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OMG! NTENy award!I’ve just been awarded an NTENy, a community-nominated award for individuals who enhance the NTEN community. That’s a huge honor and I’m really grateful to my community of peers. READ MORE

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Nonprofit Tech Events for March 2015

I’m deep in the middle of the Nonprofit Technology Conference right now, so no fancy new intro this month. Here’s your roundup of this month’s live, face-to-face nonprofit tech meetups from across the globe.



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Technology innovations and research
Dansmile Dadcold Emmanuel

[Net2 Yaoundé] Cameroon Open Data Day

The Yaoundé Open Data Day was excellent and bout 5000 people took part in this event. It was highly welcomed by all students in the various faculties because of the excellent presentation of the host and almost the entire city of Yaoundé is aware of this remarkable event  READ MORE


[Net2 Chicago] Social Media for Social Impact: Building Your Brand and Engaging the Community

Thanks to all that attended Social Media for Social Impact: Building Your Brand and Engaging the Community this past Friday! It was a cold morning but we had a great turnout from a variety of organizations and backgrounds. It was great meeting everyone. READ MORE


[Net2 San Francisco] March 2015: Education Mini-Hackathon with 826 Valencia and more

Welcome members old and new!  Thanks for being a part of SFTech4Good. Check out the links to both our events and suggestions from the group below.

Looking for updates in between our monthly newsletter? Please use the upcoming events and job board here to post things you want other members to know about:http://www.meetup.com/sfnetsquared/messages/boards/forum/2623142­

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#T4GOrlando Community Bits

Welcome New Members: Abbey, Gary, Nadeem, David, Pat, Terence, Dean and Nirit. We're excited you decided to join us! A few tidbits for making the most of Tech4Good Orlando's community: READ MORE


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You can visit me at http://quangcaoadword.vn/
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