The NGO AFT (women and IT) in partnership with NetSquared Burkina Faso has organized the annual seminar of NetSquared on the topic “Peace promotion through IT”.

35 persons have been invited from different offices:

·        Business men

·        Women NGO

·        Students

·        Girls READ MORE


Presenting the 2015 NetSquared Regional Ambassadors

I am thrilled to announce that we have selected the 2015 team of Regional Ambassadors.

Please say hello to: READ MORE


[Net2 DC] Nonprofit Tech - Looking at the Year Ahead

Happy 2015!  At our January 27th meetup we talked about what's ahead for us in terms of nonprofit technology in the coming year, including social media trends, mobile technology, open source tools & more.  READ MORE

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501 Tech Club Austin
Nonprofit Neighbors Tech Club

[Net2 San Francisco] February Roundup: Hardware for Good and More

Welcome members old and new!  Thanks for being a part of SFTech4Good. Check out the links to both our events and suggestions from the group below.

Looking for updates in between our monthly newsletter? Please use the upcoming events and job board here to post things you want other members to know about:http://www.meetup.com/sfnetsquared/messages/boards/forum/2623142­

--------------------------------------­----------------- READ MORE


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#dailybit learning more about netsquared!

Survey Results: Taking the Pulse of NetSquared Attendees

Who are NetSquared’s members? Why do they attend? What topics do they want? For the longest time we didn’t have an answer to these questions, which was frustrating. So last year we surveyed our event participants in Canada and the USA and learned that our members had needs surprisingly similar to the core TechSoup audience. READ MORE

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Great post written by a GHC alum! http://bit.ly/17PzAcF
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