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Sharing & other S words: EYC unConference report, #net2welly

Animated discussion about tech topics around table, at EYC unConferenceSpontaneous. Serendipity. These two words are still echoing in my mind from the wrap-up session of the Engage Your Community (EYC) unConference. READ MORE

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What will we cover at our unConference?

A wordle that captures essence of 2010 unconference

An unConference is unlike your everyday conference. Until the day, we do not know the details of what is going to be covered. The programme is co-created by participants at the beginning of the event. Everyone attending can run a session. READ MORE


WANTED: New #Net2 Organizers in Aotearoa and Australia

People the world over are grappling with how best to harness technology to advance their causes. Learning how to do this best (or even better) is something well suited to doing locally.



Chalkle°: citizen learning revisited, #net2welly meetup report

Chalkle° offers proof that if you’re prepared to ask provocative questions, you will get some amazing results.

Silvia Zuur, chalkle° co-founder, presenting to #net2welly meetup READ MORE

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A feast of social media know-how from Wellington, NZ

Megan Hubscher presenting at the Sustainability Trust officeIn the world's coolest little capital NetSquared Wellington hosted two talks this week. We showcased different approaches to social media as part of the global #SocMedSep themed month. READ MORE


4 talks, 4 cities, 1 hours – NetSquared ‘virtual’ camp downunder

Turn on the internet next Thursday night (29 November 6.30am GMT) and you’ll get a chance to hear about four great projects making the world a better place from Australia and New Zealand.

Presentations from four meet-ups, being run simultaneously, will be broadcast live. We’ll be taking questions in person and via chat. Tune in via You Tube Live (via or signup to the NetSquared Virtual meetup. READ MORE

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