Frequently Asked Questions - Local FAQs

Net2 Local FAQ

Local FAQs

Before starting a new group, we ask that you check our map to see whether one already exists in your community. Groups within 25 kilometers of existing groups will not be supported by NetSquared without a minimum of 10 or more members demonstrating interest in participating.

In addition to holding monthly events, NetSquared organizers have put together a variety of workshops, training programs and camps. We encourage organizers to invent new meeting formats that respond to the needs and opportunities of their local community.

We offer a package of tools and resources to organizers including a free subscription to, global visibility on the site, access to our Organizer’s Handbook, membership in a private email list and regular opportunities to connect with fellow NetSquared organizers worldwide. 

We are excited to get new groups started in cities around the world! If you’re interested in learning more, check out our Net2Local organizers contract and submit an application.

Local organizers are volunteers who are passionate about promoting the use of technology for good. They are highly diverse in age, background, experience and knowledge. Check out the Local organizers page for more information.

Net2 Local groups offer a space for anyone interested in technology and social impact to connect. They provide members an opportunity to convene locally to share ideas, learn from one another, and collaborate on projects for real world impact. 

NetSquared is a program supported by TechSoup Global. Our aim is to support local community-building activities that advance TechSoup’s mission of promoting the use of technology to accelerate social impact.