[Net2 Seattle] End of Summer Soiree Followup

We had a fantastic evening last night with Alison McCaffree of Washington Nonprofits and Dave Forrester of 501 Commons (plus 50-60 attendees). They both talked about what their respective organizations are doing, helping the nonprofit sector and how they differ as well as cross pollinate. I talked about why it is so great working with nonprofits and why "you should too!"
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[Net2 Portland] Join us for open source and nonprofits at PDXTech4Good!

This month we're excited to have two workshops — our regular first-Wednesday event, and a special event we're co-hosting with Techno-Activism 3rd Mondays about online privacy and security on Monday, Oct. 20. Read on for the details!


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[Net2 San Francisco] SFTech4Good October 2014: Tech & Philanthropy, HH, Cause Funding, & an Interactive Workshop

There’s a lot going on this month: SFTech4Good is hosting several great workshops on Corporate Shared Value and Cause Funding, and we’re announcing a November Tech for Good workshop so you can get it on your calendar.  Check out the links to both our events and suggestions from the group below:


SF Tech for Good Events (i.e. what we’re hosting)


Oct 2:

An Evening of Tech and Philanthropy: Creating Shared Value for the Bay Area

(RSVPs closed) - READ MORE


What are you up to?:


What are you up to?: 
00: Eternal flow of unparalleled Message #Ceenom exposing mysteries behind everything from tiny particle to mighty galaxy

NetSquared Testimonial from Jack Jardine of Smart Change

This makes me happy! This is exactly why NetSquared groups exist. We serve as vital connectors building the social good community's tech capacity and forging strong relationships. This only happens when people get together face-to-face every month and slowly build up trust networks.

Jack Jardine, Smart Change READ MORE

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NetSquared Testimonial from Daniel Dubois of ShareShed

Why do NetSquared organizers host events for their local nonprofit tech community? Because our events change lives and careers! Here's a testimonial from a NetSquared Vancouver member.

Daniel Dubois, Director at The Collaborative Project and ShareShed READ MORE

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Nonprofit Technology: Changing The World

Technology has changed the nonprofit world permanently. The rise of social networks and mobile devices has completely revolutionized the way that people communiciate, network and discover information.

Is your organization taking advantage of all that nonprofit technology has to offer? READ MORE

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