Conferencing

Each Wednesday I post a Call to Action on the Net2Builders group and to the Net2 blog so check it out and answer the call! 

It is less than 2 weeks till the Net2 Conference and whether you'll be there in person or via your laptop, we'd like to start conferencing now.  Just go to our list of conference sessions at and click on a theme and session topic that interests you. READ MORE


How to Post on the NetSquared Blog

If you've never written a blog post on a Drupal site, or on any site for that matter, but want to join in the blogging fun, here are detailed instructions for how to post on the NetSquared blog:

In order to blog on the NetSquared site, you need to be a registered member and logged in.

• Go to

• Click on the tab that says “register.”

• Fill out the User Account form

• Check your email for your username and password.

Now that you are registered, you can post to your blog. READ MORE


How to Add Photos to Your NetSquared Blog Post

It's great to see all these blog post intros from folks coming to the NetSquared conference.  We would love to see your shining faces in your posts as well.  (I'm trying to be a role model by including my pic).

Here are some instructions for how to include your photo in your NetSquared blog post:

• Upload your photo to your Flickr account, or go to a web page where your photo is  posted, or choose a photo with a Creative Commons Attribution License: READ MORE