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The Canadian Anti-Spam Act: What Nonprofits need to know before July 1


On June 17 NetSquared Vancouver partnered with Methodworks Consulting’s Jim Freer and Lawyer Maanit Zemel. The two of them provided a thorough introduction to what charities and nonprofits need to know about this legislation that goes into effect July 1, 2014.

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EVENT REPORT: A Digital Currencies 101 for the Social Sector

Decentralized digital currencies such as bitcoin and litecoin are a disruptive technology that are re-shaping the international financial sector. On June 10th Scott Nelson introduced this technology to NetSquared Vancouver and explored how the non-profit and social sector should approach incorporating it into their day to day activities. READ MORE

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Which Nonprofit Causes Rule Social Media?

Have you ever wondered which nonprofit organizations, causes and issues get the most engagement and exposure on social media? READ MORE


VIDEO: Discussion of the Net Neutrality implications of May FCC Ruling


On Saturday June 14 NetSquared Northern Michigan invited the NetSquared and OpenMedia community to join other interested parties to learn how to submit comment on what the recent FCC proposed Rule, and a potential loss of net neutrality, would mean to you. READ MORE


[Net2 New Orleans] NET2NO June Recap + Announcements

Thanks again to Couchster, our June Meetup Beer Sponsor!

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Open Data: The Battle for the Future of Life Sciences with John Wilbanks READ MORE

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NetSquared Discusses Net Neutrality and the Future of the Internet

Say No to the Internet Slow LaneIf you value the internet, it’s time to speak up and speak out - or risk losing your place in the fast lane!