NetSquared Tech Events in Vancouver: January 2015 Edition

Welcome to 2015. This is the year that the nonprofit sector masters technology so that we can be more effective in changing the world. I promise! To that end we’ve planned unconferences, meetups, and conferences. Read on for news on Net2van’s upcoming events, and a calendar of upcoming meetups from our friends.

NetSquared Camp: A Nonprofit Tech Unconference

When: Saturday, January 31

Tickets: $10 at

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NetSquared Makes Your New Year's Resolution Easy! We Promise!

Man of Steel NetSquared 2015-01-13I bet you made all sorts of grand New Year’s resolutions for 2015. If you’re like me then you swore that this year you’re finally going to learn to use technology to make yourself more productive at work. But unless you’re Superman you’re probably already struggling. READ MORE

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What are you up to?: 
Less than 3 weeks til the GHC Fellowship application closes! Apply today!

Tips for Recruiting a Presenter For Your NetSquared Group

Looking for event presenters? Try asking your membership. They’re full of secret skills! #Net2 Melbourne organizer Christie Long just posted this great request to her meetup group. An idea worth stealing?

Other Tips READ MORE

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NetSquared-Uganda Regional Meeting

NetSquared Uganda Regional Meeting will be held on Friday, 16th 2015 at Maendeleo Foundation Training Center from 09:00am up to 04:00pm READ MORE


NetSquared Organizer Update for January 2015: Regional Ambassadors and Event Grants

Dearest NetSquared Organizers: 2015 is here and our members are full of New Year’s Resolutions to skill-up. Now’s the perfect time to plan your next Net2 event because people are looking to learn new things and make new connections.

Speaking of skilling up, if you’re interested in becoming a NetSquared Regional Ambassador please apply now! The deadline is January 15. READ MORE

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 NetSquared Camp  kribi-Cameroon is set for the 17th of January 2015 on the theme: ‘blending crowd sourcing technologies for local content development’.

The event will bring together social activists, change makers, ICT experts and other stake holders interested in local content development. The objective of the event is to demonstrate various ways in which local content development could be used to foster social development in this part of the world.
The event is designed in three phases: READ MORE

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