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Apply for Pro Bono Consulting from American Express

American Express has teamed up with GlobalGiving and Taproot Foundation to provide Amex experts to help NPOs build their capacity. The application is now open!

The NGOs selected will win in-kind consulting support to help build their organization’s capacity, but you also have a chance to win cash funding from American Express at the end of the initial consulting period. READ MORE


[Net2 Vancouver] Awesome December Events

Hey friends,

Net2van isn’t holding any meetups in December, but we’re highlighting two exciting upcoming events. Check these out!

Stop Networking | Start Netwerking: A Mega Holiday Party for Changemakers

When: Friday, December 5

RSVP: http://goo.gl/2yMIeK Use code “netsquaredparty”

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NetSquared Theme Month for February 2015: Data and Open Data

Data TNGData is the big sexy topic in the tech4Good world these days. Let’s get in on that action! READ MORE

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What's NetSquared Been Up to Lately?

NetSquared 2014 UPDATE 2014-11-19

Hi Net2 friends!

With just six weeks left in 2014 now’s a good time to review NetSquared’s progress. We’ve made a big dent in the 10 month plan with lots more amazing to go. READ MORE


[Net2 Vancouver] Charities Under Threat: Responding to federal charity-bashing and CRA Audits

NetSquared Vancouver’s most recent event was a panel discussion on how advocacy NGOs are responding to difficult political climate. Botton line: Canada’s charity laws are woefully out-of-date. Join Imagine Canada’s push to reform the legislation.

Gareth Kirkby has generously shared his slides providing an overview of his researching into what he calls an “advocacy chill”. READ MORE

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Proposal: Open Data Day and NetSquared

I’m looking for the next NetSquared theme month. One option is to hold data-focused events this February to build on the Open Data Day hackathons being held on February 21, 2015. Below is the proposal I shared with the Open Data Day mailing list.

Hi Open Data friends! READ MORE


[Net Vancouver] November Nonprofit Tech Events Roundup


All NetSquared Vancouver events are free or by donation.

Charities Under Threat: Responding to federal charity-bashing and CRA Audits

When: Thursday, November 13

RSVP: http://goo.gl/itphgn

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