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Join the BarCamp to bring NABUUR to the next level! Febr 13-14 in Amsterdam

The first NABUUR BarCamp will take place during the weekend of February 13-14. It will convene ca. 30 website developers and volunteers from different continents to the beautiful city of Amsterdam. The goal is to bring NABUUR to the next level. A level where the users and developers are the key actors in the development and maintenance of the site. This NabuurCamp will put special emphasis on organizing the open development team and on making a new website ready to go live.

For who?

a. For developers: the new website is based on the Open Source CMS Drupal 6.x. Designers, themers, drupal confugurators and PHP module programmers are very welcome. You can find present work on it here: READ MORE


Cloud computing: is Google widening the digital divide?

Recent announcements by Google make me think, that the company might go down a path that would ultimately mean more inequality, a worse position for developing countries and a widening digital divide.

I’m referring specifically to Chrome OS, Google’s new operating system, and the announcement that Google would dump Google Gears, a service that makes it possible to use services like GoogleDocs offline. In both cases, Google emphasized the importance of cloud computing as opposed to working offline. The idea is that all data, i.e. your spread sheets, your documents, your photos, get stored on remote servers (a.k.a. "the cloud") and none of it on your machine.

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Software design and embedded system tools.

In this site you can find information about software engineering , software testing methodology, CASE tools, revision control and Mindmap.This site also have some articles about embedded , real-time operating system , Arduino , AVR , STM32 microcontroller and other technology relate to embedded system.
Visit This site READ MORE

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NonProfit 2.0 UnConference and holiday discount

nonprofit 2.0 unconferenceNonProfit 2.0 Unconference is coming to Washington, D.C., February 12, 2010, and promises to be "more than just a conference on the next generation web."  Plus, if you register soon you can get a 20% discount! Simply use "HolidayDiscount" when you register for the Nonprofit 2.0 Unconference here. READ MORE

Amy Sample Ward

Interview: Arié Moyal, HugTrainUSA

I recently had the opportunity to connect with Arié Moyal, the force behind HugTrainUSA.  You can learn more about the project in the interview below. READ MORE


Insights from a Conversation on Leadership and Network

At a recent Bay Area Learning Circle facilitated by Claire Reinelt, LLC’s Evaluation and Research Director, we convened a group of local LLC members to discuss some of the challenges and successes they have seen in their areas of work, in relationship to collective and networked leadership. As I listened closely to the participants, I was struck by the various struggles they face, particularly around defining and articulating ‘successes’, and evaluating the impact of their efforts – not only to respond to funders’ demands but also to internal demands.

There were two main observations that were of particular interest to me during this conversation:

1. The role of network development READ MORE


Surviving the Tsunami - Stories of Hope

The Red Cross Red Crescent and Reuters have launched a multimedia web documentary - that marks the fifth anniversary of the Indian Ocean Tsunami. The centre-piece of "Surviving the Tsunami: Stories of Hope" are four very moving interviews with people who have survived this disaster which killed 230,000 people across 14 countries. The Indian Ocean Tsunami is the largest natural disaster in living history: READ MORE

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Net2 Think Tank Round-Up: Best of 2009

As a way to hold on a bit longer to 2009, this month's Net2 Think Tank asked for your best blog post from the year.  We know you wrote about some really interesting things, shared great ideas and even captured conversations and presentations on your blog or website this year.  And we want to put those great posts back in the spotlight one more time before 2010! READ MORE

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TechSoup Webinar: What Should a Website Cost?

Are you thinking about revamping your website but not sure where to start? Are you working with a web developer but wonder if you’re paying too much? With all the tools and strategies available, it’s hard to know where to start and what to expect. Attend this free webinar where Allen Gunn, Executive Director of Aspiration, will share valuable information about: READ MORE