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NetSquared Wellington

NetSquared Wellington is an ideas shop for people using the internet for social change. 

We get together regularly to share resources, learn from each other, and discuss the big web topics of the day.

In June 2012 we started out running informal, lunch-time sharing sessions every month. Plans are afoot to hear from community members and others on topics of particular interest.

Warm, welcoming and fun are our mottos. We're located in Whanganui A Tara Wellington, the little capital of the capital of Aotearoa New Zealand.

Get involved

We encompass NGO’s, community groups, social change advocates, web professionals, students, clubs, societies and absoulte beginners.

Anyone with an intereste in using the web for social change is invited to be part of Net2Welly. As well as regular meetings, we're looking to support each other by publishing relevant, local information. Any member can suggest meetups on topics that fire them up.

Come along and be part of putting the web to good use.



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