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Jim Lynch

Nonprofit Technology News for June 2013


I feel It's high time to catch up on some nonprofit technology trends and news! READ MORE

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Jim Lynch

Three Simple but Powerful Social Media Tips for Organizing

This post was written by Ritu Sharma, co-founder and executive director of Social Media for Nonprofits. It was originally posted on in October, 2012 by Becky Wiegand.


Jim Lynch

Nonprofit Tech Forecasts for 2013

I love year-ahead forecasts and have looked a number of them from all over the global IT press. Here’s what the buzz seems to be for 2013 from a nonprofit technology viewpoint. This piece was originally published recently on READ MORE

Jim Lynch

All Things Data – December 2012

In my 2012 Nonprofit Technology Year in Review I mentioned that Lucy Bernholz' top buzz word of 2012 was "data." She maintains that we are only at the beginning of learning how to use data well for social purposes and philanthropy. Find below some highlights of the social good data world from Guidestar International's ace researcher, Keisha Taylor. READ MORE

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What's the biggest #nptech lesson you learned this year?

Birthday present! It's December, which means the end of the year is terrifyingly close. It's also a good time to reflect back in thanks (and exhaustion) on what we've learned in the rapidly changing field of nonprofit technology and online community building. READ MORE

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