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Jim Lynch

All Things Data – December 2012

In my 2012 Nonprofit Technology Year in Review I mentioned that Lucy Bernholz' top buzz word of 2012 was "data." She maintains that we are only at the beginning of learning how to use data well for social purposes and philanthropy. Find below some highlights of the social good data world from Guidestar International's ace researcher, Keisha Taylor. READ MORE

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Jim Lynch

NetSquared Camps Update – December 2012

In the past year, all around the world, intelligent, technologically savvy people met up to collaborate for social impact. In the NetSquared camps, nonprofits/NGOs, developers, designers and entrepreneurs were brought into a shared space by NetSquard local organizers so they could build projects and develop  collaborative relationships.  Find below summaries of the events that took place in six locations.



Jim Lynch

This Week’s Social Change News from Asia – Week of December 17, 2012

This post puts a spotlight on two important Asian NPTech issues: human rights and Asian self reliance. Find below stories on the status of human rights in China and Southeast Asia as well as how richer Asian countries are reaching out to help their developing neighbors.


Guest Post by Tiffany Pintor

Typhoon Bopha Disaster Relief in the Philippines


December 2012 READ MORE

Jim Lynch

This Week’s Social Change News from Africa

Guest Post by Tiffany Pintor

This is the first post in a series of roundups on social change news from Africa. This is a look at how Africa is struggling with climate change challenges as well as Africans’ continued efforts toward self-reliance even as international donors continue their support.

Africa Should Build Capacity to Use Green Climate Funds, Says African Development Bank Vice-President READ MORE


What Makes an Ideal Submission for the Windows 8 Apps for Social Good Contest?

In celebration of the launch of Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8, Microsoft announced the Windows 8 Apps for Social Good Contest in partnership with NetSquared.


 comfier than a GS3, still pretty big. READ MORE

Jim Lynch

This Week's Mobile Mobile Technology For Social Change Recap

Guest Post by Tiffany Pintor

This is the first post in a series of roundups nf the latest in mobile technology for social change. This post is a digest of interesting international NPTech stories on mobile technology from around the world. Find below links to stories that explore how mobile is being used to document atrocities, Beth Kanter and John Haydon explain how and when nonprofits should invest in mobile and we put a spotlight on UK’s effort towards blending mobile, social entrepreneurship and civil society. READ MORE

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Crowdfunding for nonprofits [Net Tuesday Vancouver]

What is crowdfunding and why does it have the potential to become a powerful tool to help you raise money for your cause?

Net Tuesday Vancouver recently brought together a panel of experts to discuss crowdfunding best practices. READ MORE


NetSquared Camp: Downunder – Using tech for social good

Changemakers in Adelaide, Melbourne, Wellington and Auckland came together for an online experiment – to run a single event from four cities. READ MORE


What's the biggest #nptech lesson you learned this year?

Birthday present! It's December, which means the end of the year is terrifyingly close. It's also a good time to reflect back in thanks (and exhaustion) on what we've learned in the rapidly changing field of nonprofit technology and online community building. READ MORE