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What's Hack 4 Good?

Before I came to TechSoup Global (a whopping 4 months ago) I'd never heard of a hack-a-thon; and my first impression was that there was a renegade group of ninja-like TechSoup-ers supporting the hacker group Anonymous. (There isn't - I checked.) I've been brought into the 21st Century through my work with the NetSquared team and I'm excited that we're hosting a Hack 4 Good event tomorrow. READ MORE


Social Media Activist Amanda Levinson Talks Tech Projects in Vermont

Local NetSquared organizer (and social media activist) Amanda Levinson was interviewed by Lauren-Glenn Davitian on the Local Media Show in Burlington, VT about her current projects including NetSquared, Burlington Neighborhood Mapping and a new project that visualizes the federal budget. Amanda shares her perspective on transplanting from high-stress, fast-paced Silicon Valley to Burlington (where everyhting is great "except the winter.") What did she do when she landed in Vermont? She started a NetSquared local chapter!  READ MORE


Who Am I?

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