[Net2 Toronto] Taking Events to the Next Level with Tech

Do you plan conferences, fundraising events, workshops, or other program events at your nonprofit? Do you also have 1,000 other things on your plate?
For this session of Toronto Net Tuesday, Fanny Martin, an experienced event planner at Art of Festivals, and Ben Raffi, the CEO of Uniiverse, looked at how technology can improve your event and reduce your stress.

NCTech4Good Spring Fling

Join us for our Spring Networking event -- Wednesday, March 18, Mattie B's Public House, Durham, NC. RSVP:



[Net2 Orlando] Community Bits Newsletter 3/12/15

Welcome New Members: Tanner, Chris D., Chris W., Camila, Andrew, Sherry, Michael, Hammad, Kristi, Mittens, and Andres. We're excited you decided to join us! A few tidbits for making the most of Tech4Good Orlando's community: READ MORE


Stats! NetSquared Events and Attendees for February 2015

Hey friends, here’s your NetSquared stats roundup for February 2015.

February is always a big month after the January lull.  READ MORE

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Nonprofit Tech Club Organizers Rule the 2015 NTENy Awards!

So, I won an NTENy award from NTEN! I’m super proud to be recognized by my peers. I love being part of the #Nptech community!  READ MORE

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Building a Stronger Civil Society Together

OMG! NTENy award!I’ve just been awarded an NTENy, a community-nominated award for individuals who enhance the NTEN community. That’s a huge honor and I’m really grateful to my community of peers. READ MORE

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Nonprofit Tech Events for March 2015

I’m deep in the middle of the Nonprofit Technology Conference right now, so no fancy new intro this month. Here’s your roundup of this month’s live, face-to-face nonprofit tech meetups from across the globe.



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