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Nonprofit Crisis Communications: What The American Red Cross Should Do Now

The American Red Cross has not yet responded to allegations it botched the Sandy & Isaac relief efforts. Here are my ideas. READ MORE


Meet the 4 Types of People Who Make Up Your Online Community [Infographic]

Nonprofits tend to lump all of their constituents into just a few boxes – staff, volunteers, donors and clients. READ MORE


Get More Nonprofit Social Media Exposure: A Simple Idea From #bbcon

Sadly I wasn’t able to attend the Blackbaud Conference for Nonprofits (#bbcon) in person this year, but just by following the Twitter hashtag, I have learned a lot! READ MORE


An Example Of How To Fundraise With Nonprofit Infographics

Infographics are taking the world by storm! Nonprofit infographics are growing in popularity as marketing and fundraising tools, and there are many reasons for this:

**In just the last two years, Google searches for infographics have increased by over 800%. READ MORE


Nonprofit Technology: Changing The World

Technology has changed the nonprofit world permanently. The rise of social networks and mobile devices has completely revolutionized the way that people communiciate, network and discover information.

Is your organization taking advantage of all that nonprofit technology has to offer? READ MORE


Is A Donate Button Coming To Twitter?

The ability to donate directly inside Twitter may be coming to a nonprofit near you! READ MORE