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Can You Write a Better Tweet Than Me?

Of course you can. Now prove it!

Being a NetSquared organizer is awesome, but it would be more awesome if there were more of us. 

I’m creating a Social Media Share Kit that we can use to recruit new group leaders. It includes sample tweets and Facebook posts that we can share with potential organizers. But we need more sample posts (and better ones).

The Challenge READ MORE


Launching Netsquared Manila

Pending moderation

It' smore fun in the Philippines READ MORE


You're Invited to Netsquared Manila!

We're launching Netsquared Manila! NetSquared Manila Philippines logo 900px square


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Where to Find NetSquared and NTEN Tech Club Organizers at 15NTC

NTEN’s annual Nonprofit Technology Conference (15NTC) is the major event for nonprofit technologists in North America. This year they expect 2,100 attendees that work in (or with) the nonprofit sector to come together in Austin from March 4–6. You should go. It’ll be fun! READ MORE


Going to 15NTC? Join the Tech Club Happy Hour

Are you going to the 15NTC conference in Austin? Why not join our counterparts in NTEN’s 501 Tech Clubs for a joint Tech Club Happy Hour? It’ll be awesome! READ MORE


Interested in sponsoring or presenting at this year's NCTech4Good Conference?

We’re excited to invite you, as a member of the technology or nonprofit communities, to become a sponsor or submit a session proposal for the 2015 NCTech4Good Conference, June 4-5, 2015 at the Friday Center in Chapel Hill. READ MORE


NetSquared in January:

Here’s the NetSquared activity report from January. As usual January is a quiet month for us, but February should return with more events!

Recent highlights from the community blog include: READ MORE


[Net2 Cambridge] upcoming Social Media Surgery - can you help?

Hellooooooo all of you wonderful tech loving do gooders!

Our first Social Media Surgery of the year is upon us and we are looking for both volunteer 'surgeons' who have some knowledge of social media (you don't have to be a super master, though those are welcome too!) and also some do gooders who are looking for help with using things like facebook or twitter, or others.

Want to volunteer for 2 hours a month? Just respond to this email! READ MORE


[Net2 Naples] Open Data with Sean McDonald

We started our open data event a Google+ Hangout between our club and Sean McDonald.  

Sean shared his insights and help us toward a better understanding of using data that is available to us as non-profit organizations.  READ MORE