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Eric Leland, Director, TechCommons

It's great to be a part of this effort.  Like most of us, I am far too busy with my nose at the screen, keeping up with the latest and greatest of nonprofit technology. 

I started my my dream with wild ambitions to become elected "by the people" to do wonderously good things, and soon learned that working with the people is far more rewarding and productive.  I started in international politics and started honing my geopolitical chops in Washington DC, then found out about nonprofits and social advocacy - a world of people often utilizing very little to accomplish so much social good.  Wow.  I spent time working on technology issues for several human rights groups (including Amnesty, Human Rights First, Witness). READ MORE


Video Profile: Magnus Toren

Magnus Toren, Director of the Henry Miller Memorial Library in Big Sur, California, talks about his move to various social web technologies while operating from a remote coastal location. 

This video is part of NetSquared's video profile series. You can subscribe to this RSS feed with your favorite video catcher, such as iTunes, Democracy or FireAnt. READ MORE


Erin Denny >>> Intro & Monday night Dinner Host - Subject: Online Activism


My name is Erin Denny and I currently work as a Project Manager for I've worked with non-profits for over 7 years, usually answering the question: "How do we use technology *wisely* to create sustainable change?"

Here are some of the organizations I've worked with: READ MORE


Jacob Smith, Director - Center for Native Ecosystems

Hi everyone -

 I'm one of those who is just starting to understand the kinds of opportunities that emerging internet and organizing technologies offer non-profits and progressive politics and am thrilled to get to spend a couple of days with other folks who are thinking about and doing so many cool things.  I run a great  little regional conservation group and am coming partly because I think the things we'll explore at the conference can help my group and our colleagues do a better job of saving critters and special places.  I'm intrigued, incidentally, by how few conservation groups are attending, and excited by how markedly diverse the attendee list is.  I'm also coming to the conference because I think tech-enabled social change work has a lot to offer progressive electoral politics as well.  I started dabbling in electoral politics last year and now serve as a city councilor in my community, and as an elected and a social change advocate I'm really interested in how these technologies carry over from the advocacy side of the fence to the political representation side.  Plus, with kudos to the conference organizers, this just feels like the sort of gathering where important things are going to happen. READ MORE


CMP Demands That Nonprofit Cease and Desist From Using "Web 2.0" in Conference Name

In case you didn't already see the news on Slashdot this morning, tech publisher CMP Media has sent a cease and desist letter to nonprofit networking group IT@Cork, claiming that the group is infringing on what CMP sees as its exclusive right to use the term "Web 2.0" in a conference name.

O’Reilly trademarks “Web 2.0″ and sets lawyers on IT@Cork! READ MORE


John Lorance, Associate Director - TechCommons, CompuMentor

What can I say... I'm super excited that we're at the point of the conference.. Seems like much of my life has been leading up to something like this.

Back in the good old modem days I used to write BBS software, spent loads of time building online communities on CompuServe, AOL, etc, for the likes of Macromedia in the 90s.. no, really, I'm pretty young still..

Now here at CompuMentor I get to leverage all these online community building skills assisting non-profits and community organizations in leveraging the latest evolution of online tools. 

I'm presently launching a new project with public libraries designed to expose, develop, and evangelize the best practices from around the country that are being employed to support public access computing.   We will be leveraging the experience of Net2 and our background supporting non-profit and CTC infrastructures.   I also co-host the TechSoup Open Source and Emerging Technologies forums (shameless plug). READ MORE


Sharing Native Voices

Hi all, I work with the Center for Native American Public Radio, AKA CNAPR ("snapper") and the National Federation of Communty Broadcasters (NFCB). CNAPR represents the 33 native radio stations, satellite distribution system and independent radio producers. NFCB represents over 200 community radio stations.

CNAPR is all about presenting the authenitc native voices, cultures and world views via land based broadcast systems and all technologies. One of our biggest challenges is reaching the Native Americans who live in urban areas. There are over 500 nations and only 33 have radio stations and not all will be able to have a station. So that leaves more than 60% of our popultion without access to the native voice. In addtion, many of our rural communites lack phone service and broadband is not an option for them at this point in time. So I'm loking forward to talking with other communites who are using technology to bridge the divide so all that cultures and communites can share thier values, viewpoints and lessons with each other. See you soon, Peggy  READ MORE


Why should already wired communities care?

Jim, Given your focus on international access in communities where there is no current service, why should US communities that are ALREADY CONNECTED BY COMMERCIAL PROVIDERS care about building their own public wireless broadband services? READ MORE


Conference schedule as Google Calendar

Following the example of Michael Heilemann for Reboot8, I created a public Google calendar based on the schedule of the website. Available as XML and as iCAL.

Some more work is needed: the parallel online conference, descriptions, keeping it up to date. Let me know if you want to contribute, and I'll add you as manager for the calendar! READ MORE


Tobias Eigen Intro: He who learns, teaches (and she who teaches, learns)

I recently got into African proverbs - now every day when I ssh into the Kabissa server, I get served up a randomly selected African proverb through fortune. The one above is an Ashanti proverb from Ghana but has a message that is probably very familar just about everywhere in the world (ok, the bit in parentheses was added by me). I like the following one too, because it makes me laugh:

"As the dog said, 'If I fall down for you and you fall down for me, it is playing.' READ MORE