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[Burlington, VT] #BTV Hosts National Day of Civic Hacking

National Day of Civic Hacking Burlington

On June 1-2, 2013, Burlington hosted its first-ever "Day of Civic Hacking," part of a national event that saw 83 cities host events involving thousands of people. The challenge? Develop digital tools to help make government and non-profits work better. And, have fun, of course! #hackforchange

NetSquared's Burlington organizer Amanda Levinson was there tweeting, photographing and participating. READ MORE


[Net2 Burlington] Social Change Anytime Everywhere with Amy Sample Ward

Burlington NetSquared was delighted to host nonprofit technology strategist Amy Sample Ward at their May 22 meetup! READ MORE


[Net2 Burlington] The Future of Education: Learning, Teaching and Technology

How are new technologies changing the way educators teach and students learn? How can Vermont’s schools prepare students for global citizenship in an international economy? How can our communities and our schools work together to integrate technology into K-12 education? READ MORE


The Digital Health Revolution

Digital technologies have fundamentally transformed the entire health care ecosystem. Surgeon-controlled robots perform surgeries from other cities, Electronic Medical Records store our health histories, and we use the internet to seek information about everything from the side-effects of medications to how our physician is rated by other patients.  In the U.S. alone, it's estimated that 35% of adults have gone online to get information about a medical condition, and one-fifth of smartphone owners have health apps.  READ MORE