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Social CodeCamp - Coding for Good Causes (Education, Health Care, Environment) for Mobile / Cloud Solutions

Social CodeCamp Call to Action with Fiscal Sponsor, Inc.-Introduction to Social CodeCamp

*Invite people to view submit stories, enter contest and donate to local causes.
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Enter competition, add short films. Tell us your story here...also add your long movies to one of sponsor pages.

San Francisco Chapter, Films For Action - READ MORE


Net2 Featured Projects 2011: SMS Micro Loans


During the last few days we have been bringing a few amazing projects that appeared on NetSquared in 2011 to your attention. This blog post is the last in the series. We want to introduce you to the SMS Micro Loans idea. Daniel Schiffman wanted to combine mini-loans and ICT while working on his Master thesis. He described and researched the project (and posted it in the NetSquared Projects Gallery), but hasn’t been able to find the funding to bring the idea to life. He still believes in the project though, and so do we. Reading this interview you can learn more about SMS Micro Loans and David himself. If you want to connect with him, please let us know in the comments or reach us using one of our social media channels (Twitter or Facebook or Google Plus). Thank you Daniel for taking time to answering our questions!



Congratulations -- We Have a Star!

As promised, we are announcing the winner of the Net2 All Star Invitational today. Net2 team has endorsed the community vote -- we do believe in your power! All in all, the best video reflecting on a project submitted to the NetSquared Project Gallery, the one that:

  • demonstrates real and measurable social impact
  • demonstrates expertise in the focus area
  • effectively tells the story

has been created by Open Green Map -- a social mapping tool for anyone who loves ecology and embraces green living. Congratulations!



Net2 2011 Featured Projects: Earth Tipping Point

Yesterday, we told you a little about Expert Patient, a patient advocacy system created by Manuel Gill and submitted to the NetSquared project gallery earlier this year. Today, we’re talking Earth Tipping Point, another project that caught our attention in 2011. ETP is a network and collaboration system focused on implementing environmental ideas and solutions, and it crossed through the NetSquared project gallery a few months ago. READ MORE


Net2 Featured Projects 2011: Expert Patient 2.0

The first project to appear in our “reflections on 2011” blog series is Expert Patient 2.0, a project submitted to the NetSquared Project Gallery in June 2011. To better understand the idea behind the project, and learn more what happened since it was submitted to the Project Gallery I talked to Dr. Manuel Serrano Gill, an M.D/Ph.D from Spain who is a president of the Education Health and Society Foundation -- a non-profit national institution, based in the Murcia Community in Spain. READ MORE


Net2AllStar Community Voting Closed Yesterday -- Check Out The Potential Winners!

During the last two days you have had an opportunity to pick up the winner(s) of the Net2AllStars Invitational. We have only had few submissions this time so you can kick back and catch up with them all n just a few minutes Who entered the Invitational? I am glad you ask. They are all terrific projects!



Reflections (of Projects) on 2011

You know what we like, here at NetSquared? We like social innovation projects. We like it when you shake things up. Nothing warms our hearts more than seeing the creative, innovative approaches to leveraging technology for social change that imbue the NetSquared project gallery.

From saving the environment to saving time, NetSquared project champions are making a difference.

So as 2011 draws to a close, we’ve been digging through the NetSquared project gallery on the hunt for projects that were submitted (or updated) in the past year -- and we want to take a moment to highlight them here on the blog. Here are a few we’ll be telling you about over the next few days:


Last Call to Vote for Your Favorite Net2 All-Stars!

Four Net2 All-Star Invitational videos are waiting for you to watch, weigh, and vote!

Which of the projects/videos:

  • Tells the story of their project and the problem they're trying to solve
  • Teaches you something
  • Inspires you, makes you think, or makes you smile

Choose 2-3 Net2 All-Star videos and cast your vote. Voting closes TODAY, December 19 at noon PST.


Vote for the Net2 All-Stars!

Add your voice to the Net2 All-Star Invitational: Vote for your favorite videos! Voting closes December 19th at noon PST.

It's a quick two-step process:

Step one: Check out the videos.

Really, watch 'em. They're good. 4 videos, 60-90 seconds, worth every minute of your time. Here they are: READ MORE


Facebook launches suicide-prevention efforts

Facebook launches suicide-prevention efforts

People share a large portion of their life on Facebook. In fact, many customers clock in over one hour every day on the social network. People who are a danger to themselves may now be documented by buddies and family to the social network. In partnership with suicide prevention agencies, instant chat help will be provided. People really need this help but do not always know where to get it.

Surge in suicidal shares READ MORE