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I need Suggestions on ways to balance providing a free or low cost solution to nonprofits while keeping the lights on.
I am offering We offer a free, instant social app for nonprofits that improves communication, member engagement, & enables mobile donations & fundraisers.
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Cooper City, FL
United States
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" I am a social entrepreneur and creator of allAware, the free instant social app for nonprofits. I have been working with computers ever since I bought my first, a Timex/Sinclair 1000 in 6th grade and taught myself BASIC programming."

Software Development

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2 years 10 weeks ago
jmilgram commented on allAware

The allAware white-label app will always remain free. To keep the lights on, and to grow as a company so we can contiue to add features and make improvements to allAware, we have added the private label version of the product - http://allaware.com/private-label

This provides us the necessary revenue stream, and provides those nonprofits with the resources their own private label app.

The free white-label version of allAware is always available, and fully functional for those nonprofits without the additional resources.

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2 years 10 weeks ago
jmilgram commented on allAware

allAware is available on Windows 8, Windows Phone, iPhone, iPad, Android and Kindle Fire. There is also a Silverlight web version.