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Four Lessons Learned: Social Media and Nonprofits Meme

Beth of Beth's Blog and the NpTech Summary has started a meme with the question:

"What if I could start all my social media and nonprofits work over from scratch? What would I do differently? What lessons have I learned that will stick with me for 2008?"

The four lessons I've learned are:

1. Comments are small, but powerful tools.


Best wishes for 2008

I think 2008 will be a year with a lot of positive social change and NetSquared will have nice part in it :).

Best wishes for 2008 to you all!



NpTech Tag Summary: Best Wishes for A More Social 2008!

The Net2 Secret Plan from Marnie Webb

NpTech Tag New Year's Reflections, Predictions, and Best Ofs

What are some of the ways that the social web marks the New Year? Let's take a look.

Chronicle of Philanthropy has a roundup of predictions for 2008 from READ MORE


7 Net Tuesdays in January

Start 2008 off by joining a Net Tuesday group near you, or starting your own!

Atlanta, GA
January 29 CHANGED:
Moved to
February 26.
Topic: Streaming Video and YouTube

Guayaquil, Ecuador
January 8
Topic: Facebook - Explorando su potencial en las organizaciones.

Houston, TX
January 8
Topic: Kelly McCann of the AIDS Foundation Houston

New York, NY
January 2


Join the Net2 Flickr Group

Do you have photos on Flickr from the NetSquared Conference, a Net Tuesday, or another NetSquared related event?

Join the NetSquared Flickr group and add your pix!

Photo by Ed Schipul. READ MORE


Nonprofits Delving Into the World of Twitter


Karl Hedstrom

For those lucky people who live in San Francisco, the next Net Tuesday is about Twitter and Nonprofits. The speakers are Nate Ritter, talking about how he used Twitter as a help center during the San Diego fires, and Jeremy Pepper, the Director of Communications of the Point.



Social Media Marketing E-Book: Getting to First Base

Cover of Our Social Media Marketing eBook


I was given a review copy of "Getting to First Base" a social media marketing how to book by Darren Barefoot and Julia Szabo.    The books provides great advice on the following topics:

  • Bring more visitors to your website
    Increase your company’s visibility online
    Engage with online influencers



Nonprofit Online Organizing, Technology and Campaign Training

The folks at NOI (New Organizing Institute) wanted me to let you know about their upcoming Nonprofit Online Organizing, Technology and Campaign Training happening February 6-8 in San Francisco.

Here's more info: READ MORE