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3 Reasons Why Nonprofits Don’t Do Storytelling – And My Solutions

As a savvy nonprofit professional, you understand that effective storytelling is one of the most important ways to raise money and grow support for your cause. READ MORE


[Net2 DC] Powerful Websites: A Hub for your Online Presence

We live in a fast-paced world where we need to keep evolving and revolutionizing our online presence to keep people engaged. We constantly need to create fresh, shareable content to feed all our online channels, including our website, email newsletters and social media.   READ MORE

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How to Make Sweet Social Change Memes in 10 Steps - Using Pixelmator

Hi friends, It's been a while since blogging here, but I've been meaning to share some social media lessons and tutorials gleaned from working in the climate movement (where I am the social media coordinator at Energy Action Coalition) - so it's I hope it's ok to dip my feet back in again. Below, I would like to show you how I use a tool for macs called Pixelmator to make quick, polished memes. READ MORE


What Is Your Organization’s Social Media Workflow?

There is a misconception that the work of social media is easy – simple posting and tweeting.

How hard can it be? READ MORE


NetSquared in May: Get Face-to-Face With Your Nonprofit Peers

Net2vic from CarolLynne M

NetSquared’s core objective is to get nonprofit techies and activists together in the same room. There’s a special magic that happens when we get face-to-face. Relationships are formed, projects are started and we feel less alone in what can sometimes be a challenging job. READ MORE


SFTech4Good, Newsletter #12, late April/early May 2014: Not For Sale and Integrating Your CRM!

1. New member welcome and thanks for coming!
2. SFTech4Good on the social web
3. Upcoming events: Presenting Sarah Potts Not For Sale and How to Stop Integrating Your CRM and Start Integrating Your People!
4. Other events that might interest you
5. Thanks to our awesome sponsors
6. Old Newsletters in our Discussion Forum
--------------------------------------------------------------- READ MORE


NCT4G early bird registration ends May 1

Time is ticking -- NCT4G early bird registration ends May 1.
NCTech4Good's 5th annual conference held on Thursday and Friday, June 5-6, 2014, at the Friday Center in Chapel Hill, NC, offers something for everyone!

Co-organiser meet-up on the Gold Coast

imprending storms, gold coast by paul bicaThere is nothing better than sitting down, face-to-face to enthuse with other community organisers about things like nonprofit technology, running dynamic meetups and the state of the world.
Add to this a beach vista, ocean breeze and warm temperatures. Then throw in Australia’s largest nonprofit technology conference.  
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