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[Net2 North Carolina] NCTech4Good and Storify

A recap of the discussion points and examples from the storytelling workshop on July 16 at UNC-TV's RTP studios. Find future NCTech4Good meetings on to discuss how non-profits are using digital, web and social.
Storify by: Ryan Boyles @therab READ MORE

How To Use Social Media To Connect With Donors & Supporters

I presented a FREE nonprofit webinar with 4Good and Nonprofit Webinars on the topic of using social media to connect and build relationships with donors. READ MORE


It’s Never Too Early To Start Your Year-End Fundraising Campaigns

September is the ideal time to begin your end-of-year fundraising campaign. READ MORE


[Net2 Vancouver] VIDEO: The End of Slacktivism’s Vojtech Sedlak joined Net2van for our summer meetup to share their strategy for converting clicktivists to online activists. Find out how one of the leading Canadian online advocacy groups understands and facilitates online engagement and learn how you can can help your supporters find their way to deeper online engagement.


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[Net2 Naples] Email Marketing For Nonprofits

Over all the hype and focus on social networks, let’s not forget Email communication especially with donors, strategic partners, online advocates (brand ambassadors) and other friends of the organization. NFN4Good in Naples, FL shared an introduction to email marketing for nonprofits, where they discussed the following topics: READ MORE


Seth Horwitz: Community Champion

Net2 Philly and Seth Horwitz quote

Seth Horwitz is stepping back (but not retiring!) from his leadership of Philly NetSquared, which means this is a great time to acknowledge his huge contributions to the NetSquared community. READ MORE


You Can Now Save Links On Facebook To Read Later – And It’s Awesome

Have you ever been browsing Facebook, on mobile or on desktop, and wanted to save something that you saw in your News Feed to read later?

I used to take screen shots of the post on mobile and then have to remember to check my photos later to find the information. READ MORE


NetSquared and the Internet Governance Forum

The Internet Governance Forum is meeting in Istanbul this September and it’s going to be a big deal.  The IGF gives developing countries the same opportunity as wealthier nations to engage in the debate on Internet governance and to facilitate their participation in existing institutions and arrangements.