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Keep your New Year's Resolution with NetSquared

Now I’m no Houdini, but I predict that your New Year’s resolutions are noble, high-minded stuff like “find a mentor” or “learn a new skill every month.” But following through on these plans can be difficult. We are, after all, in the second golden age of television! Luckily for you NetSquared is here to keep you on track. READ MORE

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L’atelier de partage sur le TIC

Netsquared-Sénégal organise un atelier de partage le 04 janvier 2014 sur l'importance de technique de l’information et de la communication, en général et la plate-forme Netsquared en particulier.

Objectif Général: 
Mettre en place le réseau net2 de dakar qui offrir un espace pour quiconque s'intéresse à l'impact de la technologie et des réseaux sociaux pour se connecter, partager des idées et de collaborer en personne. READ MORE


[PDXTech4Good] Event Report: Portland Celebrates Local Nonprofit and Social Good Groups

Last month, the Portland #PDXTech4Good group held an event to celebrate nonprofit and social good groups in the Portland area. They asked the #PDXTech4Good community to nominate nonprofits and social good groups for their outstanding use of tech. Four weeks later they received 20 nominations for 19 remarkable groups and an overwhelming 500+ voting submissions! 



[Net2 Victoria] Event Report: Using Online Tools to Drive Real-World Actions

Last month saw the Net2 Victoria local group (#net2vic) spotlight how to use online tools to drive real-world actions.

From the event description: How can nonprofits break through the background noise and move people enough to close their laptops? Real change happens when people are willing to step outside of their comfort zones, but getting people there can be a real challenge. READ MORE


Facebook Finally Admits That You Do Have to Pay for Ads to Reach Your Fans

Everything I’ve been preaching about success in Facebook marketing has been a lie. READ MORE


Net2Local: Year-End Revelations

Net2Local, TechSoup Global’s grassroots #nptech community-building initiative has almost reached the end of 2013. What did we do? What did Net2 Do in 2013Read on for our review of the last six months. There will be gossip, numbers and a few bad jokes along the way to keep you from getting drowsy. READ MORE

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Net2Local: What Does 2014 Look Like?

Hi friends!

Net2Local, TechSoup Global’s grassroots #nptech community-building initiative has (almost) reached the end of 2013. So, what’s next? Hold on to your pocket protector because things are gonna get busy!

Net2 2014 Preview 1000px READ MORE


Holiday Happy Hour, Meeting Notes, & a Job Announcement!

A few announcements from Tech & Social Change Baltimore:

Upcoming December Holiday Happy Hour READ MORE


Is Nonprofit Marketing like Dodging Zombies?

There are so many great infographics out there, I’m going to start posting an Infographic of the Week.

My first choice has to do with two of my favorite topics – marketing and the fantastic AMC show, The Walking Dead! READ MORE


7 Tips for Nonprofits to Avoid Social Media Burnout in 2014

Feeling overwhelmed after a year on the social networks? Here's how to regain control for the new year.

Read post: READ MORE

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