allAware is a free, instant group app for nonprofit organizations that improves communication, member engagement, and enables mobile donations and fundraisers.

Here is a link to a quick 2 minute video showing how you would make a donation using the Windows Phone app —

Here is a link to a good, solid 25 minute overview of allAware on Windows Phone from a user perspective —

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Links to the allAware app:


Mobile App — People are seven times more likely to use a mobile app than they are a website. It’s simply a matter of accessibility. People can use a mobile app whenever it’s most convenient for them, without needing to go home, sit down in front of a computer and log-in to a website. allAware gets members more involved by making it easier for them to be involved.

Mobile donations — At any time, when a member feels inspired, they can make a one-time or recurring donation right from their mobile phone. The ability to capture that moment of inspiration, when someone is ready to take action is priceless for nonprofits. The individual does not need to find their checkbook, track down a postage stamp and envelope, or make a special trip to the ATM, all of which are work items that tend to get put off and then never acted on. They simply need to take out their smart phone, launch the app, and with a few finger taps, they are done. Donors receive recognition in the Chats section of their organization’s app, unless they choose to be an anonymous donor.

Highly Felixble (dynamically configurable) — Don't get stuck with an inflexible mobile app. With allAware, you can make changes to your mobile app anytime you want. You can choose which modules you want to use; such as Meetings, Events, Services, News, Chats, Member Directory, Contacts and Wallet (donations, fundraisers, and pay-a-bill). You can enable or disable these modules at anytime, as well as rename them whenever you want, to what makes sense for your organization. You make these changes through the web app, and your mobile app account is updated on all devices.


allAware is available on Windows 8, Windows Phone, iPhone, iPad, Android and Kindle Fire. There is also a Silverlight web version.

The allAware white-label app will always remain free. To keep the lights on, and to grow as a company so we can contiue to add features and make improvements to allAware, we have added the private label version of the product -

This provides us the necessary revenue stream, and provides those nonprofits with the resources their own private label app.

The free white-label version of allAware is always available, and fully functional for those nonprofits without the additional resources.