Charity Wallet

Charity Wallet
Status: in-process
I need Developers, Funding, Charity Outreach, (eventually Participant Outreach)
I am offering An App ALL Charities can use!
Donating Made Easiest!
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We are building a site and app for all types of phones that will make donating easier for everybody.


1) Upload a profile

2) Connect to Eligible Charities

3) Download the App

4) Get donors to download the App

5) Have easy, 1-2-3 touch donations for all your different events!



1) Connect with Charity Wallet

2) Create a Profile

3) Download our software for easy upload of donations to your site and bank

4) Get better fundraising success from your Participants and Fundraisers!



1) download the App

2) input your credit card information one time

3) Choose your friend

4) Choose the event/charity you want to donate to that your friend has registered with

5) choose a number in whole dollars that you would like to donate

6) press Donate Now!

7) Get a receipt at the end of the year showing all of your generous donations in one simple receipt!

it's that easy :)


Who wants to make this dream a reality??  Come join our amazing team of developers for an awesome opportunity!



3 yearss ago

Hi Heather, it's a great idea and would love to help out in any way I can!