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[Net2 San Francisco] June 2014: Writing Code. Fighting Poverty. Global Launch of the Mifos Initiative.

1. New member welcome and thanks for attending!
2. Upcoming events: Writing Code. Fighting Poverty. Global Launch of the Mifos Initiative and The EASE INITIATIVE business model and its leverage of social technologies
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4. Other info and events that might interest you
5. Thanks to our awesome sponsors
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Net2 European Organisers Come Together To Do Some Good

Bringing people together to do some good has long been one of my favourite things to do. It truly is incredible to see the magic that arises when you get people who are interested in similar things into a room. It is simply incredible, especially when the topic is tech for good.  READ MORE


Last chance! Register for NCTech4Good Conference now

Planning to attend the NCTechGood Conference? You are in for a treat! But, you better register now because TODAY is the last day to register online!

[501 Tech NYC] Ten Ways to Make Your Website Smokin' Hot


Yangbo Du of 501 Tech Club NYC went to their latest event and created this awesome storify. READ MORE


10 Ways Nonprofits Can Succeed with Visual Marketing

To succeed in marketing your nonprofit has to compete in several different spaces, mostly online.

You must have a great-looking online presence, whether that be a website, or a blog, or social media channels, or all of the above. READ MORE