NetSquared: A 10 Month Plan

NetSquared FY15 The Future 2014-08-27

“A good plan today is better than a perfect plan tomorrow

Wise words. We’re now two months into TechSoup’s fiscal year (we call it “FY15”), so it’s well past time to publish a roadmap for NetSquared. :-) READ MORE

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Nonprofit Tech Events in Your Community This September

Net2 plus storymakers equals heart

NetSquared Events for September: Featuring #Storymakers2014 READ MORE

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Webinar Recording: #Storymakers2014 Super Short Video - Vine, Instagram, and More!

With the advent of new tools and mobile apps like Vine, Instagram, Mixbit, and others, super-short videos are becoming the coolest new way to tell stories in just a few seconds.
Nonprofits, libraries, foundations, and individuals can leverage these tools to get the word out about their work, and help inspire action!
Learn how to use these super-short video tools to help your cause!

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[Net2 Cambridge] 4 Exciting Tech for Good Events Happening in September


It's September and we have 4 very exciting events that you hope you will join us at. Two are Net2Camb specific and two that we are huge supporters of and encourage you to attend.

Net2Camb events: READ MORE


[Net2 Vancouver] A trio of online fundraising events

Net2van September Update

Fall is coming, which means it’s almost fundraising season! To help you Net2van and our community partners have scheduled a trio of events to help you raise more money online.


All NetSquared Vancouver events are free or by donation. READ MORE

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NetSquared State of the Union: Annual Report for 2013/2014

NetSquared State of the Union with title FY14

A year is a long time! Let’s see if I can remember what happened during TechSoup’s fiscal year ending June 30, 2014. I think we did some awesome stuff… am I right? Read on for my hazy recollections. :-) READ MORE

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