NetSquared Camps 2012

NetSquared Camps 2012
Status: in-process
I need Participants worldwide - coming to Net2 in Fall 2012!
I am offering face-to-face connections with your peers
NetSquared Local.... unconference-style!
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NetSquared camps bring together nonprofits/NGOs, developers, designers and entrepreneurs into a shared space to (a) demonstrate projects; (b) build stuff together; (c) find sustainable collaborations; and (d) forge long-lasting relationships.

Camp participants collaborate on a shared challenge or topic area. The event provides a platform for community members who are interested in using technology for social impact to identify promising projects, move ideas forward and share and learn together. Camps may feature elements of a standard conference such as speakers, scheduled sessions or talks while also featuring elements of an "unconference" or presentations and discussions that are formed in real-time at the event.

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