Recruiting Nonprofit Tech Meetup Organizers!

If you love bringing people together to talk about how we use technology for good you’re just the person we want.
NetSquared Group Map from Meetup

Hi there! READ MORE

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#nptech Events: April 15 - May 15

There are NetSquared groups in 50 cities who are dedicated to holding events for their local nonprofit technology communities. Join us every month for a dose of community inspiration. READ MORE

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[Net2 Wellington] Visual notes from the "Learn to Sketch your Ideas" session

Visual notes from #Net2Welly Learn to Sketch your Ideas session

Image created by Meg Melvin at NetSquared Wellington's March 24 event. READ MORE


[Net2 Portland] April Meetup Recap

Thanks so much to everyone that attended the 15NTC Mini-Presentation Roundup! We hope you were able to take away some new ideas. As always, we'd love your feedback about this event. Let us know what you thought!

Didn't make it to the meetup? Or maybe you'd like to take another look at those slides? We've got you covered: READ MORE


NetSquared Organizer Update for April

April promises to be a busy month for NetSquared. There are already 36 events scheduled with more being posted daily and we’re about to launch the TechedUp campaign and push a recruitment drive with inactive groups. READ MORE

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What Does A NetSquared Event Look Like?

If you’re a regular reader of this blog you’ve probably encountered one of my twice-monthly roundups of nonprofit tech meetups. But perhaps you’re leary about attending an event because you’re not quite sure what it will be like. Describing NetSquared events is difficult, because each one focuses on a different topic and has a unique flavor set by the organizing team. Instead of words let me try a few pictures that will illustrate our community. READ MORE


[Tech4Good SWFL] "Strategic Planning" for the future - Where are we going? What are we doing? How do we get there?

With the growth of our Tech4Good SWFL TechClub, our new name and our national affiliations, it is time to do some strategic planning for the future! Where are we going? What are we doing? How do we get there? Let’s find the answers together!

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